Thunder flashed. Rain was falling, and Featherkit could not see. She shook her head wearily, ears twitching. Then she plopped down on the ground and fell asleep. She didn't know that at that moment, Beestar was coming to fetch her. She didn't know Ashfleck was sitting next to her, protecting her from all harm. All she knew was that she was safe now.

Ashfleck snorted impatiently. I didn't become deputy so I could be kitsitter! I hope Beestar arrives soon. Her wish came true. Beestar rippled into sight, then looked down at the little, white-gray kit. "This is the one, I presume?" Beestar asked. "Yes, yes," Ashfleck answered. "So, where are we taking her? I mean, you can't expect her to live in wild territory on her own!" "We do not expect that yet," Beestar reassured Ashfleck. "We're taking her to the orphan nursery. She can stay there until she is six moons old." "Good," replied Ashfleck briskly, nodding. "Well, I'll be on my way." Beestar nodded, and they both disappeared, taking Featherkit with them.