One sunny day in the Embassy Suites at Castelia City, Genesect plans to hang out with Hoopa. "Well folks, I'm off to the Kalos Mythical Pokémon's stateroom to hang out with Hoopa." Announced Genesect. He leaves the Unova Mythical Pokémon's stateroom to go next door to the Kalos Mythical Pokémon's stateroom.

As Genesect visits to the room, he is surprised about something that he never saw before. Hoopa is playing "Spyro The Dragon" on the original Playstation console. "Wow, where did you get that retro console from?" Asked Genesect. "Acutally, I got that from R.U. Game? on Castelia City." Explained Hoopa. "Do you want to watch me play, Genesect." "Sure." Genesect sits on the couch while Hoopa plays "Spyro The Dragon." 30 minutes later, Genesect is thinking about playing "Crash Team Racing" with Hoopa together. There is only one controller for the original Playstation that Hoopa is using; the original Playstation controller, without the dualshock analogs. Luckily, Genesect brought his own dualshock controller from the redesigned Playstation 1. He sets up the game "Crash Team Racing" for Hoopa. "Thanks, Genesect. You are so helpful." Complimented Hoopa. In the player 1 socket, the original d pad Playstation controller is plugged in while the player 2 socket has the dualshock controller plugged in.

All of a sudden, before playing the game; the radio sets off an alert. "The national weather service in Nimbassa City, has issued a severe thunderstorm warning for; south of Unova, Castelia City until 12:30 pm ET." Alerted the EAS on the radio. The clouds of the tremendous thunderstorm is a night sky when it builds up on the horizon. Lightning strikes on the antenna of the Embassy Suites. Before that, the Sony Computer Entertainment logo boots up. The electricity streaks through the wires. Before the screen fades out for the Playstation logo to appear, it electrocutes the console that the personified fear sound startles everyone. The power was out as well. "Hoopa was surprised." Shuddered Hoopa. A blue vortex on the television screen appears after the Playstation gets shorted out by a thunderstorm sucking Genesect to the screen. Hoopa's eyes were tiny as a pencil dot when he was very shocked about Genesect being trapped inside Hoopa's Playstation. "This isn't 'Poltergiest...'" Commented Volcanion.

Keldeo, Meloetta, and Victini ring the doorbell on the Kalos Mythical Pokémon's stateroom. "Come in." Answered Diancie. She opens the door for the three of them. Meloetta in a worried expression is looking for Genesect in the entire stateroom. "I'm worried about him, what happened to Genesect?" Whimpered Meloetta. "Oh nothing, it's just Genesect getting sucked into the television after the lighting strikes to the entire Embassy Suites' antenna that caused my Playstation to short out and the power went out." Explained Hoopa. "Oh no, poor old Genesect is lost inside the Playstation forever." Sobbed Meloetta.

"There there, everything will be ok." Hoopa comforts Meloetta by hugging her, then he gets off gently. "There has to be another way to power up the Playstation... Unless, I can summon a Pikachu with my ring portal." "Great idea, Hoopa." Agreed Diancie. "Watch this, Alléhooparing!" Hoopa grabs his ring on the left horn that he tosses it into the air; a portal in the ring summons a Pikachu. "This is perfect; we can use Pikachu as a power source to power up the television and the Playstation." Said Victini. Hoopa then disables the portal from the ring and places it back on his left horn. Pikachu places the television's power plug to its left cheek while it places the Playstation's power plug to the right cheek. Its cheeks begin to spark that the television and the Playstation powers on. "Hooray it works!" Exclaimed Hoopa for joy.

Meloetta sees Genesect via the tv while he is in the middle of the Sony Computer Entertainment logo before the console starts up. "GET ME OUTTA HERE!" Cried Genesect. "Be careful Genesect, things might get glitchy around here." Cautioned Meloetta. The Playstation could not read the disc because the "Crash Team Racing" disc was badly damaged due to the lightning strike. "Victini, you go get a new disc for 'Crash Team Racing' while I get the game 'Spyro The Dragon' to start up on my Playstation." Suggested Hoopa. "Got it." Replied Victini. Hoopa switches the broken disc to "Spyro the Dragon" into the Playstation. Then, he presses the reset button as he inserts the disc. On the same time he presses the reset button, a brief second of Genesect getting glitchy quickly showed on the tv. "What was that?" Questioned Hoopa. The console safely reboots and loads the game successfully. When the game "Spyro The Dragon" starts, Gnasty Gnorc's minion gets its polygons messed up and lagging that he flies around after he climbs up to the mountain with a texture glitched "Insomniac Games" logo. "Oh come on people, why is this game glitchy?" Complained Hoopa. All of a sudden, blue photon lasers shoot at the glitched minion by Genesect in his high speed flight form. "Wait a second, how come Spyro didn't show up?" Puzzled Diancie. Genesect unfolds and lands on the ground, and then he ironically knocks on the camera like a door and looks at the viewers, Keldeo, Meloetta, Diancie, Hoopa, and Volcanion. "Dude, Spyro must've been crystallized ironically like the other dragons. I have to set Spyro free in order to continue his journey." Said Genesect.

The screen went black with Genesect in his high speed flight form flying around the screen. Then the words "The adventure continues" text appears behind Genesect. Genesect unfolds and lands to the ground that he is at the Peace Keepers home; where Hoopa last saves his game at. "Remember Hoopa, you cannot control me with any controller; but, you have to watch the screen and see me get out of here." Notified Genesect. Here is a crystalized dragon statue next to the door to Doctor Shemp at the Peace Keepers world. The statue shakes lightly as Genesect gets closer to the statue. He touches the statue that it shines harshly; it rapidly shakes while the crystal's pieces come apart. The statue breaks that Spyro is free. "Thank you mysterious purple robot bug for saving me; now, you and I can team up to defeat Doctor Shemp." Thanked Spyro. "I got here after a thunderstorm hits the Playstation that I got sucked into the game." Replied Genesect. The cutscene ends that Hoopa is now allowed to use the controller to control Spyro while Genesect plays as an NPC helper. "Now that I freed Spyro, ready to cooperate Hoopa?" Asked Genesect. "I heard you Exploud and clear." Accepted Hoopa, as he snickers for the pun. He plugs in the original Playstation controller without the analog to the console controlling Spyro. "Let's do this Gensect." Said Hoopa.

Genesect follows Spyro as a drone or like Tails from "Sonic The Hedgehog 2." Hoopa looks at the television screen while he presses the d-pad to move Spyro directly to the door to Doctor Shemp. Spyro glides into the sky while Genesect folds and flies with Spyro. "Cool, you can fly like me. Are you an alien insect?" Complimented Spyro. "Thanks, but no. I am originally an ancient mythical bug Pokémon from 300 million years ago; however, Team Plasma restored me with cybernetic and artificial intelligence. They also attached a photon cannon on my back to shoot projectiles." Explained Genesect. "What do you know? Were both purple." They both chuckle as they communicate. Sparx the dragonfly follows Spyro too to keep him alive. "What is that dragonfly doing here?" Noticed Genesect. "Say hello to Sparx. He is a special dragonfly to keep me alive; without him, I will die. You Genesect can be his assistant too. Sparx can eat some butterflies to recover its hp." Stated Spyro. They both land on the ground as they are at Doctor Shemp's level.

"This is it; Doctor Shemp, he is one of the toughest bosses throughout 'Spyro the Dragon.' However, he is not very tedious like 'Anubis Rex' from 'Pac-Man World.'" Described Genesect. At the starting point Genesect uses metal claw to break steel blocks that unveils some jewels or treasure. "How did you do that?" Gasped Spyro in surprise. "I have the ability to use one of my moves, metal claw." Said Genesect. "What's with the treasure for, Spyro." "These treasures keep us very wealthy in the world of dragons; however, the greedy Gnasty Gnorc turns every treasure into his minions." Gnasty Gnorc pops out of nowhere and yells "HEY!" He attempts to whack Spyro with a scepter, but he performs a barrel roll to avoid. "Missed me!" Taunted Spyro. Then, Gnasty Gnorc disappears. Spyro passes through the starting gate; then, an armed soldier with a spear charges to Spyro. He uses his charge attack to knock down the soldier. Abruptly, the polygons of the soldier start to get long, sharp, and glitchy. And then the soldier disappears like normal back into a gem. The game is fine and normal for now. An army of armed soldiers charge to Spyro, but he knocks them all down as bowling pins. A sparkling dust forming a swirling whirlwind picks up Spyro and Genesect to the tunnel to Doctor Shemp's lair while it makes a glittering sound.

"Spyro, you do the honors." Said Genesect. Spyro goes the crystallized dragon statue to set Trondo free. "Thank you for releasing me, Spyro. He is heavily armed and strong, make sure to watch his behind." Advised Trondo. Genesect and Spryo climbs up to the hill encountering Doctor Shemp. He starts to whack Spyro with a scepter, but he avoids the attack. Genesect leaps in front of Doctor Shemp to go behind him, so he can use his Techno Blast projectiles. He shoots a green projectile of energy from his cannon at Doctor Shemp's back. "Your turn, Spyro. He is wounded and stunned." Said Genesect. Spyro then breathes fire behind Doctor Shemp. His back is on fire that he runs away to the next hill via the bridge. Genesect quickly folds into his high speed flight form and uses extreme speed to catch him up. Then Spyro enters to the next hill. Doctor Shemp swings his scepter around while he spins around. Genesect is hovering above the hill; he ambushes behind Doctor Shemp and shoots blue photon lasers from his limbs. He unfolds and hovers while he performs a blaze kick at Doctor Shemp. Doctor Shemp is on fire again that he runs to the last hill. "Spyro, this is all for you. I will be watching." Saluted Genesect. He lands next to the goal stump with a sparkling whirlwind while he watches Spyro to finish Doctor Shemp up.

Meanwhile, back at the living room with Hoopa, Diancie, Volcanion, Keldeo, and Meloetta. Victini already left to go purchase a new copy of "Crash Team Racing" for the original Playstation. "You can do it Hoopa." Cheered Diancie. "Be the dragon." Advised Meloetta. Hoopa concentrates on the television screen; unfortunately, the game starts to skip because Genesect is in the game. Spryo then teleports from the glitch to ambush right behind Doctor Shemp while Hoopa presses the circle button to make Spyro burn Doctor Shemp. The game froze unfortunately, but Genesect is on his barrier for one use. He unfreezes the game by releasing a ball of light from his cannon. Doctor Shemp became a gem for beating the boss. "Bye Spyro, I'm on my own to 'Pac-Man World.'" Said Genesect. He leaves the game by going to the goal stump.

Hoopa asks to Diancie that where is Genesect going to. Inside the green hexagonal wire framed universe, it is Hoopa's Playstation memory card station. The first door is now locked and completed. There are three more doors to go; Genesect proceeds to the second door, "Pac-Man World." Hoopa recives a call on his iPhone. "Hello." Answered Hoopa. "Please insert the disc 'Pac-Man World' to the console; make sure you save your current game." Said Genesect. Hoopa hangs up on the iPhone. He saves the game and then turns off the game. Then, he switches the disc into "Pac-Man World." He presses the power button again.