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Happy woke up late, which was odd. Usually she woke up at 6 to her alarm. Once she opened her eyes, she realized why. She wasn't in her bed, or in her apartment for that matter. Toby's bed was empty, but she heard the radio on in the other room and smelled pancakes. The hardwood floor was cold under her feet as she walked into the kitchen. He didn't hear her come up behind him and smiled as her arms wound around his waist. She kissed the spot in between his shoulder blades.

"Merry Christmas Miss Quinn. Sleep well?" She smiled, remembering him taking her back to his apartment just to sleep. I don't want to lose you again now that I've finally gotten you. He had said. The moment was ruined by him then singing All I want for Christmas is you! at the top of his lungs.

"Merry Christmas Mr. Curtis. I don't think you're getting this shirt back." He turned in her arms and took in her small frame in his too big shirt and pajama pants. Her dark hair was all over the place, but he liked it that way. It made her real. She was so different than his ex. He kissed her forehead.

"I knew you were only in it for my shirt." She grinned and let go of him.

"Don't burn my pancakes."

"I wouldn't dream of it my dear." She scrunched up her nose.

"No nicknames?"

"Just not that nickname." He winked.

"Paige wants us at the garage at two for Christmas. We can stop by your place on the way over."

"Sounds good Doc." She replied. He placed a plate of pancakes on the table next to the butter and syrup. She grabbed two mugs from his cupboard and poured their coffee. He chuckled as she poured creamer and a spoonful of sugar to his coffee, exactly how he liked it. Her heart leapt as he kissed her cheek before taking their coffee to the table.

"Ladies first." He gestured for her to sit first. They sat across the table from each other, but their feet intertwined as they ate their pancakes. Once they were done, she helped him load the dishwasher and followed him into his living room. He wrapped an arm around her as they laid on his sofa to watch a movie. He picked Dolphin Tale, amused at the comments she would make later in the movie about how she could have made a better tail than Morgan Freeman. Since Paige and Ralph joined the team, they had weekly movie nights and Dolphin Tale had been one of the funniest movie nights they had. She rested her head on his chest, almost the same as she had the night of their dance, but this time she kissed the spot just above his heart. He smiled and kissed the top of her head, running his fingers through her hair. Her breathing slowed halfway through the movie, telling him she was asleep. He smiled sleepily and joined her in a peaceful sleep.

She woke up to his phone ringing. Happy jumped up to answer it, forgetting it wasn't her phone. "Hello?"

"Happy?" Paige asked. Shit. Happy thought to herself.

"Um, yeah."

"Is Toby with you?"


"Are you two still coming to the garage for Christmas?"

"Shit! Yeah. We'll be there in a little while. Sorry we're late."

"It's okay. Merry Christmas! I'm glad you two are finally together. We'll see you later." Happy grinned.

"Merry Christmas." She responded, hanging up.

"What time is it?" Toby mumbled sleepily from his spot on the couch.

"Time for us to go to the garage. We're late." The psychiatrist shot up. "And I need clothes on the way." She reminded him.

"Next time, we'll leave a change of clothes for you here." She laughed as she walked into his bedroom to put her jeans back on. He walked in behind her, leaning on the doorway as she jumped around the room to get into her jeans. She looked at him when she was finally in her jeans.

"What?" He smirked.

"You're cute." She chuckled and grabbed her jacket.

"And you need to put clothes on." he grinned as he changed into jeans and a button down, along with his signature fedora. He took her hand as they walked out to his truck. Once they were at her apartment, Happy ran inside to change into blue jeans, a deep magenta top, and her leather jacket. She felt different with Toby and the pop of color seemed to show that to her. She smiled as she walked back to his truck.

"Happy Quinn in something other than black or grey? What's the occasion?" Toby asked in shock.

"Christmas. And you." She responded. He nodded, choosing not to speak in fear of scaring this side of her away. Instead, he took her hand and held it the whole way to the garage.

It was indeed a Christmas miracle.