Future Fantasy

Time passed quickly after the final battle with Amion. Try as they may, no one could figure out where he had gone with that portal. But they always expected him to come back and bother them again. Eleni was extra careful when she went outside again, but she wasn't to the point of locking herself in.

Ferdenan's leg was badly burned. He would survive, and the leg didn't need to be amputated, but he would always have a limp to go with it. The young Archer quit the military, knowing how it might burden Magnus to take him along in this condition.

But that didn't stop him from practicing his Archer, or even teaching it. Ferdenan took Amon on as his student, hoping to foster the boy's natural talents for the bow. When he wasn't helping his young student, Ferdenan worked as a sentry at Magnus's place. It was the least he could do for his old friend, since the general now needed to find someone else to lead his Archery unit.

Sara was also practicing in her chosen field. Mimi had seen how much the child liked to care for people and their injuries, and decided to train her in the Healing arts. She would give many of the same lessons that Huxely had given Eleni when the child had first come to live with them.

Dolan and Magnus were both still working in the army. The usual revolts that broke out around Ishtaria needed to be put down. And they were the best men for the job. The council needed every available man for the job, so they were still often not at home.

Eleni often wondered what had become of Amion. The days turned into weeks, weeks into months, until one full year had passed. She thought that maybe he could have been trapped in the warp, or died in it. But there was no letting her guard down, she well remembered what happened last time. Although it was a pretty long time for him to be gone. Amion was the type of man who needed everything done right away. Why would he wait on kidnapping the girl once again? Especially when she was growing up, and her powers were increasing along with her.

Thinking back to that, Eleni remembered what he had said about her. That she was nothing more than a freak. The powers she wielded weren't possible at only ten-years-old. Even teenagers were unable to call forth such skills for the most part.

But all that thinking made Eleni realize that he had been wrong. "I'm not a freak. I may be different from the other kids my age, but I am not a freak. If anything, I'm special. It's an honor to be able to use such abilities from a young age. Imagine what I can do when I grow up. I'll probably be able to help daddy out in the army if a war ever comes up."

She smiled as she looked at the moonlit sky. The moonlight shone down around her, like it was lighting her way. It was as if it was telling her that everything was going to be all right, that she had a bright future to look foreword to. Eleni believed the moon's message without question.

* * *

Much talk was going on about Eleni since the battle. Many villagers had seen her casting spells with such power as they walked by. They then told their friends and family, who told their friends and family, and so on, and so on, until quite a stir had been made about Eleni's powers.

Many of the rumors included a child with the powers to call upon demons to help her, or one who grew angel's wings and used them as a shield to protect herself. Some of the rarer and more exorbitant ones were that Eleni was in fact a demon, or that she was some sort of super hero. This made many of the villagers shudder when she went to town with her father for one reason or another.

That didn't seem to bother her in the least. After all, it was just gossip. Things like that always get blown way out of proportion as they spread further and further from their source.

"After all, who could believe that I have such powers?" Eleni asked her friends one day. They were sitting by themselves in the fields. The only adult presence they could see was a group of sentries, but they always guard any of the members of their household after the last incident.

Amon said, "I could, after seeing what you can do. You really nailed that creep good with that Piercing Light spell of yours. It was really cool."

Sara nodded her head. "But we know that you're a good person, no matter what. You've been our friend for seven years now, and have shown nothing but kindness to everyone here."

"Yup," Amon agreed, "Except to Amion, but that jerk really deserved it for what he did to you." "It makes me think about where I came from again. I never did find my answers. All anyone knows was that I was wandering around the ruins of that destroyed village when Magnus and his men came by. Then Ferdenan hit me with the arrow when I scared him a little by making my voice sound scary and casting a shadow," Eleni said.

Sara stated, "Well, whomever you really are, you'll always be Eleni Dunbar to us. The same girl we grew up with up until now, and who we'll continue to grow up with for the rest of our lives."

Eleni looked at her friends. "Let's make a pact. No matter what happens, or what directions our lives may turn, we'll always be there when one of the others needs help. Promise you guys."

"We promise," Amon agreed, "I wouldn't have it any other way."

"Ditto. No reason why we should not," Sara replied.

Suddenly, they heard Mimi's voice call, "Sara, Amon, Eleni, time to come inside. Dinner is ready. If you don't come in right now, it'll cool off."

Eleni got up. "Well, you know what they say, can't think on an empty stomach. Coming Mimi!" She ran back towards the house, with Sara and Amon following close behind.

- - - -

Another story over. I've got a sequel planned, again. Should be up in another month, at the most. If you want to know, Amion never did return to their world. He got caught up in ruling another world, and was killed in a battle with a Guardian and her lover. It's part of my Tales of Destiny/Digimon crossover Digital Destiny, for reference. Here's the thank yous. First, to Konami for making the game. Also to my friend Dan for getting me into the game in the first place. Finally, to the makers of Slayers, Ruin Explorers, Dirty Pair Flash, and Inu Yasha, as I was listening to some of their themes while writing, and it helped my ideas flow.