Disclaimer* I do not own the characters of the Bear in the Big Blue House. Nor do I want to. However 3 characters Wild Will, Frostbite and Miss McCheezy are mine. They are products of my imagination and nothing more.

Terror at the Big Blue House Part 1

It started of as an ordinary day at the Big Blue House. Bear opens the door.

"Oh Hello there" he said happily. "Welcome to the Big Blue House."

"What is that sweet smell?" Bear sniffs around. "Sniff, Sniff, Sniff"

"Have you been drinking Apple Juice? You smell like delicious Apples."

Bear starts to walk towards the bathroom.

"Today girls and Boys we are going to learn how to use the potty."

"Ding Dong" the door bell rings.

"Wow, I was not expecting company," said Bear sounding surprised.

"What a pleasant surprise. I wonder if it is Doc Hog."

Bear opens the door. Standing on the door step was a polar bear.

"Hello Bear," said the massive polar bear.

"Oh Hello!" said Bear "welcome to the Big Blue House."

"Yeah what ever" replied the polar bear.

"Wait what is that smell Bear?" asked the bear. "Sniff, Sniff, Sniff,"

"Oh wait it was it is just a stupid ass bear in a big stupid house."

"Excuse me there are children watching." Thank you very much for corrupting their mind!" shouted bear sounding very angry.

"Oh it smells like cheese in here" said a ghost floating by the Polar bear.

"Are you here to see Shadow?" asked Bear.

"No I am here to raid you cheese supply." She replied.

"Ahhh, Miss McCheezy is here to steal my cheese," screamed Tutter from the living room.

"That's right I am," Miss McCheezy replied.

"Alice, don't you think you should ask like a nice ghost?" questioned Bear.

"How did you know my name?" she asked.

"The dog over there is holding up a sign that says the ghosts name is Alice McCheezy and the polar bears name is Frostbite," explained Bear.

"Oh you are right Frost bite," said Alice "Wild Will is smart."

"Now I am going to steal cheese,"

"Don't you mean ask for cheese?" corrected Bear.

"No I mean I am going to steal cheese, now leave me alone," she retorted.

"That's not very polite," said Bear.

"I have had about enough of this!" exclaimed Frostbite. He pulls out a chainsaw, Bear screams like a 10 year old girl.

"I am going to get you!" said Frostbite he saws part of the stairwell off.

Bear ran through the Big Blue House. Ojo, Treelo Tutter, run!" screamed Bear as he ran around the house.

Bear Managed to escape Frostbite.