The Hymn of Jirachi

O Maker of Every Wish, long have you slept!

The sun reaches its zenith for the thousandth time

You wake and the light is so good!


Shall I tell you of the wonders you have missed?

When first you closed your eye (1) there was chaos

Now see how the cosmos has order! (2)


What shall I ask of you, Miracle-worker?

The moon makes every rock into a diamond

I have no further wish for you to grant! (3)


(1) Though this seems to be an error of number, we follow tradition in keeping the singular eye. Since no one in recent history has seen Jirachi, it is not unreasonable to think that she has only one eye.

(2) Order is a unifying message in the Theogony. The transformation of the cosmos from chaos to order ties together the various creation myths.

(3) Though much of the Theogony is concerned with disaster, the Theogony's end takes on a joyful and celebratory note. This contrasts greatly with the fatalistic bent of "The Tablet", the Kalosian chant to the death god Yveltal and the bellicose message of "Warring", the Unovan epic poem that details the battle of the two brothers that formed Unova. In the Theogony, order and life triumph.