Flames of Resolve started as something of a vague idea. What would happen if…? I never would have imagined how many people would come to love this story. Your support has blown me away! Still, I have been thinking for a while about the plot of this story. Until now, I made things up as I went along, but I was never very happy with the first chapters… Don't shoot me, but for what I have in mind, the beginning it has now just didn't fit… I've been thinking hard and thought if I just rewrote the beginning the problem would be solved, but… It didn't, because other parts didn't fit anymore.

I've been working on this rewrite since the last chapter of this story has been posted. I already have done a lot of work. The first few chapters are done and updates will be regular until at least the summer. The first chapter will be posted today, so please go see what I did and let me know what you think.

Thank you for all your patience and I hope you guys won't want to shoot me for this ^^'