Before Donna reached the door to exit the apartment the bedroom door was flung open, smashing loudly against the wall as Harvey rushed from the bedroom. She spun round, startled by the bang, struggling to carry her dress, shoes and handbag.

"What if I don't want to forget it? What if I want to do it again and again" he shouted at her as she tried to turn back around to leave

"Then you'll be disappointed" she divulged "Can we not do this now, Harvey? Its 3am, we're both up for work in-" but she was cut short

Harvey slowly walked towards her "this is the second time I've tried to speak about my feelings with you and you're running away, again! You're fucking with my head Donna! One minute you want this then you don't"

"I'm just leaving before you-" Harvey didn't let her finish her sentence again, this woman had never frustrated him so much in the past 12 years like he had today.

"Regret it? If that's what you were about to say then you better stop right there!" he demanded

Donna froze on the spot as her tears streamed down her face, she was making things so much complicated than they actually were. The other time he might have left before she woke up but this time was different, he confessed his love for her, twice. Maybe tonight wasn't a confession of his love for her but he still spoke about it, he told her he loved her like no one else and he was scared.

"How do I know you wouldn't regret it further down the line?" she choked

Harvey slammed him fists down on the kitchen counter "why do you question everything that leaves my mouth? You only have my word for that Donna and if that's not enough then you don't know me as well as you think you do"

"Because I'm scared, Harvey! I didn't chose to fall in love with you, there would be so many con's if we decided to try anything" she admitted

Harvey narrowed his eyebrows "But there would also be so many pro's. You don't decide who you fall in love with, Donna, it just happens" he stated shrugging his shoulders "look, can we just go back to bed?"

Donna shuck her head looking at the floor "I need you to prove to me you've changed, we'll take things slow… and see what happens"

"That's all I wanted to hear" he smiled "so are we going back to bed?"

Donna laughed "that's not taking things slow. I'm getting a cab home, you'll see me in the next 5 hours at work"

Harvey ran his hands through his hair knowing he wasn't going to be able to convince her to stay, she was too stubborn, but on the other hand it looked like there was a possibility of something happening between them. He just had to prove to her he could be the best boyfriend she'd ever had. He escorted her out his apartment and flagged a cab for her to get home, he then made his way back to his cold, lonely bed.


Harvey tried to arrive to work earlier than usual today, he was actually nervous to walk past Donna. He got to Pearson Specter Litt at 8:20 and once he left the elevator he noticed Donna was already at her desk typing away, he quickly jumped back into elevator full of people giving him funny looks and hit the G button.

15 minutes later he was back on the 50th floor with a takeout coffee in his hand, he casually strolled towards her desk with a smile on his face.

"Thought you'd need this due to the lack of sleep" he suggested placing the coffee in front of her

Donna nodded and gave him a faint smile "definitely! I drank waaay too much last night and I'm definitely paying for it today"

"So…" he placed his elbows on the top of her desk and leaned towards her "is the challenge still on?"

"Challenge?" she raised her eyebrows

"Yeah, the one we spoke about last night. Me proving myself to you" he whispered with a smile on his face

"Yeah it's still on" she mocked his tone "but this isn't a game, Harvey"

Harvey laughed "Good! I'm getting tired of games anyway, seems like I always win" and he walked towards his office.


It was getting close to mid-day and Harvey hadn't been focused enough on work, he kept thinking of different ways he could show her this time was different and that he meant business.

"What would your approach be then?" Mike questioned him knocking him out of his trail of thought

Harvey looked at the, now, legal lawyer blankly "What? Um… yeah I think you're way was best"

"Harvey I get it, you're overwhelmed I'm now legally working for you and your happy I'm not in prison, but we really need to think about this"

"You got me" he replied laughing "so what was your approach to this situation again?"

Mike rolled his eyes "you haven't been listening to a word I've been saying have you?"

"I find it hard to read and listen at the same time" he lied

The two lawyers sat in silence reading over the files, well Harvey looked like he was reading he would flick the page every so often with his mind still on ways to win Donna over. Flowers he thought to himself, he remembered back to that time he got her a bunch of flowers for her closing night in the theatre and she thanked him for days afterwards telling him how much of a nice gesture it was. Harvey stood up from his chair and walked towards the door,

"Where are you going?" Mike asked

"Last time I checked this was my office, I have a phone call to make" he remarked

Mike looked at his boss confused "isn't that Gretchen's job?"

"It's private" he exclaimed and walked off towards the men's bathroom


He got back to his office 10 minutes later and Mike was nowhere to be seen.

"Gretchen, were is he?" Harvey called through the intercom

"Said he was taking an early lunch seen as you aren't interested in helping him on the case" she answered.

It was Mike's case anyway, Harvey offered to help cause he knew the attorney on the other side was a difficult one. Least one good thing was to come out of this morning, he had ordered Donna a bunch of flowers and they were to be delivered before 1:15pm so they would be on her desk before she returned from her lunch.


Donna and Rachel emerged from the elevator after lunch still laughing about how wasted Donna had gotten and how Rachel had put her in a taxi to ensure she never stayed at the bar drinking. Donna never told her friend where she actually diverted her cab to.

"Somebody is trying to win you back" Rachel nodded towards the display of flowers on her desk

Obviously Rachel assumed the flowers were from Mitchell, not in a million years would anybody think they were from Harvey. As far as everybody who knew Harvey was concerned he didn't have a romantic bone in his body. He bought Scottie a present himself once, every other present Dana Scott received was something Donna would have picked out, and even that was a bottle of Scotch so it was a present more for himself than her.

"It'll take more than a bunch of flowers to win me round" she laughed as she took a seat at her desk whilst Rachel walked towards her own office.

She fidgeted with the flowers trying to find a card that usually came attached to them. The card was well hidden but she found it in the end:

Will you have finished work by 6pm? We have plans – H x

She quickly removed the card and placed it in her purse in case anybody seen it. She pressed her lips together and closed her eyes. She knew deep down that Harvey would be an amazing boyfriend, he wined and dined her constantly for the past 12 years and that's when they were just friends, but she didn't want him to have her so easy. She was going to play hard to get and show Harvey what he was really missing.


Harvey and Mike were both getting on with Mike's case, Harvey had found some valid points that the Junior Partner could use in court. Harvey was on his laptop researching the company on the other side of the case whilst Mike was reading over the by-laws. A new email popped up in the corner of his screen and he didn't realize the email address that was trying to contact him,

From: DP
Thanks for the flowers, they're amazing! But I've already made plans tonight.

In the decade they had been at Pearson Hardman, then Darby, then Specter and now Specter Litt, Donna had never had to email Harvey as she always worked for him. He didn't even know she had her own email address.

To: DP
Who do you have plans with? I'm sure what I have planned would be 1000x better.

Before he had a chance to exit the emails and get back to work she had emailed back already,

From: DP
Rachel, not that it's any of your business :) and I don't know, she makes an amazing Mediterranean style chicken

"Do you and Rachel have anything planned tonight?" Harvey quizzed the younger lawyer

Mike looked up from the papers in front of him "are you feeling okay? I don't think you've ever taking an interest in my personal life"

"Just making friendly conversation" Harvey responded

"We're going out for dinner tonight, we didn't get a chance over Christmas with everything that happened" he told his boss

Harvey didn't reply back to Mike, he had caught Donna out and he wanted her to know it

To: DP
Mike just informed me he's taking Rachel out for dinner tonight. My plans have changed; I'll get Ray to pick you up at your place at 7.


A laugh escaped her mouth when she read his latest reply, he was so arrogant but that's one of the things she loved about him.

It seems my plans have also changed. I've decided on a night in alone.

She no longer sent the email before another email appeared

From: HRS
I'll be at your place at 7pm. Now quit bothering me I have a lot of work to get through to ensure I get off work early.

She smiled and never replied to her last response. There was only so long she could play hard to get for, Harvey never stopped at anything until he got what he wanted.