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Prussia followed Germany through his house trying to make him listen to his advice. "West you have to talk some sense into the other nations, Romano won't fight for himself!"

Germany stopped walking and turned to face his brother before he spoke. "What makes you so sure that if we sent help he would even accept it?" Germany asked sounding rather bothered by the thought.

Prussia paused frowning for a minute before looking back to Germany with a determined look in his eyes. "True, there is no guarantee he will accept help, but if we don't even try Romano will die."

Germany stared at Prussia, he had just said the words everyone knew but didn't want to say. He sighed heavily and met his brothers eyes. "It's either Romano or Feliciano brother, you know that, you know I cant do anything."

Prussia glared at his brother in disbelief "So you are content to just watch Romano die?!" he questioned angrily. He knew how his brother cared for Feliciano but Romano didn't deserve to die just because people liked his brother more.

Taken aback by his brothers sudden anger Germany quickly corrected himself "Of course not! You know that's not what I meant, I just can't do anything personally! Someone else has to help…" he said trying to think. Slowly he walked over to the sofa and sat down quietly. "What about Spain?"

Prussia followed Germany and sat down before he answered. "No, I already asked him, Romano made him swear not to get involved if something like this ever happened and he can't break his promise."

"Well what makes you so sure that it would be so bad for him to die, I mean isn't it possible he would end up like you?" Germany asked looking at Prussia expectantly. It wasn't that he didn't like the italian, he just knew Romano would never fight against his brother, not even if it cost him his own life.

Prussia jumped at Germany's words and looked pretty angry before he calmed himself and spoke. "Trust me he won't end up like me, and he wouldn't want to either, maybe we can convince England or someone to help him."

Germany was slightly unsettled by his brothers words but didn't question him, instead he pulled out his cellphone to call England but was interupted by a knock at the door. Putting the phone back in his pocket he and Prussia walked to the door and found America standing there grinning like an idiot.

America walked in when they opened the door and faced them both. "I'm going to go help Romano!" he announced happily pulling out an alliance treaty and handing it to Germany. "He hasn't agreed to it or anything yet but I'm sure he will, I mean why wouldn't he."

Prussia took the paper from Germany and inspected it before handing it back to America. "Lets just hope you're right." he said warily.


America stood in front of Romano's house and looked up at the 3 story building before walking onto the porch and up to the doorbell. Before he could ring the bell Romano walked outside and stopped when he came face to face with America.

"Hey I was just coming to get you Romano! Here look I have an alliance treaty for you." he said happily shoving the document into Romano's face despite the frown and obvious displeasure on the italians face.

Romano pushed the papers back towards America and stepped back sighing. "Look I don't have time for this I have a meeting to get to, and I don't need an alliance." he said stepping past America and walking off the porch.

America frowned and followed Romano off the porch quickly, still holding his papers determindly. When he caught up with the surprisingly quick italian he reached out and grabbed his arm, pulling him back gently.

"What do you mean?! Of course you need an alliance! Luckily, being the awesome hero that I am, I can help!" he said with a grin before Romano yanked his arm back from the overly excited american.

"I said I don't want your fucking help you bastard!" Romano snapped at him with a glare before snatching the papers from the others hand and ripping them to shreds before discarding the remains onto the ground angrily.

Stunned, America watched the shreds glide silently to the ground as Romano began to walk away again. "What the hell is your problem?!" he called after the italian angrily "Why won't you just accept help for once? Why do you treat everyone like the enemy?!" he questioned bitterly as he looked at Romano's back.

The questions caught Romano off guard and he had nothing to retaliate with for a minute so he just turned to stare at America. He was surprised to see the other looked quite upset and had his fists balled up at his sides. By the look on his face and the way his body shook slightly Romano knew America had more to say.

"You act tuff, like nothing bothers you and you're fine…..but I know you aren't! I know you're only pretending so no one worries and I know the only reason you won't fight back is because you don't want Feli hurt….but I also know that's why you need help! You won't fight for yourself, so someone has to fight for you!" America yelled at him, though it sounded more like he was pleading with Romano rather than scolding him.

Romano's icy gaze bore into America as the angered italian retaliated to his words. "You don't know anything! I AM fine and I DON'T need any help! If I wanted help I would have gotten it by now! What I do does not concern you or anyone else! It is MY life and I will choose how I live it! What on Earth makes you think you know anything about me?! What makes you think I need help?! What could you possibly know about me?!" he yelled.

America was quiet for a moment as he stared down at the ground, there was a sadness in his eyes as he let Romano's words seep in. After about a minute of silence he finally looked up at Romano with a sad smile on his lips before answering.

"I know you don't want to die."

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