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Chapter 1

The Chaos within Me

"Okay, everybody. This is a simple test to discover your knowledge about your country's history. This test won't affect your grades, so don't worry. You have thirty minutes, starting……now."

Everybody looked down at their test, preparing themselves for a long, tiring hour. Everyone but Takato Matsuki. He couldn't help but look right next to him. His best friend of the opposite gender (or at least that's what he likes to think), Rika Nonaka, looked at the piece of paper completely perplexed. Sweat was already forming on her forehead. Making sure Ms. Asagi wouldn't notice, Takato looked at the desk behind his, where Jeri Katou and Henry Wong had the exact same looks on their faces as Rika. If the group's smart guy, Henry Wong, was having problems with the test, then he was simply screwed.

Two weeks later, Takato found it impressive how the Nightmare crisis had passed unnoticed by everyone else but the Hypnos crew and the Tamers. The Internet breakdown had been explained as the actions of a new computer virus (which wasn't that far from the truth, after all). However, the search for the Nightmare's creator continued with no results. Takato doubted Yamaki would find the creator, but he was sure it wouldn't be the last from him. But Takato had another thing to worry about.

Takato looked at the exam for the first time. "Question No. 1: Mention the year of the fall of the Tokugawa dynasty and explain at least one reason of this event."

Okay, now how I'm supposed to know that? I'm only twelve!

"January, 1868. The process began in the 1860s, when two centuries of self-imposed isolation were finished. Feudalism had been growing weaker because of the development of a money-based economy and the petition of the main countries like USA for access to the Japanese ports for their trading business. The 'Unequal Treaties', signed during 1864 under the pressure of death threats created hostile reaction which contributed to the eventual fall of the reigning house, Tokugawa. Then, the direct Imperial government was restored under the name of Emperor Mutsuhito."

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a second! How do you-wait a second…I….no, you, no…oh, crap, just where does all that info comes from?

"It's my millenary knowledge, Matsuki. Did you forget who I…we are?"

Oh, yeah, yeah…'We are the Chaos'…


Takato sighed. Chaos, the manifestation of his darkside, and the very source of the world's darkness at the same time, was starting to become an important problem. His appearance in the Real World had been increasing dramatically with time, with consequences Takato would rather ignore……but that would be asking the sun not to come out every morning.

He didn't really care about his problems. His philosophy was waiting for things to happen and deal with them when the time comes. The problem was, someone else knew his little secret.

At the same time he wrote what he had managed to understand from Chaos' little explanation, Takato looked at Rika, whose paper was still blank. Obviously her history knowledge was just as vast as his……if you didn't notice, that was sarcasm. Takato had no time for silly history tests; he had questions of his own. For example, why did The Triad tell Rika about his problems? They had done nothing but giving her an unnecessary burden. However, something really curious had happened since then. Something he still couldn't classify as good or bad.

The thing is, Rika's attitude towards Takato had changed……a little. Obviously, she enjoyed humiliating him as if there were no tomorrow, beating him in the Card Game as if there were no tomorrow, pulling pranks on him as if there were no tomorrow, calling him names as if there were no tomorrow………but she wouldn't involve him in dangerous situations anymore. In the two wild Digimon merges which happened during the past two weeks, Rika had taken care of them before Takato could arrive. Obviously, she was making sure his body didn't weaken more than it already was. Takato felt grateful, of course, but there were two little problems. First, Guilmon was getting a little chubby from the lack of exercise (come on, look at him! How do those Digimon never get fat!?), and second…well, Rika's obsession for Takato's safety was getting annoying. Now Rika didn't only treat him as a piece of crap. She treated him as a piece of crap that would crack and become dust if it were touched.

Before Takato could realize he had been looking at Rika for too long, the redhead looked at him, with her trademark 'what are you looking at!?' look.

Come on, Takato, think something, fast!

"January, 1868." He muttered. Rika's frown changed to an undoubtedly surprised look. Takato was the one who frowned then, being that his way to silently say 'what?' Rika looked away and proceeded to write. Takato sighed and looked at the paper again. "Question No. 2: What was the 'Era of the Belligerent States'?"

Hmm……I'm waiting……

"How is it that I'm supposed to do your schoolwork!? I'm Chaos! Not some sort of encyclopedia!"

You know, for once I agree with Evil Gogglehead…

Oh, come on!

Takato, you're cheating.

No, I'm not! We're technically the same person, so it's not cheating!

Oh, so now you play with semantics…

Let's look at things more carefully. Chaos, your only desire is taking control, and the only chances you have at doing that is when I fight, right?

"……what's your point?"

Our point, Chaos, our point. The thing is, if I fail this test, I'll probably end up on detention for like, the rest of the school year. We wouldn't like that, would we?

"Nice try, Takato. This test is not going to be checked, I heard it."

Oh, but you don't know Ms. Asagi the way I do……

His alter ego's silence was priceless. Eventually, he got the answer he needed. "Okay, but I'll dictate just once. Got it?"


"Grrr……the four centuries following the government's transfer to Kyoto are known as the Heian Period. You know that, right?"

Hmm…nope, it sounds nice. Go on…

"Why did I end up in this body anyway? Well, these four centuries' main characteristic was the gradual collapse of the imperial power. The centralized imperial administration finally disappeared on the year of 1185, giving its place to a feudal government system, the 'shogunate', during the Kamakura period. The Kamakura had governed Japan since the twelfth century and successfully organized the nation's defense against Kublai Khan's army, in the thirteenth century. But it fell on 1333, victim of political intrigues, their old-fashioned customs and the gradual erosion of their traditional personal loyalty bonds, the base of the Kamakura feudal system."


Can you go a little slower? I'm kind of getting lost.

"Don't provoke me, Matsuki, or you'll get a huge headache. Literally. Anyway, their successors, the Ashikaga, were never able to establish an effective control over the whole country. During most of the period between 1350 and 1600 Japan was wrapped in local and provincial wars, and the last century of the Ashikaga government is know, in a very appropriate way, as the Era of the Belligerent States. There, happy?"

Very much! ……Is it just me, or you keep track of everything that goes wrong on this country?

"Those were the good days, Takato……humans were so stupid they actually enjoyed it when I released my power……when will I get to wreak some havoc around here?"

Never, if I can prevent it.

"We'll see……"

Takato shook his head to ignore his counterpart's maniacal laughter. Eventually, the half hour ended and Ms. Asagi picked up the exams. The test's end coincided with lunch time, and the students left the classroom to rest, eat and relax. Well, most of them.  Jeri was the first to notice.

"Where's Takato?"

Everyone looked back, where Kazu and Kenta closed the group. "Wasn't he behind the two of you?" That was Rika. Kazu replied with a shrug. Big mistake. Before he could react, Rika had already grabbed him by his uniform. "Where is he!?" Kazu shrugged again, this time because fear wouldn't let him speak.

Meanwhile, Takato was in the middle of an important argument with Ms. Asagi.

"Can I?"


"Can I?"


"Can I?"


"Can I?"


Takato stood back. I guess I got a little too annoying.

A little?

Okay, I got very annoying.


"Takato, no! And that's my final answer!"

"Oh, but teacher! It won't be fun without them!"

"Takato, we're not going to have fun!"

"Teacher, we are going to the beach. How can you possibly say we're not going to have fun?"

The adult woman sighed. "Maybe, but I won't let you take your Digimon, and that's that."

"Oh, please……"


Seems like she has made a choice. You should leave while you can.

But I still haven't used my secret weapon!

I don't think I should ask…

"Teacher, please!" Takato claimed, using the so-called secret weapon: The Ultimate Puppy Dog Eyes (now with more glimmering!). There was some much cuteness on that face that it was impossible not to say "awww…"

I think I'm gonna throw up…

"That makes two of us…"

Only Takato's mother and Rika Nonaka can resist the power of the UPDE, so it was a matter of time before Ms. Asagi fell.

"Oh, alright……but I don't take any responsibility for any damage they cause!"


Takato, that was sick and twisted.

"Teacher, you know our Digimon are very educated."

"Takato, I've seen that Guilmon of yours."

One point for the teacher!

Takato sweatdropped. "Hehe, alright, I'll take care of him."

The teacher sighed. "Now, go before I change my mind…"

Takato immediately rushed out of the classroom, dancing in joy. "I'm so-o-o-o-o good!"


Takato shook his head and opened his eyes right before starting a round of apologies. "I'm so sorry, I should have been more careful!"

"Oh, yes, you should have, Gogglehead!"

This time it was Takato who ended up being grabbed by his uniform. Rika moved her face threateningly close to Takato.

"Where were you? We've been looking for you like crazy, you know? You weren't fighting a wild Digimon, were you? WERE YOU!?"

"Of course not!"

Those words said, and Rika released Takato, who thanked God for the ground he was standing on. Rika turned around and walked away a few steps before stopping again.

"Because if you were, I'll be the one who shortens your life span, Goggles!"

Takato gulped. Slowly, he followed the Digimon Queen, wondering why those things always happened to him.

*****Several hours later*****

Freedom was just seconds away. Takato and the team were already looking forward to the bell to ring. However, there was one last matter at hand that day, and that was the next day's excursion.

"Well, I received everyone's authorization, signed by your parents, and that's good. I hope you all remember the list of things you must take with you."

"Like your swimming suits!"

"Yes, Hirokazu…….Henry?"

Everyone looked at young Henry Wong, who had raised his hand to speak.

"Well, teacher…I was wondering……."

Ms. Asagi didn't have to be a genius to understand. "I already discussed that topic with Takato."

Henry and the other Tamers looked at their leader, who smirked in response. "And THAT'S what I was doing during lunch break."

Finally, the bell rang, and the young kids left school to rest and prepare to their trip to the beach the next day. They left in their usual groups: Kazu and Kenta left to play the card game as usual, Henry was walking Jeri home, and Takato was going to Guilmon's hut. As for Rika……


Takato didn't look back, waiting for Rika to eventually catch up with him. When that happened, he looked at the redhead with his usual smile.


"So……what did she say?"

"……we can take them."

Rika hid the smile that was slowly forming on her face, deciding to stay silent. But Takato wouldn't let that happen, of course.

"So……where's Renamon?"

"I'm here."

"Waahhh! Oh, man! What's your problem, Renamon!?"

"But Rika asks me to-hmmph!"

"What Renamon wants to say is that it's not her fault!" Rika interrupted while covering her partner's mouth.

"Whatever you say, Rika." Takato replied, not really believing his friend's words. It was long since he realized Renamon did that for her Tamer's entertainment. Takato decided to change the topic, as he had already noticed that Rika wasn't planning to go back to his house yet.

"So……looking forward to tomorrow?"

"……not really. Never been a beach fan."

"Oh, is that so?" Takato replied, a tinge of disappointment in his voice, which Rika didn't notice. Of course, Ruki did.

Oh, were you looking forward to see her in her swimsuit, Gogglehead?

…………I have no comments.

"What about you, Goggles? Do you actually know how to swim?"

"Hey, that's mean!"

They eventually made it to Guilmon's place. Takato was actually waiting for his Digimon to jump on him, but then Takato and Rika realized Guilmon had company.

"Rock, paper, scissors!"

Holy Beast Digimon Calumon and Small Demon Digimon Impmon played rock-paper-scissors, while Guilmon sniffed……something. Then, the reptile Digimon noticed his Tamer's arrival, and jumped on him.

"Takato! Takato is here!"

"Yes, I'm here…" Takato replied from under his partner. Rika simply witnessed the scene.

"Cute, Gogglehead, very cute."

Both Tamers entered the small place, while Takato looked at the thing Guilmon had been so busy with before he arrived. Guilmon also noticed his Tamer's curiosity, and grabbing the object with his paw, showed it to Takato.

"What is this, Takato?"

Takato and Rika looked at the object, which turned out to be an audiocassette. Takato looked at Rika who smiled in return, and then Takato looked at his partner.

"This is a cassette, Guilmon. It's for listening to music…….where did you get this?"

"Someone dropped it out there, Takato………what's music?"


Now that was a difficult question. How could Takato define music for a Digimon? Definitions like "the art of combining tones to form expressive compositions" or "any rhythmic sequence of pleasing sounds" weren't appropriate for someone like Guilmon, who had no idea of things like rhythm. It would be Rika who would solve Takato's predicament. Looking aside, Takato noticed that his friend was searching for something in her schoolbag. Rika released a smile of triumph when she showed Takato what she had been looking for: a Discman.

Rika prepared the CD that would be eventually played while Takato carefully placed the headphones on Guilmon's long ears.

"I'll have to wash those things later." Rika said, pointing at such headphones. Takato sweatdropped in response. Calumon and Impmon, curious about what the Tamers were planning, silently watched the scene unfolding. Rika looked at Impmon, then at Takato.

"You know, we could have used Beelzemon two weeks ago, don't you think?"

Takato nodded. "Yeah…where we you?"

Impmon shrugged. "Just…hanging around…"

Takato remained silent as he noticed that he actually didn't want to know. Finally, Takato gave Rika a thumbs-up and the redhead pushed the "Play" button.

Guilmon's eyes widened for a second because of the sudden sounds that invaded him. However, his expression eventually softened, to be changed to a look of curiosity.


Everyone had to cover their ears. "You don't have to yell, Dinobaby!" Rika replied. Takato looked at him with a huge smile on his face.

"It's music, Guilmon."


"Guilmon, really, YOU DON'T HAVE TO YELL!"

"Rika, calm down!"

"Why is Guilmon shouting, Calu?"

"'Cause he is an idiot."

"Impmon!" Takato complained.

Finally, Rika preferred to take the headphones off Guilmon and putting the Discman in a safe place, like her backpack. Noticing Rika was about to leave, Takato shared some last words with her.

"So……I guess it's no swimming for you tomorrow, huh?"

"I said I didn't like the beach, I never said I wasn't going to swim."

Rika left, and I thank God for that, because who knows what she might have done if she had seen the stupid grin plastered on Takato's face.

So you do get to see her in a swimsuit. Happy?

……like a dream come true……

"You seriously need to work on your aspirations, Takato."

And who says it? Mr. I-want-to-destroy-everything!

You stay away from this, woman wanna-be!

Why you……take this!


Hey! You shocked me!

"Us, Takato, IT shocked us!"

Who cares about you?

You said it, Takato! And I'm a she! Got that!?

"How can you be a she? You're a machine!"

You're walking on very thick ice, mister!

"Would you dare to hurt Takato just to get to me? Remember we are the same being."

Hmm…Ruki has never really cared about…



*****In a completely different dimension……*****

Eternal gray, shadows of a distant peace……a realm of infinite solitude and darkness, that's where the two tall figures stood. A barren land, devoid of any vegetal life. A gust of wind blew from the distant, sending waves of chilling death to the two Digimon. But they had grown used to it. It was their home, after all.

"I expect you to be able to follow such simple orders."

"Of course, milord. I'll find the one you're looking for."

"Opening the Gate to the Human World requires a great amount of energy. If I detect the slightest sign of possible betrayal, I'll make sure you pay."

"N-never, milord! I'd never think of betraying you! I'll enter the Human World and find the bearer of the Crest of Chaos."

Yes……the Crest of Chaos…… The one addressed as "The Lord" thought. I can't believe the Crest of Chaos has finally appeared. With its power, controlling the Gates won't be a problem anymore……did I say the Gates? I meant the Universes! With the power of Chaos within me, the other Crests will shatter in my hands! Every obstacle will be decimated! And my enemies…all of them……yes………I'm so close…………

"Any……other instructions you want to give me, milord?" the other Digimon said. The Lord shook its head.

"No……I trust in your power to remain hidden. Just do as what I asked you to, and………"


"………have fun."

Both Digimon smiled. "I will, sir. You can be sure of that."



End of chapter 1……

DR: Yeah, I know this chapter is kind of short, but it's just an introduction to the madness that will take place in the next chapters! Believe, Takato will be the only normal one in that place for a while, and that's saying a lot! Now, I'll wait for my muses to arrive, and then……let's get ready to rumble!!!!!!!

Next Chapter:  It's beach time! Rika and her mother discuss swimming wear, Takato and a sugar-high Guilmon try not to arrive late, while Chaos and Ruki are not looking forward to the field trip. Everyone gets to see Rika in a swimsuit, not to Rika's pleasure, of course, since the Tamers are visited from good old Ryo Akiyama! A group of wild Digimon arrive to wreak some havoc, and Takato find the perfect opportunity to force Guilmon to do some much-needed exercise, risking his health in the process! And finally, the mysterious Digimon from who-knows-where arrives to do some hocus-pocus on the Tamers! Swimsuits, blue sea, Henry smacking, Rika wrestling, Terriermon-style pranks, an angry Jeri, bad-ass Digimon and our old-time favorite Gallantmon in the next chapter of "Theory of Chaos": Chaos at the Beach!

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