Managers and wrestlers

Chapter 1: The First Match

It was now the day of the first match of wrestlemania and the match was just about to start. The match was Andre the giant vs Hulk Hogan. It was time for the match and it started off with the entrance of Andre the giant and the crowd was cheering really loudly to Andre the giant and then it was time for Hulk Hogan entrance and the crowd was cheering louder than Andre the giant crowd reaction.

The match started and Hulk Hogan started with a punch to Andre the giant.

Now Hulk had a finisher and he went up to Andre and quickly did it to him then he went for the pin and he only got a two count instead of a three count and the rule was in this match whoever losses has to retire from wrestling.

Andre the giant tried to do a comeback to win and it had a bit of success.

So now Andre had hardly any chance of success.

And now he was on the ground so Hulk went for the pin and he got a three count so now Andre the giant had to retire from wrestling.

So sorry that this chapter is really short but I wrote it late at night so I couldn't think of much.

This is the end of chapter 1.