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(I took the ending from Rack - Ronnie and Jack, Eastenders)

The festive season was now over and it was back to reality for everybody at Pearson Specter Litt. This Christmas was definitely one of the worst for some of the colleagues. Miraculously, Mike was let off with 'conspiracy to commit fraud' after the judge and jury agreed he had wider knowledge on the law than most Harvard students. He was able to still practice law on one condition: he had to take the bar and pass first time. Of course, that wasn't going to be a problem for him.

Evidently, this ruined Rachel's Christmas as she thought her fiancé was going to prison for a long time. Jessica hardly enjoyed hers either as some of her employees and herself were down at the Attorney's office for most of it getting questioned. Donna spent most of the festive period crying as she kept thinking back to when she was being charged with Fraud and wondering if there was another possibility of her going to prison, to top it off she had split from Mitchell and spent Christmas alone. As for Harvey, he knew that if Mike was going down then he would be in the cell right next to him cause he hired a fraud, he also spent Christmas alone. He got drunk New Years Eve and practically poured his heart out to Donna via text message then passed out due to how drunk he was.

It's near the end of the year and I just realized how much has changed. I lost somebody I never imagined I would lose. That somebody told me she would 'follow me to the ends of the earth' then ended up leaving me. We've all been through a lot these past few weeks and I hope you find someone who loves you more than I do in 2016. All the best, H x

Donna received the text message whilst sitting on her sofa tucking into pizza and pouring herself the 8th glass of wine. She had spent New Years Eve watching soppy rom-coms and decided the only way to see the New Year in alone was to get drunk. She picked up her mobile from the coffee table expecting a 'Happy New Year' text from Rachel or maybe her mom. Her heart sank as his name flashed upon her screen. She thought over in her head about a million times how to respond to his message, in the end she decided that no message would speak volumes instead of her getting into an argument with him whilst they were both drunk.


It was the first Monday of 2016 and everything was back to normal, Mike was out the office all day as today was the day he had to take the examination which was in Washington DC. Harvey strolled in the office at 9am, late as always, and tried his hardest to ignore the redhead as he walked past. He felt such an idiot for sending that text message, even more of an idiot when he woke up the next morning to see she hadn't replied to him.

Donna's head automatically turned as she sensed him surfacing from the elevator, she could see he was attempting to avoid her as he walked past. It's Harvey, what more did she expect? Every once in a while Harvey likes to finally open up to people and then act like nothing ever happened, it's what he does.


"Donna" Louis called to her outside his office. Donna wished he'd have an intercom installed so she didn't have to get up from her desk every time he needed her.

"DONNA" he bellowed again. Donna flung her head back and exhaled sharply.

She then pushed her chair away from the desk and walked into his office with a fake smile upon her face "what can I do for you Louis?"

"I need the Bexley-Hill files on my desk in the next 10 minutes" he demanded without looking up from the paperwork in front of him.

"Right on it!" she replied and turned on her heel towards the file room.

She had never been this nervous about walking past Harvey's office any other time but today she wished there was another route to the file room. She held her head high as she sauntered past his office, greeting Gretchen in the process, she could feel his gaze fixed upon on her.

Once in the file room she started to rummage through the files in the 'BE-BO' section, she was that focussed on looking for the paperwork that she failed to realise Harvey standing at the end of the second aisle. He stayed back for a while, admiring her as she was noticeably flustered searching through the boxes.

"Hey" he shyly pronounced walking towards her

Donna didn't bother to turn round "as you can see, Harvey, I'm really busy so whatever you need can wait, okay?"

"I take it you're still pissed at me so I'm just gonna lea-" Donna cut him short before he could finish

She now stood up and spun round to face him "pissed at you for what, Harvey?" she barked

Harvey closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose, this was Donna and she was obviously going to put up a fight.

"Oh wait, I'm Donna so I probably know why?" she added

Harvey knew this was much more than just the text message he had sent to her, this was going back to the first time he told her he loved her. He wasn't getting into an argument with her during working hours, he clenched her jaw and shuck his head before walking out the same way he came in.


Rachel walked past Donna's desk later that day noticing how angry her friend looked as she slammed her stamp down on a file.

"Somebody looks pissed today" Rachel acknowledged raising her eyebrows

"I am so freakin' tired of people telling me I looked pissed today" the redhead contended

Donna looked up from the file in front of her and seen how bemused Rachel looked, she shouldn't be taking this out on her friend she had nothing to do with her and her bad mood. This was between her and Harvey just like the past 10 arguments had been.

"I'm sorry, Rach" she added "it's just…"

"Mike's not back from Washington till around 9pm. Me and you are going to Bar 41 for happy hour straight from work" she insisted before walking away. What a way to start the year: full of alcohol.


Both girls had rushed to the bar at 6pm just in time for happy hour, happy hour consisted of 2 for 1 cocktails or 50% of beer and wine. Donna ordered the first round of drinks: 2 Manhattan's for herself and 2 Cosmopolitan's for her younger friend, she practically downed both her cocktails whilst Rachel was still sipping away at her first.

"Looks like you're drinking to forget something" Rachel laughed as Donna polished off her 6th cocktail

"2 things – 1. Lets just say that Harvey Reginald Specter has been left in 2015! And 2. Lets ordered tequila" the redhead grinned

Rachel was confused, she thought Donna was pissed over her and Mitchell splitting up. Mitchell was a nice man, she only met him once but he seemed okay. He was the total opposite of Harvey, quite shy and very modest. One thing was for sure he was definitely not Donna's type. Rachel knew it was best never to question when Donna and Harvey had an argument, Donna was her best friend and Harvey was her boss.

Rachel gave her friend a faint smile "it's 7:30, don't you think it's a little early for shots?"

"HA! It's never too early for shots" she cackled "WAITER?" she then bellowed across the bar.

It was getting close to 8:30pm and Mike would be on his way home from the airport by now, Donna had knocked back 3 Tequila shots and 2 Sambuca's, Rachel looked on giggling as Donna was wasted.

"I think its time to call it a night now Donna, besides Mike will be home soon and I want to be there for him to tell me about the exam" she implied

Donna just nodded at her and the pair made their way out the bar and to the taxi rank outside. Rachel put Donna in the first taxi and waved her off before getting in her own taxi to go home. Half way home Donna decided to go to Harvey's to give him a piece of her mind. Great idea she thought.


Harvey hadn't long returned home from work, he was showered and now in his sweatpants and tshirt sprawled out on the sofa watching The Untouchables. He heard somebody banging his door down and jumped up from the sofa, probably Anita Gibbs wanting to bring him in for questioning with some fake evidence she'd supposedly found on him. He hurled the door open only to be faced with Donna. Before he had a chance to speak she had pushed him out the way and walked threw his apartment towards the kitchen, he shut the door and followed in her tracks.

"Why am I pissed at you, Harvey?" she drawled

She wasn't slurring her words but each word lingered longer than normal, it was now obvious she was drunk.

Harvey ran his hands through his hair "look Donna, you're drunk. I'll call Ray to take you home"

"ANSWER THE QUESTION" she barked making Harvey jump out of his skin. She wasn't just angry, she was furious.

He walked over to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of water and shoved it in her direction. She took the water from him and sat on the kitchen stool.

"Why do you do this? Is it really that hard for you to open up to me and not pretend like nothing happened?" she murmured

"Do you want something more comfortable to wear?" he asked still avoiding her questions

"I just want you to answer me" she shuck her head

Harvey moved away from the kitchen and walked back over to the sofa "I can't"

"Typical Harvey" Donna let out a sarcastic laugh

"I say things and I screw it up so I try not to say anything and somehow I still screw it up" he added "Do you think I like this whole situation? I told you I loved you and you ran away! You started working 50ft away from me!" he mumbled with his head in his hands

Donna followed him over and sat on the sofa opposite him. "Do you think I like any of this?!" she cried "no, Harvey, that's not how it happened and you know it. Yes you did tell me you loved me but you then ran out my apartment that night!"

Harvey stood up from the sofa in rage "I asked you the following day if you wanted everything and you couldn't answer! I gave you the choice to start something and you walked away" he shouted

"You REFUSED to tell me how you loved me, do you really think I would want to start something with someone who has no idea if he loves me as a friend or as…" she countered. However, the word 'girlfriend' failed to leave her mouth

"I love you in ways that I've never loved anyone and that scares the hell out of me!" he proclaimed "how can I answer a question when I don't know the answer myself"

The words hit her hard. Why couldn't it of been enough for her that he told her he loved her. He never asked her how she loved him when she told him the day after. She felt the tears running down her face, she was far too drunk to be having this conversation.

"Why did you send me that text message, Harvey?" she pleaded

Harvey shrugged his shoulder "I meant what I said, I want you to find somebody who deserves you… and I was slightly drunk"

"Slightly?" she challenged him

They both let out a laugh for the first time that night "maybe extremely drunk" he added

"What if I don't want that?" she questioned

Harvey knew what she was getting at, before he could answer Donna had straddled him so their faces were inches apart.

"Donna" he whispered trying to look down

Her lips crashed on his before he had a chance to continue his sentence. He knew this was wrong, she was drunk but at the same time it felt so right. It felt like a weight had been lifted of both their shoulders, so much tension had been released within the first few seconds of the kiss. Things started to get heated rapidly, he was running his hands all over her body and she was tugging at his belt trying to unfasten it.

They somehow made it to the bedroom leaving a trail of fallen clothing behind them. Harvey tossed her on the bed before slowly climbing on top of her planting kisses from her thigh to her lips.


Harvey woke up in the middle of the night due to a rusting noise inside the bedroom, he looked through squinted eyes and saw Donna, on the edge of the bed in a pair of his sweatpants, pulling a sweatshirt over her head. She was so focussed on gathering her things she didn't notice Harvey was awake. He sat up and rested a pillow behind him.

"Getting up to make me breakfast are ya?" he joked, secretly dying inside knowing the reason why she was fully dressed at 3am

Donna laughed awkwardly; she tried her hardest to be quite so they didn't have to have this encounter early hours of the morning.

"It was a mistake right? Lets forget it ever happened and not talk about it again?" he proposed

Donna nodded "something like that, yeah"

Harvey's heart sank, he knew it should have stopped this from happening. He might of ran away from his feelings a decade ago but he was ready this now and he thought she was too. He watched as she walked out of his bedroom, without looking back, and closed the door quietly behind her.