DR: Okay, the third interlude. Are you guys ready for it?

TK: I'm ready.

Terriermon: Why is blondie here? And why did you go wacko last time?

DR: Takeru is here because he's the star of this interlude……same as the other ones, but anyway……and I went crazy last time because, well……I can't tell you, but you all with understand when you find out. Anyway, on to the interlude!




Takeru closed his eyes and enjoyed the breeze playing with his blonde hair. Patamon slowly flapped his wings up and down to keep himself hovering in the exact same place. The crystal water shone with the 'sunlight', giving the lake an appearance anyone would expect only from a fairy tale. Takeru reopened his eyes and looked at the lake. So many memories……memories he'd rather forget.

"So……how are we getting inside?" Patamon asked to his partner. Takeru knew exactly what Patamon meant. As far as he knew, the only way to get to Gennai's house was through the stairs underwater, but the water only subsided by Gennai's order. Obviously, Gennai had no idea of Takeru's presence in that place.

Takeru smiled. "Leave it to Pauline, Patamon."

Pauline, sweetheart?

At your orders, dear…

Immediately, a thin beam of light was shot from the Omnivice to the lake, losing itself in the deep water. Takeru waited patiently while Patamon rested in his human partner's right shoulder. Thirty seconds……one minute……two minutes……


Gee, calm down! You humans are so impatient……

Sorry……I know I shouldn't doubt you……

Three minutes and fourteen seconds later, the water moved away, opening a path for the human and the Digimon.


Pauline, you have no idea how much I love you.

Believe me, I know……

Takeru smiled and cursed himself at the same time. Maybe that was his mistake: he had made Pauline too……fit for him. Shaking away the uncomfortable thoughts, Takeru began walking down the stairs.

Several minutes later, he arrived to the front door. He thanked God he knew his way around the rather big house. He knocked and waited for the man to appear. He wondered what Gennai had done: had he returned to be the weird old man he met at the age of seven, or he had stayed as the young, handsome man with the hood he met several years later.

His question was soon answered. A young tall man opened the door in front of him, but he wasn't wearing the clothes Takeru had seen the last time. He was wearing the traditional kendo outfit, except for the head protection and the kendo stick, of course. Takeru smiled as he saw the puzzled expression on Gennai's face. It probably wasn't usual for the wise database not to recognize someone at first sight.

"Who……who are………?"

He stopped when he saw the Patamon on Takeru's right shoulder. The Digimon replied with a simple 'Hi' and Gennai walked a few steps back.


"What's wrong, Gennai? You look as if you had just seen a ghost."


Takeru's expression hardened. "I'd rather be addressed as Takeru for now on, okay?"

Gennai, whose face was incredibly pale (hard to believe, huh?), simply nodded in response. Takeru walked inside the house.

"Umm……do I have to take off my shoes?"

Gennai shook his head. "Oh, no……no! It's not necessary."

Takeru smiled and walked further inside and closer to the shocked Gennai. "Oh, come on, get over it!" Patamon shouted.

Suddenly, Gennai did something unexpected: he hugged Takeru. "We all thought……we all thought you were gone……"

"Yeah, yeah…" Takeru meekly replied, sheepishly patting Gennai's head. Takeru wasn't used to such closeness, as he hadn't experienced human contact in years. Gennai finally let go. "But……why?"

Takeru shook his head. There was no need for explanations. "I had my reasons. Believe me, it's better like this."

Gennai somehow believed him. "So……you know of the others?"

Takeru nodded as Gennai guided him further inside. "I keep track of them every once in a while. I didn't attend the weddings, of course, but I'm happy for Matt, Sora, Yolei and Ken. I also heard of Izzy finally scoring a big one."

Gennai chuckled. "Yeah, he showed me pictures. She's a real cutie, I must say."

"How would you know? You're a database!"

Both human and digital life-form laughed as they sat down on the floor. The table seemed ready for Gennai's breakfast, which seemed especially cooked for a battalion. Taking the cue, Takeru proceeded to join Gennai as he ate. Patamon soon started eating, too.

"So you know of Kari's……"

"Yes, I know……of her marriage……and her divorce."

"And what about…?"

"The baby? Yeah, I know. I told you, I know everything."

"So I guess you know about Tai."

Takeru noticed there wasn't even a hint of sadness on Gennai's expression. It only took him a second to understand why. He had just met someone he had thought dead for years. He obviously thought………

Takeru nodded……and then shook his head. It was everything Gennai needed to see……and the sadness appeared. They all remained silent for a while.

"It's a shame……a real shame." Gennai said softly.

"Yeah………" Takeru replied. Tai's death had hurt him more than he would have liked to admit. He had actually risked his mission by watching the funeral from the shadows. Of course, the funeral was only symbolic, as they never found the body. That's why the tombstone didn't display the year of his death: because deep inside, the Kamiyas still had some hope left. Takeru wished he still had as much hope as them. What happened to me?

"So……what brings you here fourteen years later?" Gennai finally asked. Takeru smiled and gave the database the second big surprise of the day.

"I want you to tell me everything you know about Project Asmodeus."

Gennai spat the rice he had in his mouth.

*****Henry's Bedroom*****

Terriermon looked at Henry one last time before jumping out of the bed. His Tamer had stayed up until very late checking on Takato's progress, which was null, so he was sleeping peacefully. Janyuu had already left for work and the rest of the family was either shopping (in the case of Henry's mother) or at school. The Tamers (except for Takato, of course) would return to classes the next day. Lopmon was out checking on Guilmon.

The small rookie sat on the chair and turned on the computer. He hated betraying his Tamer's trust like that, but the mission was more important that their friendship, no matter how strong it were. He especially hated keeping secrets from his Tamer, as he thought Henry deserved to know the truth, but……was Henry ready for the truth? No, Henry, or anyone else for that matter, couldn't know who he really was……yet.

Once the operating system was set, Terriermon launched the program. He had kept it as a hidden file and password-protected, but he still found it amusing neither Henry nor Janyuu had discovered it yet. He guesses he was just lucky. The program, which was not very user-friendly (but what else can you expect, it was made by Terriermon!), asked for instructions.

Welcome to D-Sweeper. Engage Main Utility? Yes/No

Terriermon selected 'yes'. A window immediately popped up with all series of weird annotations, numbers and markings only Terriermon understood.

Establishing Basic Sweep Parameters……done.

Replacing Old Logs on Latest Sweep……..done.

Initializing Polar Adjustment Algorithm...done.

Readjusting Interference Breakers……….done.

Starting sweep………………………………1%

Terriermon patiently waited for the D-Sweep to do its work. The D-Sweeper basically scanned every area of the Digital World and adjacent subsections to look for abnormalities on its structure. It didn't care about the Digimon, but about the 'terrain' itself. The best signal of an incoming problem was the damage the Digital World had received in a certain area, considering the multiple layers of protection the Digital World actually had. That was precisely how Terriermon had predicted the arrival of the Nightmare a few days before it appeared. He had obviously not shared his information with the Tamers, as he had carefully decided. However, Doumon's appearance was a surprise, and Terriermon was genuinely worried about that. If the D-Sweeper hadn't detected it, it was a great problem. What if next time something worse arrived unnoticed?

Starting sweep------------------------------------23%

Terriermon looked at his sleeping Tamer. What would Henry say if he found out who his partner really was? Terriermon knew Henry would eventually find out, but by then everything should be over. Terriermon's secret would be revealed after the day of the Prophecy……if they survived it, that is. The small Digimon closed his eyes, feeling the familiar power flowing inside him. The unique algorithm that made him completely different from any other Terriermon. From any other Digimon, for that matter. He opened his eyes again and checked the computer screen.

Abnormal reading at 8FF1-B455. Details? Yes/Continue/Stop Sweep

Terriermon read the message several times before making a choice. Abnormal readings were usually indicated by a beeping, but Terriermon had disabled that option, so that the noise didn't wake up Henry. Terriermon decided to go on with the sweep in case there were more anomalies. The Log would help him work of that precise abnormality later.

"Momentai, Terriermon. Momentai……" he said to himself.

However, the sweep was finished without any further warnings. Terriermon immediately proceeded to work on the warning he had gotten, making sure the sound of his paws against the keyboard didn't wake Henry up.

Abnormal energy readings……code Akiyama identified……discarding Crest of Patience protocols……source of abnormality……Area 0

Area 0, huh? We've never had troubles with that one before……Code Akiyama………we're screwed. Big time.

Terriermon closed his eyes, giving deep thought to the situation. As usual, he knew he couldn't tell the Tamers, especially Takato. They would have to deal with it when it came. The question was: would they be able to?


"I don't know how it started. One day we had no idea of it and the next day we were willing to do it no matter the cost. It was almost……a revelation from above."

Takeru smiled and nodded. So Gennai received the instructions from an unknown source. He guessed it was probably the Dragon God's doing. Gennai continued.

"We even hid it from Azulongmon. It was almost as if our lives depended on it. Now that I think about it, I have no idea why we thought it was so important."

Gennai finished his tea and got up. Takeru followed him to his "office", a vast gathering of data. "We discovered the text of the Ultimate Prophecy. The Digi-Destined's trials were a kid's game compared to what the Ultimate Prophecy says. Of course, you wouldn't understand."

Takeru chuckled. "I guess you're right. You can't compare what we did in the past to what the Enlightened Ones will have to do in a few years."

Gennai's eyes widened. "How do you…!?"

Takeru shook his head. "Please go on."

Gennai knew that he wouldn't get any explanations from Takeru. "We thought that the six incarnations of the Ultimate Crests were already born, and we developed basic data patterns of such crests. They are the crests of Life, Justice, Patience……"

"………Power, Destruction and Chaos. I know. Could you please continue?"

Unable to understand how was it that Takeru knew what he knew, Gennai continued. "We created ten crests based on the data we got from the Ultimate Crests' algorithms. We called them the Sub-Crests, as they were nothing but secondary versions of the much more powerful Ultimate Crests."

"You're talking about our original crests, right?"

Gennai nodded. "Indeed. But we had a problem with the Crest of Chaos. It was too unstable; we couldn't use its powerful attributes on the Sub-Crests. It was shame, indeed. Your lives would have been much easier with the power of the Crest of Chaos."

Patamon smiled and shook his head. "The Crest of Chaos is just far too powerful. Not just anybody can wield its power."

"Exactly. Besides, we had full records of the human world's history, so we could understand Chaos' influence across time, in his different incarnations. With a matter such as the Ultimate Prophecy, we couldn't afford to have any loose end. An uncontrollable Crest of Chaos would have put the dimension's fate in jeopardy."

"So you created Project Asmodeus." Patamon concluded.

Gennai nodded again. He walked to a large desk and sat behind it. Takeru looked at the bookshelves, records and other stuff in the room, and then looked at Gennai. "I need details, Gennai."

Gennai nodded. "Only if you tell me how is it that you know things even the Sovereigns ignore."

Takeru shrugged. "I'll talk……after you talk."

Gennai sighed, giving up. "We tried to understand Chaos' basic features and proceeded to design a body capable of containing such powers. To do that, we had to alter the basic DNA code so that it could hold much higher amounts of data, at least more than a common human. I guess you know of the data patterns in your genes."

"Yes, I know. You hid lots of things from us, Gennai."

"Anything for the sake of the mission, Takeru."

"Well, that's ancient history. Please go on."

"Once we altered the nitrogen bases and developed a new compound for the double helix's links, we found another problem."

"Let me guess: the mind."

"Yes, Takeru, the mind. We couldn't just create an empty body, as Chaos would never take it, and if he took it, that would have made things worse, as that body had enhancements that would allow Chaos to tap into his full power, a thing he was unable to do in his past incarnations when he was a common human."

"You had to create a whole human being, with a complete personality development."

"Yes, but…….our ability wasn't great enough to do something like that. The only choice we had left was to transfer the altered DNA 'patch' into a base DNA code. The host of the patch would have to inseminate a woman with his sperm and create an embryo. This embryo would be a normal human being……until the patch was activated, then the future boy or girl would have the necessary adjustments to become the Vessel of Chaos."

"Did you……design this personality?"

Gennai nodded. "Yes, we did. We idealized a boy……"

"Why a boy?" Patamon asked.

"Increased muscular mass, stamina and endurance."


So what happened to Takato?


"…yes, a boy with a rather passive personality. We needed it that way so that he could tap into his true power at the right moment. An active boy would have discovered such powers at an early age, and maybe he wouldn't be prepared to deal with them."

So that explain Takato's multiple problems concerning Chaos………he wasn't supposed to know of his existence until the Time of the Prophecy……

"Asmodeus……" Gennai muttered.

"What did you say?"

"I said Asmodeus, Takeru. It was the name we gave that……alternate personality the Vessel would contain."


I'd rather keep calling him Gogglehead……


Gennai waited for Takeru to tell him something, but the blonde was too busy analyzing the information he had just received.

So there is Asmodeus……and there is Chaos………so………who is Takato?

"So……when did you develop your plan?" Patamon asked.


"Yeah! When did you do all that stuff you just said?"

Gennai was puzzled. "Patamon…….we never did it."

Now Takeru was shocked. "What?"

"As I told you, we only made idealizations. It was an extremely risky plan and included involving innocent people. It was against our moral code, Takeru. Besides……there was the problem of raising Asmodeus."


"With one mind holding two different memories, two different personality traits and two different behavioral codes, Asmodeus would have gone through a severe psychological dilemma!"

"Identity crisis……"

"Yes, Takeru. He would have found himself unable to understand who he really was until the Day of the Prophecy. And when that time arrived, it would have been too much of a shock for him. No human being is prepared for something like that. There is no such thing as an ideal vessel."

Tell that to Takato, Gennai……

"……and that's everything. We put all the plans away and focused on the Digi-Destined and the Sub-Crests. Now it's your turn to talk, Takeru. How come you know so much about the Ultimate Prophecy and Project Asmodeus?"

Takeru looked down and then looked at Gennai. He had never been so confused. "Gennai………the Vessel exists."


Takeru nodded. "It seems like someone took your DNA patch, placed it in a man named Takehiro Matsuki, who soon after that had a son named Takato. Takato is the Vessel, Gennai."

Takeru witnessed how Gennai's face turned incredibly pale and how his body seemed to suddenly weaken. Takeru thanked God the database was already on a chair, because he would have probably fainted otherwise.

"No……impossible……we never………it must be a mistake……"

"It's not a mistake, Gennai." Patamon insisted. "It's different from the other incarnations. Chaos didn't just take control of it. Both personalities coexist in the same mind and body: Chaos and Asmodeus. It's exactly as you just told us."

Takeru and Patamon patiently waited for Gennai to get out of his shocked state.

"How……how old is he?"

"Twelve years old." Takeru replied.

"And has he……?"

"Yes, he knows of Chaos' existence…..with the disastrous results you expect. Asmodeus takes it incredibly well, though. It's admirable."


"In the human realm connected to the Southern Quadrant." Patamon answered.

"How………how did it……?"

"As you said, he was under too much psychological pressure, product of his active life as a Digimon Tamer." Takeru responded.

"A Tamer!" Gennai shouted in shock. Takeru nodded. Gennai obviously knew of the way humans interacted with Digimon in every quadrant, so he knew exactly what a 'Digimon Tamer' was.

"It's……it's too much!" Gennai said in alarm. Takeru nodded for a second, and then he suddenly stopped.

"What is it, Takeru?" Patamon asked his friend. Takeru remained silent, but Patamon knew he was communicating with Pauline. Takeru finally looked back at his Digimon.

"Gennai has more visitors."

*****At the lake's shore*****

"This is so nice of him!"

Twenty-nine-year old Mimi Tachikawa cheerfully signaled the other Digi-Destined to follow her down the stairs. Palmon, Gomamon and Dr. Joe Kido, 31, was the first who followed her, soon followed by Gabumon, Biyomon and the Ishidas, Matt and Sora, both 30. Davis Motomiya, and Ken Ichijouji, both 27 went right behind the couple, followed by Veemon and Wormmon, while Kari and Yolei, 27 and 28, followed them close behind, busy taking care of their respective babies (if you watched the final episode of 02, you realize that Kari's child and Ken's and Yolei's first child look the oldest…weird, huh?) alongside Gatomon and Hawkmon. Cody Hida, 26, and Koushiro Izumi, 30 closed the group with their Digimon partners, Tentomon and Armadillomon. Cody looked at Izzy with a puzzled look, and Izzy replied with a nod.

"I know Gennai is always prepared for our arrival, but this time we didn't inform him. How is it that the stairs are prepared?" the redhead explained.

Ignoring their thoughts, they followed their friends down the stairway and reached Gennai's submarine residence. Mimi, still leading the group, reached the door first and knocked.

"Gennai, it's me, Mimi! I brought cookies!"

The others smirked at Mimi's remark. But they couldn't blame her. Her cookies and cakes were a delicacy. Nobody answered and the Digi-Destined finally gathered around Mimi. A voice finally spoke from inside.

"Come in! It's open."

The Digi-Destined looked at each other with puzzled looks. "That's definitely not Gennai's voice." Sora concluded. Digi-Destined and Digimon nodded in response. Mimi opened the door and they all entered. There they saw Gennai……and a blonde man with a Patamon.

"Takeru!" Matt immediately exclaimed. Takeru smiled.

"We meet again, brother."

Patamon jumped off Takeru's shoulder and landed on the floor to be surrounded by the other Digimon. "Patamon!" Armadillomon shouted happily.


"Hey, there, Gatomon! Looking good as always! Hello, everyone!"

Takeru was going through a similar situation with his former Digi-Destined colleagues. "Matt, you weren't seeing things!"

"Hey! I resent that, Sora!"

Takeru laughed loudly at Sora's remark. It was the first time he did that in several years, actually. "No, Sora. Neither Hikari nor your husband were seeing things that day at the coffee shop. I hope your financial problems are being solved, Kari."

Hikari nodded sheepishly. "Umm……yeah. Thanks for your help."

Takeru let go a gentle smile. "You're welcome-ouch!"

Mimi was pinching his left cheek. "Hey, it's really you!" Mimi exclaimed before hugging him tightly. That makes two in a day……




Pauline, are you jealous? You know you're the only girl I have in my mind……literally!

Very funny………

"Yes, Mimi, I'm made of flesh and bone……and could you please stop it? Pauline is getting jealous."

While Patamon laughed as if there were no tomorrow, the Digi-Destined and Digimon looked at Takeru in shock. "Pauline?"

Davis was the first to react. "So you finally hooked up, TK? Good for you!"

Takeru sweatdropped, ignoring Pauline's embarrassed giggling in his mind. "I appreciate your finally calling me by my correct nickname, Davis, but I'd rather be addressed as Takeru from now on. And no, I haven't hooked up with anyone. Actually, I'm still a virgin."

A massive "WHAT!?" followed that sentence.

Why the hell did you said that?

I don't know!

Matt was already approaching him to complain when Takeru stopped him. "THAT'S NOT IMPORTANT! Anyway, this is Pauline."

Takeru took off his coat, finally revealing the artifact covering his right arm.

"The Omnivice!" Izzy shouted excitedly. Takeru nodded in approval of Izzy's words. Gennai tried to remember where he had heard that word before.

Izzy had already gotten next to Takeru, examining the Omnivice. "It looks better than our prototype! Does it……?"

"Yes, it has everything we thought of, Izzy: enhanced Digimon-Human interaction, real-time Digimon boosts, holographic Digimon Analyzer, built-in map of the entire Digital World, high-precision radar for Digimon detecting, and a personal favorite……personalized AI. Say hello to Pauline."

Izzy's eyes were practically glowing with excitement. "Artificial Intelligence! Does it really have its own personality?"

Takeru nodded again. "She's really cute…but a little jealous, though. However, there's no way I could live without her."

Aww…Takeru, I love you too!!!

Izzy's smile changed to a smirk. "So it's a female, huh? Takeru, I had no idea……"

Takeru immediately blushed. "Don't get ideas!"

Patamon returned to Takeru's shoulder with the same smirk as Izzy. "Come on, TK, Pauline's the closest thing to a girlfriend you've ever had."

"Patamon! I've never been, and I'm not interested in having a girlfriend!"

Patamon insisted. "For the same reason you left Odaiba twelve years ago, huh?"


But it was too late. Patamon had touched the same subject the Digi-Destined had thought about for the last twelve years.

"Patamon has a point, Takeru." Ken started.

"Why did you do it, brother?"

Takeru didn't want to talk about it. "I had my reasons."

"But you didn't even think of your family!" Joe insisted.

"And what about us!? What about……me? First you, then my brother……I barely could go on with my life after that!"

Takeru avoided Kari's gaze as she said those words. She expected him to let go and open his heart to them, but his answer was the end of the discussion.

"I had my reasons……" Takeru said, and then he faced Sora with a hardened expression. "…and I'm sure Tai had his reasons, too."

Nobody heard Sora's gasp when she heard those words.

"Now I remember!" Gennai finally shouted. Everyone looked at their not-very-normal friend.

"Azulongmon told me about that Digivice a month ago. He told me of a kid with incredible powers who had one of it."

Takeru's gaze was enough of an answer. "Oh my God……it was him, right? The Vessel!"

"Whoa, now what are we talking about?" A puzzled Davis asked. Both Gennai and Takeru ignored him and returned to the important topic: Chaos and Asmodeus.

"Yes, Gennai. Actually, Azulongmon was referring to the second time Chaos manifested himself in Takato's body. He and his Digimon partner fused into a Mega Digimon named ChaosGallantmon and fought both Azulongmon and Zhuquiaomon, easily attaining victory."

Gennai, the Digi-Destined and the Digimon were left with their mouths wide open.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, what kind of story is that!?" Tentomon commented. "No normal Mega could handle two Guardians at the same time!"

Takeru ignored the insect Digimon. "But it only gets worse. At Chaos' first manifestation, he forced his partner to digivolve to an alternate Mega Form, Megidramon."

"Megidramon!?" Gennai asked in a mixture of fear and shock. "Megidramon, the Dark Dragon? One of the four Great Dragon Digimon!?"

Takeru nodded. "Yes, and he did the same in his third manifestation. The fourth manifestation was a few days ago, but he just fought a few wild Digimon. The fifth manifestation was a few hours ago."

"What happened!?" Gennai asked.

"Chaos attacked the other Digimon Tamers and easily defeated them. He would have killed them if Asmodeus hadn't stopped him on time."

"I see……" Gennai replied, analyzing what Takeru had just told him. The Digi-Destined and their Digimon were just……there.

"Can anyone tell us what's going on!?" Joe insisted, but got no response. The Digi-Destined resigned to listen to Takeru and Gennai, even if they didn't understand a word of what they said.

"Asmodeus is in great danger, Gennai."

"What do you mean?"

"He fell into a coma right after that holding Chaos. Every time Chaos takes control of the Vessel he grows stronger, while Asmodeus gets weaker every time he tries to control Chaos' destructive impulses. At this rate, Asmodeus will die and Chaos will obtain total control of the Vessel."

Gennai shook his head. "That won't happen. Chaos will die if Asmodeus dies."

"WHAT!?" Both Takeru and Patamon shouted at the same time. Gennai nodded.

"You keep thinking as if the problem were a simple case of split identity or as if Asmodeus and Chaos were two different beings…" (A/N: Example time! The first case is Fei and Id from Xenogears and the second is Yugi and Yami Yugifrom Yu-Gi-Oh! By the way, both Xenogears and Yu-Gi-Oh! rock! And Id is the coolest villain ever!)

Takeru looked at Gennai with great attention. What the database said next could be the key they needed.

"Asmodeus and Chaos are the SAME being in every sense. The mind can't comprehend the idea, so it handles them as two separate behavioral patterns, but both Asmodeus and Chaos are just separate parts of a whole being: the Vessel's true self…….let's call it……Takato. Takato is the owner of the body, and such body needs its soul to work. If a part of the soul disappears, the whole will be gone."

Takeru nodded as he assimilated the new info. "So…what must he do?"

"The solution is not getting rid of Asmodeus or Chaos, Takeru. The Vessel won't be able to develop in such a troubled environment. He needs peace and space so that Asmodeus and Chaos learn to work as a whole……as Takato. Only once 'Takato' is formed he'll be able to face the challenges of the future without fearing for his stability."

He's asking for a miracle……

Gennai brought a new topic. "This……Digivice of yours…….you said it has Artificial Intelligence, right?"


"So I guess you have a second personality living in your mind."

Takeru nodded again. "Exactly. Her personality traits develop in my mind. That's why I'm the only one who can communicate with her."

And I wouldn't like it any other way! It's just the two of us this way, Takeru, dear…

Takeeru ignored Pauline's attempts at seduction. Gennai continued.

"Does……the Vessel have an Artificial Personality, too?"

"Yes, he has one, too."

"Is it a female, too?"

Takeru nodded again. "Both Omnivices were programmed that way."

"It must be tough, having Asmodeus, Chaos and the Omnivice in the same head." Patamon commented.

"How can they work?" Gennai inquired.

"They feed on the owner's energy supplies to work."

Gennai nodded. "That third trait……the AI……she could be of help. Maybe she can help making Asmodeus and Chaos merge together."

Takeru shrugged. "I think Asmodeus would be willing to try. Chaos is another story."

Takeru remained silent for a minute, realizing Gennai had told him everything he knew……and it was everything Takeru needed to know.

"Well, I think we're done, Gennai. Thanks for your cooperation."

Gennai nodded. "It's the only thing I can do. If the Vessel is alive, then dark times are upon us. But you still haven't answered my question, Takeru."

Takeru immediately got up and hurriedly walked to the main entrance.

"Who are you, Takeru Takasihi, and how is it you know some many things!?"

The blonde man immediately stopped to look at Gennai. The Digi-Destined looked at him, too.

"I'm Takeru Takaishi, bearer of the Crest of Justice."

"Justice? TK, what the hell are you talking about?"

"Shut up, Davis!" Patamon replied. The shocked expression on Gennai's face made things worse for the Digi-Destined.

"A……an Enlightened One!" Gennai shouted. Takeru nodded. "Yes, Gennai. Now if you excuse me, I have things to do."

Things like…?

Getting out of here, for example…

Gennai began to laugh right before Takeru left. "I guess that explains it."


"I had heard rumors of a man your age with a Digimon roaming around the place. I dismissed them until today, Takeru."

"I see. Farewell, Gennai, Digi-Destined, Chosen Digimon." Takeru said before closing the door behind him.

Takeru proceeded to walk up the stairs when……



Takeru turned back to meet……

"Sora? What is it?"

Sora stood right in front of Takeru and faced him with a sharp look.

"Do you blame me for Tai's death?"

Takeru sighed in relief and gave away a gentle smile. "Of course not. You have the right to love whoever you want, Sora Ishida."

Sora sighed and smiled back. It was good to have things settled.

"But that doesn't take out the fact that you were an indirect cause. I'm sorry, Sora."

Sora nodded. It was better than nothing. Takeru looked at the saddened Sora and did something unexpected: he hugged her. They stayed like that for half a minute.

"Take care of my brother."

"You know I will. Take care of yourself……wherever you're going."

"Don't worry about me. We'll meet again, Sora."

Takeru let go and continued his way up the stairway when something stopped him.

"I had heard rumors of a man your age with a Digimon roaming around the place. I dismissed them until today, Takeru."

Takeru thought about it for a second. The Digimon should be supposed to know of my existence, and those who knew shouldn't have told anything to anyone……then……what does it mean?

For a strange reason, Takeru looked back at Sora, who was already walking back inside the house. It took him several seconds to link the ideas into am incredible conclusion. Little he knew that conclusion would determine the lives of many people: Sora's, Matt's, Kari's, Ken's, Takato's……and his own.

Tai………you bastard!!!


High atop the skies of Infinity, between the stormy clouds and the place where lightning were created, the Dragon God rested. The leader of the Triad considered the most recent events. Being a God, he already knew of Terriermon's discoveries, Takeru's meeting with Gennai and the Digi-Destined, and most important of all, Takeru's discovery regarding Tai……which was something he had always known. He knew everything that happened, even if he kept some of them as a secret, even to his fellow Triad members. Closing his eyes, he gathered data in front of him, data that took the shape of an Omnivice.

The new Omnivice was mostly black, but its darkness shone with the lightning, creating an amalgam of colors on its surface. While most of the surface and buttons were black, the area around the screen was white as chalk. The Dragon God smiled at its creation. He had to admit Takeru had made quite a useful toy.

"Go, Blackpearl Omnivice. Go meet your master."

The Omnivice disappeared with a bright light. Once that was settled, the giant Dragon moved to the urgent matter of his finest creation: the Vessel. He was genuinely worried about Asmodeus, and he had to think of a way to avoid situations like the last one. He began talking to himself.

"Chaos has a point when he says the Tamers' influence alters they behavior in a negative way. However, it is compensated with the fact that the Tamers also give Asmodeus priceless moments of happiness. But as long as things stay like this, he'll grow dependent of the Hazard's power, which is something I can't allow. Asmodeus and Chaos must control the Hazard, not the opposite. Only then Takato will be born. But…how?"

He silently thought about the situation.

"His feelings give him strength but limit him at the same time. I must find a way to eradicate those limitations so that both Asmodeus and Chaos can mature by themselves."

He compared the info he acquired from Gennai with what he already knew to design a plan. It would be painful, but it was their best choice. He knew more than one person would complain…he knew Takeru would complain, but he didn't care. After all, he was always the one with the final word. It was the best for everyone. He was sure of it.




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