Disclaimer* I do not own the characters of the Bear in the Big Blue House. Nor do I want to. However 3 characters Wild Will, Frostbite and Miss McCheezy are mine. They are products of my imagination and nothing more.

Terror at the Big Blue House Part 4

Meanwhile Outside,

"Wild Will, Bear has lost it," said Frostbite.

"Good, Now help me blast Pip and Pop to the Moon," said Wild Will.

"What about the little bear?" asked Frostbite.

"Strap her to a racket," commanded Wild Will.

"Okay Wild Will," said Frostbite.

"Bear!" cried Ojo.

"Bear is not here to help you now," said Wild Will.

"Why?" she asked

"Because he lost it," said Frostbite.


"Oh, maybe because you drove him crazy," said Wild Will.

"I do not want to be blasted into space," cried Ojo.

"Any last wishes?" said Wild Will.

"Why couldn't you eat us instead?" asked Ojo

"He is a vegetarian," said Pop

"Yeah, it means he does not eat meat" added Pip.

"Oh, I did not know that," said Ojo.

"Forget it, lets blast them already" said Frostbite.

"Yes let's go before Psycho Bear comes for us," said Wild Will.

3, 2, 1...

The Ojo and the Otters were blasted into space. They swooped around Luna 3 times before descending back to the Big Blue House, crashing into the attic.

"Bye, Bye Otters," said Wild Will "Bye Ojo,"

"A job has been well done," said Frost bite.

"Oh, no it is the National Guard" said Wild Will

"Quick let us get going to Canada" said Wild Will

"Canada," said Frostbite "I like Canadians."

"Were ever demented kids shows are near we will destroy them my dear," said Wild Will.

"Jet packs on and ready to go where no Dog and Polar Bear have gone before!" exclaimed Frostbite.

"Okay I think we over done it" said Wild Will.

They blast off on there jet packs before they are caught.

Bear is sitting in his Big Blue chair, with his remote control.

"If some one whines one more time, I will blow up this Big Blue House to bits'" said Bear.

"Bear!" said Treelo.

"That's it," said Bear.

BOOM the house explodes.

Latter that night Luna came looking for Bear. All she saw was a pile of Big Blue rubble.

"Bear where are you?" asked Luna sounding worried.

Amazingly Bear survived the explosion.

"Bear are you okay?" asked Luna.

"I am alive!" said Bear "I have had a strange day at the Big Blue House."

Just then the Bear patrol came and shot a tranquilizer at him, but it missed.

"Ha, ha, you missed me," said Bear.

They managed to grab Bear and pulled him away kicking and screaming.

"I love you Luna," said Bear "Can we sing the good bye song?"

"Sorry Bear, no time," said Luna. She floats away looking terrified.

"Bye Luna," said Bear sadly as he was driven away in the Bear patrol wagon.

Unfortunately because of Bears insanity, attempted murder, and arson (Blowing up a house) Bear was taken to the hospital for Criminally Insane Bears.

That is the End My Friend.