This wasn't exactly going to plan!

Eve knew there was always a chance that in the midst of the chaos, that one of them would make a break for it with the explosive package. The initial plan had now gone out the window as soon as it had turned into a firefight. A fire fight of this magnitude had always been the cards, a variable that had come into play the moment the first shot had been fired. A protective switch in her mind had been triggered as Eve fought for her men, fought for her own survival. It's what she had always done as in the end, Eve knew that she had only herself to rely on.

She had long since cast aside the very notion of ever receiving a soul-mark, the very sign of possess a perfect opposite somewhere, waiting for her out there, somewhere in the world. Eve Baird had fallen into the small one percent of the population that would never have the mark, science had deemed that they were missing a key part within their very DNA to allow the magic to seep into their vein and manifest the words upon their flesh. Eve pushed the thoughts back down, this was not the time nor place for thoughts on impossibilities. She would one day, in the far future find someone to love and cherish, she didn't need some biological side effects to dictate her path. She would make her own choices, fate or destiny was hogwash and would play no part in her life.

With her gun raised both was a defensive shield and a ready form of aggression if she needed it, Eve gave chase through the derelict warehouse, going deeper and deeper in. She came to a sudden stop, her head turned left then right trying to catch sight of the two men, the two men who run off with the black duffel bag. She needed to get that bag, needed to disarm that godforsaken bomb before it went off. It could easily cause more harm, loss of innocent life with the push of a button and the soldier, the protector of life in Eve would never allow that to simply occur under her watch.

'Goddamn' Eve cursed inwardly, her eyes continued to frantically search for the two men trying to escape from her and her loyal team. Her gaze dropped downwards to the tunnel below. Her gaze caught sight of the two rushing along on the level below, this was her moment. They were not getting away from her, Colonel Eve Baird. She was not going to fail. Raising her gun higher, lining up the sight to gain a good shot to try and incapacitate either one of them. Eve rushed forward, keeping her pistol high in front of her as she ran after the pair.

A good shot seemed unlikely, the distance between them and her wasn't enough. It would be a struggle to fire well whilst on the move, with Eve up high and the terrorists down below, behind her. All she could do was watch them get away from her position. Eve couldn't help but feel frustrated, this situation was far from an ideal one. There was only one option left in such circumstances. She quickly surveyed her surroundings, making sure that this would pay off without any form of injury on her end.

'This is it' She said to herself, readying herself as she threw her arms backwards, propelling herself forward and down. Eve jumped down the wide gap, that acted as tunnel for the men to escape.

Adrenaline rushed through her, she flew through the air. How could she not feel excited at this moment as she plummeted down the ten or so feet to the ground below. In these moments, she remembered why she loved this job. The excitement of ensuring that she got the terrorist before it was too late. Her boot clad feet hit the concrete ground below, her knee bend trying to soften her landing. Her arms fell to her sides as she momentarily recovered from the descent.

It didn't take her more than a few seconds to collect herself, raising the gun back up as she resumed the chase. Her eyes darted ahead, taking in the position of her targets. Just a few feet ahead of her, they had started to slow down trying to be careful with the deadly package that one of them carried. She bobbed and weaved around the corner and down the corridor that they had just taken. She was getting closer to their position with every stride.

Eve darted around the corner, noticing that they had come to stop. One of the men was hunched over in front of the other, who had opened the bag with the bomb inside. This was her moment.

"FREEZE!" She commanded, her gun pointed directly at the men in front of her. She dared to hope that they would listen now. "Drop your weapons" Eve continued , never changing her stance. Her eyes fixed upon the pair as they both raised their arms in surrender. This was what she had been hoping they would do, step away from the device and give up with any further signs of a confrontation. Eve hadn't noticed that the man upon the ground had pushed a few buttons upon the device. She had missed the beeping of the device being activated. She had been caught up in the heat of the moment.

She stepped forward, closing the gap between them and her. "We surrender" the darker haired of the pair spoke, holding his hands peacefully out to her to show that he held no weapons in his hands. Making it clear that he wasn't going to reach for the rifle strapped to his back. "Lower your gun" He continued to speak, pleading with her.

"Put your weapon down" She answering, knowing that if she had been the first to lower her own weapon, that left her wide open to quick burst attacks. She wasn't going to shot today. The dark haired terrorist reacted first, he quickly removed his weapon slowly lowering it to the ground, as his friend remained with his hands in the air beside him.

Eve once more stepped forward, speaking into the radio attached to shoulder, her gun remained fixed in the two men's direction. It still wasn't safe enough to lower her guard just yet. "Hawkins, I need background" She clearly said, knowing that in order to truly secure the package and to detain these two men that she needed assistance. "HAWKINS" She shouted in the radio when she received no reply, only white noise. Had they not received her message? Could they not hear her? Was she out of range? This wasn't good.

Eve's eyes glanced down at the bag, then she saw it. The bomb had been activated, the countdown had already begun. The situation had turned dire. Her gaze shot back up, staring in the eyes of the two men before her. "Why?" She questioned, trying to understand why they had decided to trigger this off. Knowing where it would lead. There was no good outcome for each of them now. "Why is that beeping?" Once more she questioned them, this time more forcefully.

In the midst of the tension, the sound of faint tapping could be heard, intermingling with the muffled voice of a man. Eve turned her head in the direction that all this was coming, as did the two men confused by this sudden noise.

"Nope that's not it, where's the steam vents?" The voice said, echoing around. It was hard to pinpoint exactly where this new individual was. " Nazis are always mad about steam vents" It continued to speak, further confusing the three of them until the circular door of the heating was thrown open from within revealing a brown haired man that Eve had never seen before. Not that she could get much of a look at him as he tumbled forward, out of the vent. His face colliding with concrete below with large thump. She turned her body towards him, turning her gun away from the terrorist and now in the direction of this strange man.

Her day was getting weirder and weirder with every passing moment

With each step took Claudia closer to where she unknowingly belonged, the library. A home that she didn't know that she was looking for. She had no idea where she was headed, always looking over her shoulder fearful of being discovered by those who hunted her. They hunted her with conviction, purposely searched high and low for her but she couldn't understand why. What had she ever done to elicit such a manhunt.

Once they had come close to trying to take her life back in Professor Walker's office four months ago. She had struggled through, the thought of you will survive rushing through her mind, that was her primary objective. For now all she could do was try and survive by remaining hidden, using the shadows but one day Claudia knew that she would have to stray back out in the light.

If she were to be discovered, well the consequences of what might befall her were simply something that she didn't dare dwell upon. On top of the already alarming suspicion that she was the prime suspect in the disappearance of her own boss. The older woman still hadn't been located after all this time. The last that she had heard when passing by an electronic store, late at night that the police had begun to believe that there was something more sinister than a simple missing persons.

She had not dared to even consider talking to police, knowing that they would not likely believe her words. Who would listen to her? With a story that sounded much like a plot of one of the many thriller/mystery novels that littered many a shelf in libraries and homes of keen readers.

An assassin, a strange unknown woman had been inside the professor's office lying in wait for her. A mousey nobody. More likely than not, the police would think that she of all people was hiding something, that she had been the one behind all of this madness. However, more importantly, even if they did believe her. Claudia doubted that the police would be able to keep her safe.

No-one could. These people had found her once, gotten close. Far too close for her liking and almost ended her life. Without any reason, it was nothing short of senseless. This is what her life had become since that day. Senseless, with her wandering from place to place trying to stay alive.