The more curious Alice got about missing Mister Caterpillar and the Pansy singers, the further she and Dinah have to wander through giant towering leaves with only little light all around. It seemed to take forever for her and poor Dinah to venture out of this heavy forest which surrounded them on all sides.

"Oh, this is going to last forever unless we find a way, Dinah..." Alice lamented pushing up and to the side another huge thick and burdensome leaf from blocking and sticking to her face and preventing her from seeing ahead, which was yet another long trail of annoying foliage. "Why did these things grow so fast? This is more than what I would expect..."

Finally, Alice decided to hop up and climb unto one of the stems, grabbing Dinah tight with one hand. However, the plant could voluntarily swing on its own and with one strong bend, the stem sent Alice and Dinah flying a distance as they lost grip and was flung through the air.

Startled, Alice did her best to hold on to Dinah and shut her eyes bracing against the force. Yet, in a flash, she could feel herself brushing over something feathery and cool. She could tell that Dinah was still locked securely against her chest, which relieved her. Squinting her eyes open, it surprised her to find out they were resting on a giant floating iceflake. Patting Dinah and glancing around, they were indeed floating in midair and those forest of leaves were far below them already.

A little smile crept onto her face, "Look at how we've escaped, Dinah dear! Honestly, there are now so much more of those nasty leaves around than I could remember." She then pointed out, " that Tower where we left Madam Guardian!"

Dinah rubbed her eyes and Alice lifted her a little to show her the view more clearly. "Oh, thank you, Mister Snowflake...and your friends as well!" Alice uttered delightfully. With the breezy wind blowing through her hair, Alice was enjoying the ride with Dinah in her arms. Then Dinah was taking pleasure of the wonder tour as well, feeling all the more curious like her owner and playfully giving one of the pointed edges of the giant snowflake a slight turn with her paws, only to send it abruptly spinning so quickly and uncontrollably including Alice and her at the same time. The overwhelming and somewhat awfully dizzy experience led Alice to take out her lifesaving locket due to last minute desperation and threw it down while she held on firmly to one of its ends. The long chain of the locket was able to draw the snowflake and the two of them down lower and lower from the heights until the flake stopped spinning and they descended on a small circle of patch of emerald grass where a greater amount of light from above could befall unto this little cleared area.