In the memory card station, Genesect exits the third door; his messed up polygons are forming up back to normal. The door is locked because the game "Crash Bandicoot" was completed. There is one more door left to escape from the Playstation's glitchy nightmare. The last door leads to the game "Crash Team Racing" for the Playstation. Genesect uses his iPhone to call Hoopa to switch the disc to "Crash Team Racing." In the living room, Hoopa switches the disc to "Crash Team Racing." "This is it, Genesect and I will work together to beat Nitrous Oxide's racing challenge, so Genesect can get out of here for good." Said Hoopa. Genesect proceeds to the last door to the memory card station; the doors are closed behind Genesect, there is no turning back when proceeding to Nitrous Oxide's racing challenge.

At the living room, Hoopa is very anxious about Genesect and the racing challenge. Hoopa plays as Crash Bandicoot while Genesect assists Crash Bandicoot. Oxide's Polygons get a bit messed up before the race starts. Crash snickers at the glitched alien on his UFO. They are at the starting line at Oxide Station. Unfortunately, Oxide gets a head start before the green light glows. "Hey, he's a cheat!" Exclaimed Genesect. The green light glows and Crash Bandicoot gets a starting boost; he is a bit behind Oxide, Genesect folds into his high speed flight form and he is following him like a drone. "Wait a sec, I don't have a code for an NPC on 'Crash Team Racing,' so I have an idea." Genesect grinned, before he whispers to Crash. "Hahaha, you'll never beat this race because I am the fastest racer in the world." Gloated Oxide like a goat. "Hey, you take that back Gemerl720 Post for writing that!"

Hoopa uses the original Playstation controller without the analogs; it is extremely difficult for Hoopa to race with the digital controls. "This is the most challenging races in this game; you can do it Hoopa." Cheered Victini. Oxide spams the flask bottles and TNT crates on the track. Genesect shoots photon lasers at the flasks and TNT crates from his limbs. "Impossible! He cannot do that." Interjected Oxide. Genesect's glitches have spread to Crash Bandicoot. The polygons of Crash Bandicoot and Genesect are getting messed up briefly for each 3 seconds. "Wait a second, maybe if we get our glitches under control, then we will skip ahead Oxide and win that race." Planned Genesect.

Diancie is very worried about Genesect and Crash Bandicoot getting glitched together. "I hope they make it." Said Diancie in fear. "No fear Diancie, Genesect says that he will get their glitches under control, so they can be capable of skipping ahead Oxide." Replied Hoopa in confidence. On the big jump of Oxide Station, Crash and Genesect gets their polygons messed up briefly; in perfect timing before turning back to normal, they jumped ahead in front of Oxide. "What the... NO! I cannot believe it; you are glitchy that you are trying to cheat on me. Now I will never win that race." Complained Oxide. They are at the second lap of the race. "It's time to bring out the big guns, extreme speed." Declared Genesect. He grabs onto Crash's kart with his limbs tightly. And then a purple aura radiates Genesect and accelerates into a very fast speed. "That's not fair! I'm the fastest racer in the galaxy!" Whined Oxide.

Volcanion became impressed about Hoopa's heroism by helping Genesect to get him out of the Playstation. "Hoopa, you have been a great player since Genesect got sucked into the game." Agreed Volcanion. "You are so wise Volcanion." Complimented Hoopa. Genesect and Crash Bandicoot overlapped Oxide that they are at the final lap. "How would you like it if I did this to you!" Yelled Oxide, as he presses the afterburner button. Oxide became faster than Genesect; but he did not like that. "Two can play it that game." Declared Genesect. He launches three missiles while Gensect grabs onto Crash's kart chasing Oxide in extreme speed. The three missiles hit Oxide and he is stunned. On the big jump, the three are at the ramp to the finishing line. It is a photo finish. They all stopped onto the track as the android walks to Nitrous Oxide, Genesect, and Crash Bandicoot to see some proof who won the race. A photo of Oxide and Genesect holding onto Crash are at the finishing line. The closest to the finishing line is the one and only Genesect and Crash Bandicoot. Keldeo, Meloetta, Victini, Diancie, and Volcanion cheer for Hoopa and Genesect as they have beaten Oxide. Nitrous Oxide became outraged that he lost, so he throws a tap dancing hat on the ground and jumps on it on the second place pillar at the award ceremony. Hoopa laughs so hard that he swallowed a bug. Crash Bandicoot performs a victory dance at the first place pillar.

Genesect begins to glow white and then he comes out of the screen crashing to the couch that it damages the couch badly. "Hey, you damaged the couch. Now you have to pay $50 to cover the damages." Commented Volcanion. Meloetta became very happy that Genesect came back. "Genesect, you're alive." Cheered Meloetta, giving him a hug. Then he softly lets go after a hug. "It's good to be back home." Said Genesect. "Look!" Hoopa points everyone to the TV and Oxide quits the racing reputation because Hoopa completes the game 101%. The power is back on again, but Pikachu is still using its cheeks to power up the TV and the Playstation. As the title screen shows up, Hoopa safely turns off the Playstation and removes the plugs on the TV and the Playstation out of its cheeks. Finally, he plugs the TV and the Playstation back to the outlet without harm. "You did very well Pikachu and Mareep. It's time for you to go back to your natural habitat." Sniffled Hoopa in a tearful joy. He grabs a ring hanging on Hoopa's left horn and tosses it into the floor vertically. "Run be free." Cried Hoopa. Pikachu and Mareep hops onto the ring portal back to their home. The portal on the ring fades out and the ring comes back to Hoopa's left horn. "Now that everything is back to normal, want to play 'Crash Team Racing' with me?" Offered Hoopa. "No!" Replied Genesect in a humorous sarcasm. They all laughed together like there is no tomorrow. And Genesect finally escapes from a glitchy torment back home.

The End.