Smack! That's the sound Ermac heard as Shao Kahn's club slammed right in his face. The next sound he heard was a thud, the sound he made when he had fallen. He got back up, but that was only met with another slam by Shao Kahn's club. Again, the warrior composed of many souls fell to the ground. Such brute force was only exhibited by the true former Emperor himself. Shao Kahn was ready to once again strike Ermac, but the ninja raised his hands in front of his face. Shao Kahn lowered his bat as he picked Ermac back up.

Ermac kneeled before his master, "We hadn't realized it was you, Shao Kahn. We are sorry" Kahn smirked, "All is forgiven, Ermac. Now tell me what's going on here."

Ermac explained, "Kotal Kahn sent us here to see how strong the forces of Edenia have been since your defeat led to its separation from Outworld. We had heard it had gotten bad, but this is most concerning."

Jade looked around until bumping into Ermac, "Sorry!" Ermac looked at her and raised his defenses. Shao Kahn calmed him down, "Hold on, Ermac. She's on our side."

Ermac questioned how that was possible, "But that doesn't make sense. She is our enemy…something isn't right here."

"Amnesia." Shao Kahn brushed it off as, but Ermac felt something was wrong, "No, no…there's something wrong with her. It's more than just amnesia. We can feel it."

Shao Kahn didn't even give it a second thought, "We have more pressing matters, Ermac…such as fixing this realm."

Jade looked around and asked, "Did I really live here? Doesn't seem so pleasant…" Ermac replied, "It has fallen without a leader. We must unite it as one once again."

Shao Kahn paced around the hillside they were on. When he could see past the horizon he could see how bad it really was. The once great Edenian palaces were now just piles of rubble. The peaceful villages became craters and even right now there in the distance the sounds of cannon fire could be heard.

Ermac looked at it, "It's funny how this happened. When you died, this realm wasn't even split."

"What happened?" Shao Kahn asked. Ermac answered, "A band of Edenian freedom fighters found a way to break Edenia away from Outworld. We could do nothing about it as without you, Outworld was in strife at the time. It had been for years until Kotal Kahn took over as our leader. Now we try to reclaim this realm!"

Shao Kahn scowled, "You mean they try to reclaim this realm, Ermac. You're on my side now."

Ermac then asked his boss one final question, "Are you proud of what your men have accomplished even with you gone?"

Shao Kahn laughed, "Of course! Now I get to take over Edenia again without anybody to stop me! They will have no choice but to accept me as their leader. Best of all is that I am able to escape every single 'bad' thing that I've ever done with this."

Jade looked at Edenia in awe. She gasped, "Wait I think I remember this place now. Yes, I remember. The Queen's palace is over there…at least it was." She pointed to a decrepit old temple. It was surprising that the temple still stood tall in this chaos but it didn't look so well. The walls were covered in vines, weeds, and the walls were dented. In front of it was a statue of King Jerrod. She squinted, "Wait, who's that guy?"

Shao Kahn stepped in front of her, blocking her view, "Believe me, it doesn't matter. We shall head to that palace! It will be the first place of conquest…"

The three 'heroes' slid down the hill's slope, finding themselves much closer to the older palace. Shao Kahn stepped down the hallowed, broken road to the palace with his two accomplices not much further behind. He looked upon the palace with great pride, "This is wonderful! They tried to separate from Outworld and they were torn apart by their own want of the realm…"

Jade looked at the palace with sorrow. She wanted to remember it more but something prevented her from doing so. She looked up to the statue that was now above them, but yet…nothing clicked. She looked for a plaque that maybe said who the statue was of, but she couldn't find anything.

Ermac was rather indifferent. He didn't feel anything for Edenia, whether it be joy or hatred. He was glad that Shao Kahn had arisen even if something inside him made him feel like he shouldn't. Before they could even express how they felt, they heard yelling from their left. Shao Kahn turned around, seeing an army of people charging at him.

He grinned at this opportunity to show off his power. He grabbed his club and charged straight into battle. The army shot their arrows, they tried to fight but Shao Kahn was too much. The thrill of the battle was well known to him more than any of them. Jade stared at their fighting with horror. She yelled, "Stop! There is no need to fight!" But nobody listened. Ermac soon got involved too as he either tossed soldiers away with his telekinesis or he just used his fists to get the job done.

Shao Kahn's grin soon turned into a psychotic smile that reached to each of his ears. It felt like he was reliving the battles of old…the battles before he was Emperor of Outworld. He soon grew so thrilled he threw his club away, deciding to fight the incoming forces with just his hands. The forces stood little chance against the warlord's onslaught. They decided that fighting a losing fight wasn't worth it, leading them to retreat. Shao Kahn taunted the running soldiers, "You will never win!"

Jade looked to Shao Kahn and the carnage surrounding him, "I don't think it was necessary to fight them…" Shao Kahn chortled at her pacifism, "Not fighting will get us nowhere! You used to be an assassin before your amnesia. Start acting like it."

Ermac whispered to his boss, "Do you wish for us to find a way to restore her memory?" Shao Kahn replied, "No." Jade tried listening in, but Shao Kahn began to march into the remains of the once great Edenian palace. Shao Kahn looked at the inside, which aside from some overgrowth and cracks it was in relatively good condition, "Those Edenians knew how to build a sturdy foundation I'll give them that."

Ermac felt something inside of him the more they ventured inside. This palace felt…familiar, even if it shouldn't have. Ermac asked Shao Kahn a question, "Have we been here before? It feels like we have been, our lord."

"You're just experiencing past memories." Shao Kahn replied halfheartedly, "Probably of some worthless guard who used to protect the king."

Jade turned to him, "What about the king? Were you not the ruler of this realm?" Shao Kahn gulped, "Well that was the king who preceded me. He was…killed by…" Shao Kahn started to think, he had to keep his façade up somehow, "he was killed by the Dragon King, Onaga."

Jade's doubt in the emperor only grew but she accepted that, "Alright…" Shao Kahn turned his attention to Ermac, who had disappeared. The emperor clenched his fist as he yelled, "Where did he venture off to?!" The green clad warrior to his side shrugged, "I don't know!" Shao Kahn then realized exactly where he'd go. He charged up the stairs of the tower, finding himself in a corridor. He was surrounded by doors, each one that could lead to Ermac. Almost instinctively he marched down the hall to the final door. He kicked it open, finally finding the soul composed ninja sitting in the throne of King Jarrod.

Ermac seemed relaxed sitting there, almost too relaxed. Shao Kahn pulled him out of the throne and onto the ground, "What do you think you're doing?"

"We just…felt the need to come here. We don't know why…" Ermac answered confusedly. Shao Kahn demanded that his servant to snap out of it, to which he obliged. Shao Kahn himself took the seat of King Jerrod with a large grin on his face. Jade walked in and she recognized this room, "This…this is the throne room."

She looked at Shao Kahn in the king's throne and felt something was off but couldn't quite put her finger on it. She looked at the adjoining throne, knowing that the queen should be there. She paced over to the empty throne, sighing longingly. Ermac turned to her, "Is something the matter?"

The forlorn woman shook her head, "I'm fine." Shao Kahn made himself comfortable in that new throne he claimed as his own. In his mind he heard the Elder Gods scolding him for attacking the Edenian army, "Shao Kahn! You attacked that army unprovoked! You dare disobey us?" Shao Kahn brushed them off, "Please. You cannot get anywhere without resorting to violence. These people cannot be controlled by words…they are controlled by fighting! Only the victor may calm them. I was only doing as I should."

"Your violence will only take you so far." The Elder Gods replied disappointedly, "If you kill them all, then what empire shall you rule over?"

Shao Kahn pondered this question for quite a while. He had pondered than he had ever pondered while in Edenia…but he didn't care, "If they do not accept my rule through violence then that is that. If they wish to die then so be it."

The Elder Gods weren't happy with this answer, "You have much to learn, Shao Kahn…" After that, they stopped communicating with him. Shao Kahn demanded to know why they remained silent. Soon after, he lost interest due to the elation he felt from sitting in a throne again. Once again, he was reminded of his days prior to becoming emperor…claiming the throne from the Dragon King was a feeling he thought he'd never relive again. Yet here he is, living that feeling once more. Though it was far from victory, Shao Kahn considered it enough for now.

As the Champion of the Elder Gods ruled over the hill of dirt that was Edenia, the rulers of the Netherrealm considered what to do now that Raiden seemed hellbent on keeping them out of Earthrealm.

Their answer came in the form of Noob Saibot, who walked into their throne room unannounced. Liu Kang stared down the specter, "Why is it that you enter our lair without caution? Have you a deathwish?"

"I have news that may come as a surprise." Noob replied unfazed by the Netherrealm's rulers, "Shao Kahn is back."

Kitana and her wicked consort's mouth went agape. Kitana slammed her fist against the armrest of her throne, "Impossible! You come here to only blabber on about lies?! I will have you thrown into a soulnado."

Noob laughed, "I've already been through one…and I came back. I've just been…watching from the sidelines through a good friend."

"Enough, I will have you taken away!" Liu Kang yelled as Enenra walked in, "Take this liar away, Enenra!"

Enenra stood next to Noob, "No can do, master." Noob pointed to the shadow beneath Enenra's feet, which seemed…to be controlling him, "He's my puppet now thanks to my shadow."

Liu Kang turned his attention to Enenra's 'shadow' and then to Noob, who lacked one. He was greatly angered by this turn of events, "You will release Enenra!" Noob paced around the room, Enenra copying his every move.

"No." Noob replied with a sense of smugness, "I am the leader of the Brotherhood of Shadow with Quan-Chi gone…I deserve this throne."

Kitana and Liu Kang chortled when he said that. Kitana talked down to him, "Is that so? Run along, then. We don't care."

She was hoping for an angered response, but Noob didn't give her the satisfaction, "You may be 10,000 years old, but it shows you are still a princess." She frowned at the mention of princess, "I am no princess! I am a queen now!" Liu Kang nodded, "And the Brotherhood of Shadow means nothing here anymore."

Noob shook his head, "And the Shaolin means nothing anywhere." The embittered ruler glared at the specter, "I am a Shaolin warrior no more, just as you are no longer Lin Kuei." Noob began his way out with Enenra following him, "Very well, but mark my words…Shao Kahn is back. I'm sure he'll be after you soon, I'm betting on it."

Kitana gave a concerned look to her lover, "Do you really believe him?" Liu Kang doubted it, "I felt something…but it isn't Shao Kahn. It can't be…unless the Elder Gods let him out."

"And not even they can be so foolish!" Kitana replied, feeling reassured about Shao Kahn's death. Liu Kang still reserved some belief in it, "…but we must have a back-up plan in case he is." They both thought on it…how could they beat Shao Kahn again? Of course, they'd have to use the revenants of the heroes who previously defeated him…minus Smoke, obviously.

"Gather the revenants!" Liu Kang demanded, "We will make sure that if Kahn is back, he won't be back for long." The queen got up from her chair, making her way to the wastelands of the Netherrealm, "They must be found."

Noob also had plans. He and his new henchman marched down the Netherrealm rather dramatically. As they did, more ninjas in all black outfits appeared beside them. They were fellow members of the Brotherhood. Soon there was a veritable group of them marching down the brimstone road.

"I have a plan…" Noob began, "I will go to Earthrealm and find Sub-Zero. With myself and Enenra, perhaps I can have him join us…"

Noob turned to his fellow Brotherhood members, whom he referred to as brothers, "Brothers, to help with the conquering of the Netherrealm, we must gather an army! Find as many Oni as possible…enslave them. Crack out the whips if need be! This realm will belong to who it rightfully belongs to instead of some stuck up princess and Shaolin warrior! We will reclaim our home!"

The Brotherhood cheered, and even various other denizens cheered too! They felt that unwitting revenants were not fit for the role of ruling the Netherrealm. Noob absorbed the attention he got, accepting it. The grin beneath his mask grew ever wider the more attention he was given. He motioned to Enenra, "Let's move on to Earthrealm, Enenra. Let us visit my brother…"

Noob's brother kept himself busy at the LinKuei temple as he was meditating with Hanzo Hasashi, otherwise known as Scorpion. Though they had once been rivals, they have since made amends with each other. Hanzo got up from the meditation, "I'm going to check the parameters, see if there's anything…wrong. I've got a sore feeling."

Kuai nodded at his friend, "Do as you will. You are welcome to explore the temple if you wish." Scorpion took off out of the rather empty room. Sub-Zero then noticed something in the doorway after Hanzo left. He squinted while noting the pure white eyes of what otherwise appeared to be an inky shadow. He finally recognized who this visitor was, "Brother?!"

Noob let himself in, "That's right." Sub-Zero couldn't believe it, "You…you died in the Soulnado! I saw you get sucked in!"

"As if that would keep me down…" Noob replied, snapping his fingers. As if on cue, another figure stepped in…a figure Sub-Zero would quickly recognize, "Smoke?!" Noob waggled his finger, "Not exactly…he goes by Enenra now. At least he would if he were still in control of himself.." Enenra stood by Noob with his arms crossed. Kuai looked in shock at his former friend, "What did you do to him?!"

Noob slowly walked over to his brother, "Saibot is merely possessing him, the rest is what happens when you're a revenant." The icy Lin Kuei stepped back from his brother until he stepped into a wall. Noob was right up to his sibling's face now, "I have an offer, Kuai. Perhaps you'd like to join me…"

"I would never join you!" Sub-Zero rejected without even letting his dear 'brother' finish. Nobb grabbed him by the neck, "You don't have a choice. We can finally be one as family just as you wanted…" Kuai slammed his hands into Bi-Han's chest, breaking free of the specter's grasp, "You are no longer family to me!"

A portal opened just behind Noob, "Then I will take you by force!" Sub-Zero froze Bi-Han, but he wasn't prepared for Enenra, who shoved him into the portal. Noob broke out of the ice and walked into the portal.

Hanzo walked in on this fight with literal fire burning in his eyes. Soon the flames consumed him entirely. When he stepped out he was fully decked out in Shirai-Ryu gear, including the classic hood and mask. He shot a spear at Noob, but narrowly missed. The former Sub-Zero motioned to Enenra, and then to Scorpion, "Take care of him."

Enenra nodded. Noob disappeared with Sub-Zero, leaving only the corrupted Lin Kuei and the last Shirai-Ryu. Scorpion pulled the swords from his scabbards as Enenra got ready to charge. They both stared each other down for a solid minute until Enenra went after the specter with fog filled fury. Scorpion too ran towards his newfound enemy.

His swords clashed against Enenra's gauntlets, which acted as a shield against the blade. He pulled back before teleporting behind him. He kicked him from behind, cracking Enenra's skull. Enenra went down to the ground. Scorpion was ready to finish him, but Enenra tripped the specter up. He pulled himself off of the ground, standing over Scorpion. Scorpion threw his kunai while yelling, "GET OVER HERE!" The kunai went straight into the left side of Enenra's torse. He gasped in agony, but before he could react much more Scorpion already pulled him over. The shadow that was controlling Enenra reached out and grabbed Scorpion's leg.

He was taken aback by this sudden move, so much so that he struggled getting out. Enenra fell to the ground. He was lifeless without that shadow. Soon Saibot reconnected itself with Enenra, causing him to revive. Scorpion shook his head as he got back up. When he regained his composure, he found that Enenra along with Saibot had vanished.

He looked around the empty chamber, hoping to find the coward but he saw nothing. He punched the wall of the chamber, leaving a dent. He then saw this as a new opportunity to pay Sub-Zero back for forgiving him. He'd have to travel the Netherrealm himself to find the younger Sub-Zero…and then find the older Sub-Zero for revenge.

He sliced his sword against the ground, opening a rift to the hellish depths of the Netherrealm. He hopped in without hesitation. The Netherrealm may've been dangerous, but Scorpion's power grew the longer he was in there. He will certainly kill Noob again should he get the chance…

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