Rolling the ball of his tongue bar nervously in random patterns across the roof of his mouth Tetsurou makes his way towards the library at a brisk pace. He's excited and more than a little anxious; which, as a typically calm confident person, is rather telling. Not that he needs reminding of how important this is – his nerves certainly don't need the extra tension – but the way his body and mind are reacting to this situation is confirming things he wishes not to think about at present.

Tsukishima Kei is important to him. Incredibly so.

In such a short period of time – eleven days but who's counting – what started as a rather nice picture of a dinosaur-print clad arse on his phone one morning has turned into something Tetsurou's certain he doesn't want to lose. Ever. He feels like he's met his counterpart; a person who understands him and balances him. Someone special he thought he'd be waiting years to get to meet. So, here he is, approaching the building with said person inside.

Tsukishima Kei.

The phone in his hand vibrates and starts meowing his familiar ringtone. Knowing already who is calling he swipes his finger across the screen and raises it to his ear.


"What the fuck are you on, bro?" Bokuto's adorably confused voice comes through the phone.

"I need you to not be here right now. Or at least be in a different section of the library. Far, far from Tsukki."

"What are you talking about? Are you getting like territorial or something? Because I'm very happy with Keiji no matter how pretty Tsukki is, you really don't have to worry-"

"No, you idiot," Tetsurou chuckles imagining the scrunched expression his best friend is making. "I'm meeting him today. I'm outside right now."

"Oh my God, serious? Bro, that's awesome! Finally!" Bokuto squawks loudly and shushing can be heard in the background. How Bokuto hasn't been banned from the place he will never know. "Wait, why don't you want me there?"

"I just need to meet Tsukki alone, y'know?" He says, hoping his best friend understands because he really doesn't want to talk about his nervousness right now. "Just do what you're told, don't make me call Akaashi."

Bokuto whines loudly. "Fiiiine. But I want details after! All of them."

"Of course dude!"

"Are you nervous? I remember my first couple of dates with Keiji, I was a fuckin' mess."

"I'm pacing out the front of the library and people are staring at me, what do you think?"

"Shit bro, be strong! He's on the second level where Keiji and I usually study."

"Thanks man, I'll talk to you later."

"Good luck!" Bokuto all but yells into the phone before Tetsurou can hang up. Luckily the phone was away from his ear.

With a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth Tetsurou shakes his head and opens the message window with Kei.

[11:01] me
is he gone

[11:01] kei~~
Yes and he winked at me on the way. Rather disturbing.

Tetsurou's mouth pulls tighter, into a broad grin, as he reads the message. Trust Bokuto to inadvertently lighten his mood. Best wingman ever.

Sucking in a deep breathe Tetsurou stuffs his phone back into his jacket pocket – along with both his hands – and enters the large modern library building. On most weekdays the university's library is a busy place, packed full of young adult bodies attempting to concentrate in the forced quiet. Tetsurou's never understood the need for silence when it comes to his studies but he knows many who prefer it away from the distractions of the home environment. Today, however, there are fewer people.

His sharp eyes move over the students sitting with heads bent over desks when he reaches the second floor. His gaze moves to where Bokuto informed him Kei is and he spots a head of soft wavy blond hair facing away from him. Heart jumping off-beat in his chest Tetsurou forces his legs to move forward.

As he gets closer he notices the soft pale skin of Kei's long elegant neck and his long legs stretched out underneath the table. He's wearing a white button up under a black sweater, blue jeans and white Adidas originals, and there is a brown overcoat hanging over the back of his seat next to his messenger bag. His sleeves are rolled up as he leans over the book open on the desk in front of him.

Shit, shit, shit, Tetsurou thinks. Why does he have to be so damn attractive?

Taking another deep breath Tetsurou walks around the table the blond's sitting at, discerning the black frames of Kei's glasses out the corner of his eye before taking a seat.

You can do this Tetsurou.

The page in front of him varies in levels of blur as Kei gazes down at it but doesn't really see it, and certainly doesn't read it. How can he? His heart is galloping against his ribcage and his thoughts are swimming with images of messy black hair, inelegant yet sweet text messages and a mischievous voice that's far too smooth. He wonders about the effects of said voice along with that startlingly disarming grin; the result can be nothing good.

Kei glances down at his phone once more, barely moving his hand to turn the display back on and unsurprisingly finding no new messages. Hopefully he can effectively maintain his outward appearance of indifference it in Tetsurou's presence. Yeah right, he thinks cynically.

You can do this Kei.

Around the thick black arm of his glasses he notices movement in his periphery and Kei's body stiffens as someone slumps down casually into the seat across from him. It takes all his willpower not to look up. He's never met Tetsurou but he can just feel it, feel his presence. It sends his heart stuttering.

"Yo, dino butt," a familiar smooth voice says.

The corner of Kei's lip curls involuntarily and he's suddenly extremely glad he's looking down.

"You're late," he drawls in response.

There is a pause. "Yeah, sorry, had to deal with a dumb owl… Must be an interesting textbook."

He can hear the impatience in Tetsurou's voice, the nervous edge to his tone and it settles his own nerves some. At least I'm not the only one. Slowly Kei lifts his head, just enough to glance up at Tetsurou over the top of his glasses and the first thing he sees is Tetsurou's tight smile falter and fall as their gazes meet for the first time. Straightening in his chair Kei regards the attractive man across from him, fighting to keep his expression passive.

Tetsurou looks exactly the same as he does in the pictures. Considering the fact that Kei has been ogling said pictures all week he should be pretty much immune to the sheer attractiveness that is Kuroo Tetsurou. Pictures, however, do not do justice to the pure magnetism of his presence.

Holy shit.

"Shit…" Tetsurou breathes.

Rich amber eyes observe him with fascination that sends goosebumps prickling across his skin like phantom fingertips. Tetsurou's jet black hair is as unkempt as ever, the way Kei likes it. His hands are tucked into the pockets of his black leather jacket and underneath he's wearing his red zip-up hoodie – the one Kei likes – and a white t-shirt. He's slouched back in his chair, dark bangs covering almost half his face.

"I… Uh," Tetsurou clears his throat, a small nervous smile curling his lips. "Hi."

Kei can't help but smile because, I'm making Kuroo Tetsurou nervous. "Hello Tetsurou."

He stares for a silent moment and then groans, planting his head on the desk to hide his face. "Tsukki, don't!"

"And here I thought you were supposed to be the confident, unflustered one," Kei chuckles.

"I usually am… It's just… You. You make me stupid Tsukki."

His eyes widen at that, heat rising to his face because now apparently it's his turn. Kei remembers the words, it's not the first time Tetsurou's spoken them to him. Tetsurou turns his head just in time to see the blush on Kei's pale cheeks and clearly sees an opportunity to make it worse.

"Akaashi was right though," Tetsurou says, lifting his head, leaning his elbows on the desk. "You're incredibly attractive Tsukishima Kei."

Teeth clench together as Kei fights against the smile that threatens to accompany his embarrassing blushing. How can Tetsurou recover so damn quickly? Now he's grinning, far too pleased with himself and it would be a lie to say it isn't breathtaking. Kei can already hear the purr on Tetsurou's mouth of how 'cute' he looks blushing.

"Can you not?" Kei manages to grind out.

He chuckles. "Yeah, we should probably stop fucking with each other… In public," Tetsurou winks because apparently his suggestive tone isn't convincing enough of his playfulness. "This was a bad idea on my part, forgot how many people there always are here even on quieter days. Want to get out of here?"

Kei simply raises an eyebrow at this proposition, which immediately makes Tetsurou worry.

"N-No! No, I didn't mean like that," he says, shaking his head far too vigorously. "I was just—There's a park nearby and there are less people and less need to be quiet and… This is all sounding a lot worse than I mean it to."

"It's okay, I get it. Trust, remember?"

Tetsurou's face slowly breaks into a genuinely happy smile. "So you trust me now Tsukki?"

Shrugging nonchalantly Kei packs his books into his bag and unfolds himself from the chair, rolling his stiff shoulders as he stands. Tetsurou stands with him and he can't help but notice the black skinny jeans that cling sinfully to muscular legs, and the bright red Converse hi-tops on his feet. His eyes roam Tetsurou's body and Kei notices the way his clothes tighten across his shoulders and chest; in all the right places.

Turning abruptly from the dark haired man – who's grinning because he clearly caught Kei ogling – Kei pulls his coat on and slings his messenger bag over his shoulder, making his way down the stairs without making sure Tetsurou's following. He knows he is though. He can feel the practically predatory eyes on him. When they exit the library Kei slows so that Tetsurou can lead the way to this park.

"Which park?" Kei asks, mostly for something to say. There is a surprisingly comfortable silence between them as they walk but he really wants to hear Tetsurou's voice.

"Just the one across from the sports centre. It's very tree-y, private and… This also sounds creepy."

"I trust you," he responds with certainty. Kei's uncertain when it happened but it's true.

Tetsurou smiles at him again but Kei avoids looking at him, avidly. If expressionless Kuroo Tetsurou is ridiculously attractive then smiling Kuroo Tetsurou is practically mesmerising. It's very much not fair. Kei grips at the strap of his messenger bag because no matter how confident his words are spoken he's crumbling inside. His façade is probably weak at this point but at least it's still there.

"What class did you have this morning?" Tetsurou asks, his voice more casual and relaxed.

"Uh a history class, we're studying World War II," he explains, speaking about his beloved topic soothing him. "One of my favourite time periods. Which sounds horrible considering what happened but… It's fascinating."

"And here I would have thought your favourite time period would be the Jurassic period."

"Dinosaurs lived for millions of years across multiple periods, not just the Jurassic period. They existed throughout the Mesozoic Era," Kei corrects, seeing and ignoring the smirk Tetsurou's giving him. "And again, not studying palaeontology; History, human History."

"What's your favourite dinosaur?"

"Stop," he groans.

"What?" Tetsurou questions, raising his arms defensively but still grinning. "I'm curious! Honest. I'm not teasing you."

"You're always teasing me."

"This is true. You're pretty fun to tease Tsukki. But this one I honestly really want to know. I like that you like dinosaurs, it's-"

"Cute, yeah, I get it," Kei sighs and rolls his eyes. "Fine. My favourite is the Ankylosaurus. They're of the suborder Thyreophora or the "shield bearers". I like the protective armour across their back, it's…"

"Cool," Tetsurou supplies and surprisingly there isn't a hint of humour in his voice. "Seems like you to like the idea of being protected. Guarded."

Biting his lip he glances at Tetsurou from the corner of his eye and finds the dark haired man's eyes trailed on the ground, a fond smile curling his mouth sweetly. It does not make Kei's heart flutter in his chest knowing that Tetsurou knows him so well and likes that he knows him so well. Noticing the silence Tetsurou glances up at him.

"What? I like listening to you talk about it."

Kei swallows, moving his gaze back to the park they're now entering. "I assume you'd only have a favourite based on Jurassic Park. Probably the Tyrannosaurus Rex."

"Nah, too big and dumb. I like the Velociraptor or those spitting ones; they're sneaky fuckers."

"Dilophosaurus. Grossly misinterpreted in the movie. Perhaps the most misinterpreted."

"Good to know."

"You're never going to stop asking me about dinosaurs are you?" Kei questions.

Tetsurou chuckles. "Probably not. Never know when that shit could come in handy in court."

They've entered the park, it's rather pleasant and as quiet as Tetsurou said. Paths cut through thick patches of trees and as they stroll leisurely down a random one they're quickly enclosed in the privacy of nature, hidden from the few people that are here. As soon as they are Tetsurou nudges Kei in the arm and offers his hand, his rich amber eyes flickering over Kei's hands that are ringing at the strap of his bag.

Stopping in his tracks – Tetsurou following suit beside him – Kei gapes at him wide eyed. Instead of offering any kind of explanation Tetsurou takes advantage of his stunned state and reaches for his hand that has loosened its grip. Their fingers lace together, fitting perfectly, and all Kei can do is stare at the smile softening Tetsurou's attractive face.

"I come jogging through here sometimes," Tetsurou says conversationally as if nothing has changed and continues on down the path, pulling Kei after him. "There is this hidden park bench, no idea why or who thought it was a good place to put one, but I go there to chill sometimes after swimming or to study."

He's honestly way too shocked right now to even contemplate a response. All this mind can focus on is the warmth of Tetsurou's hands and the comforting firmness of his strong grip. His heart is certainly getting a workout today.

It doesn't take long to get to said park bench that is indeed in an odd place off the main path and hidden around the corner of a thick row of trees and bushes. Tetsurou leads them to the bench and let's go of Kei's hand before sitting down. Kei sits more slowly, keeping distance between them, and shrugs off his bag, placing it by his foot.

"So, am I what you imagined?" Tetsurou questions, turning to face him, sitting sideways with a long leg folded underneath him.

"Your hair really is crazy," Kei deadpans.

Of course Tetsurou starts laughing and it's really nice to watch, he can't help but smile himself. He doesn't usually smile this much.

"And here I thought we'd established this. I honestly cannot fix it," Tetsurou laments, pouting dramatically as he runs his fingers through it. "I have tried so much that I just gave up. It's a lost cause."

"I like it."

"You didn't answer my question though."

"You're, um, pretty much what I expected," Kei answers.


"But you're more… intimidating."

"Me? I'm intimidating?" Tetsurou questions, incredulous. "Have you looked in a mirror lately mister perpetually-impassive?"

Kei drops his gaze to his hands, all too aware of how he comes across. "That's true."

"And yet so extraordinarily beautiful."

Without Kei noticing Tetsurou's shuffled closer so when Kei gazes up at him hastily he's surprised by how close their faces are. Immediately Tetsurou's eyes flicker down to Kei's lips and in that one movement heat spreads through his body. Leaning in instinctively Tetsurou seems to forcibly stop himself, eyes moving back up to meet Kei's in an uncharacteristic display of self-control. Tetsurou never struck him as someone with restraint and in the short period of time they've spent together that intensity Tetsurou had told him about is difficult to miss. It feels important that he's stopping himself from simply taking what he wants.

"Can I?" Tetsurou asks, his voice low and seductive but the question is genuine.

Instead of answering – because words, even a simple 'yes' or 'no', are failing him – Kei leans forward, closing the distance, and closes his eyes as their mouths press together. Fingers quickly find his cheek, cupping his face as Tetsurou tilts his head to get a better angle. The kiss is soft and slow, tongues sliding experimentally – but innocently – over lips. It feels… Magical. Which Kei didn't realise was even a word in his vocabulary.

Tetsurou hums contentedly as he unhurriedly pulls away from Kei's mouth, his thumb caressing Kei's cheekbone with more affection than he's ever felt in his entire life, let alone a single touch. Breathing heavily against Tetsurou's mouth Kei's fairly certain his heart will never beat steadily again. Slowly he opens his eyes to see a blissful smile curling Tetsurou's mouth that, if Kei had his breath in the first place, would take it away.

"Remind me to thank your not-friends," Tetsurou murmurs.

Kei smiles uninhibited. "They don't deserve it."

"Right, I'll just have to thank your worship worthy arse then."

"Maybe later."

"Definitely later."

"Wow four years together, that's impressive. How did you meet?"

"We went to the same University and met on campus. Tetsurou's best friend was-"

"Kei's not-friends played a prank on him when he was passed out drunk and sent a picture of his arse to half his contact list which coincidentally included me because I knew one of his friends who had saved my number to Kei's phone. He has a nice arse so of course I started texting him."


"What babe? It's true."

A/N: I cannot believe this is over :( I had so much fun writing this! I genuinely love these two boys so much; separately they are my favourite characters and together they are my favourite ship (of all time). This will certainly not be the last time I write them (already started my LONG slow burn chaptered fic for them as my fanfic project of the year - and probably longer - and really excited to get further into it).

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