A/N: This is what happens when I've been talking to my friend Celia…. ::scary music starts::

Yue quietly read in Clow's library. It was a very nice library. It was full of very interesting books and stories from all over the world.

Cerberus pawed into the library, looking for something to play with. He was extremely bored, so picked up a page of paper with his paw and batted it across the floor.

Yue heard the paper flitting around, but paid it no mind. He heard the rain outside. It pattered against the windows pleasantly.

Then, Cerberus found something new to play with. It was long and silvery and banded together with a slip of purple cloth. It was Yue's ponytail.

Cerberus pounced on Yue, and accidentally flung him outside in the rain. Cerberus stared into the rain. "Hey! Are you alright?!"

There came a grumbling sound. Suddenly, Cerberus ducked to avoid being skewered by icicles. "Oops…"

Yue pounced on Cerberus and they rolled on the floor, shooting various spells at the bookshelves.

Clow Reed sat in his living room. He suddenly heard a crash coming from the library. He walked up the stairs and he heard more sounds of a struggle.

He walked in and before his eyes; he saw books on the floor that were burnt to a crisp. He also saw various rare copies frozen solid. "Yue! Cerberus!"

"What!" Cerberus started. He was a few feet from Yue, who was still soaking wet.

"He started it!" growled Yue.

Cerberus turned into his energy saving form, Kero. "Hello master…."

Clow instantly smiled and patted Kero on his head. "You are so cute!"

"Cer…ber…us…." Came the extremely quiet warning tone of Yue.

Both Clow and Kero went sort of rigid and white. "Uh…." They started scooting for the door.

"What are you doing! Save me! You're the master!" cried Kero when He realized that Yue had somehow managed to close the door behind them.

"Let me get the cards!" Clow said frantically.

He pulled out the cards and held them out in front of him. "Please, for the love of me, save me!"

The cards gave him a blank stare and then turned their backs on him. "You made him, you deal with him!"

Yue glared at them both. "I'm wet…." He grumbled.

He dragged his hair behind him across the ground. Clow raised an eyebrow at him. "Maybe it's time you get a haircut, Yue…" he said with a nervous grin.

"No! I like my hair! Besides! It has its uses!" Yue cried, then he slapped Kero with it as Kero started laughing at Yue. "Shut up, Kero!" he snapped.

"And that's why Yue likes to keep his hair long…." said Kero to Sakura as he finished his story.

Suddenly, Kero was flung across the room by a slap on his face. Sakura looked up and saw Yue standing over her. He turned to Kero and snapped at him. "SHUT UP, KERO!"