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Prologue Chapter 1: Peace

It is the ten-thousandth year of the rule of the elves.

Grandia, the world of three moons, has been at peace.

All humans, dwarves, fairy folk, and elves lived together in harmony under their ruler Prometheus Amadeas, the immortal elf king of the Wolf Clan. The Elves are divided into 3 clans, each with a Royal family to head their clan. Each clan has rules a certain part of Grandia, air, land, or sea. The Wolf Clan rules all of Grandia, but all three clans together take care of their world and all the beings inhabiting it.

Gifted with Lightning magic, an incredible sword technique, and god-like speed and strength, the Royal family of the Wolf Clan are the strongest beings on Grandia. They are robust, just, and kind. But their intense passionate nature gives them, especially the king, a fierce temper. They have impeccable hearing and have night vision. Armed with both awesome magic and physical prowess, the Wolf Royals rule Grandia from the Forest of Truth. They also have the ability to talk to all land creatures, especially wolves. Every Royal has a bond wolf who is both friend and brother to his elf until his life ends. These bond-wolves are unusually large and very intelligent, beautiful animals. Royal Elves can have hundreds of bond animals throughout their life. The Wolf Royals' trademark colors are fiery red hair and golden eyes. Prometheus and his wife, the beautiful Lady Auroree of the Ray Clan, rule the Wolf Clan together, with their nine daughters and a baby on the way.

The Royal family of the Ray Clan, Lady Auroree's lineage, rules the waters of Grandia. With such powerful water and wind magic, the Ray Royals have little need for physical skills. The strongest Healers in Grandia are all Royals of the Ray Clan. Lady Auroree is actually a healer herself. They also have the ability to talk with water creatures. The Giant Manta Rays are their bond animals. They are swift and deadly and the Ray Royals can breath both on land and in water. The Ray Clan royal family rules from the Undersea Palace at the bottom of the Sea of Deliverance. Their queen is the maiden Lady Megumi Besemias, the most powerful healer in all of Grandia, even at her young immortal age. The Royals' tend to be reserved and soft-spoken, but also firm and wise. They are the voice of reason to the Wolf King. The Ray Royals' trademark colors are their sleek black hair and over-bright sapphire eyes. Lady Megumi rules with her older brother Aoshi. Their elder sister is Lady Auroree.

Finally, the royal family of the Hawk Clan. They are a jolly folk, like the Wolf Royals. They are gifted with the ability of flight and can manipulate wind and fire. They also have incredibly good eyesight, like that of a bird. Their strength, however, is in their archery skills. It is said that the Hawk Royals tell commands to the blue beads that decorate their arrows, causing them to swim through water or turn corners. Their quivers never empty and their arrows are rumored never to fail to hit a mark. With huge bond birds and long distance weapons, the Hawk Clan rules the sky of Grandia. They live in the Misty Mountains. They are cheerful and clever, but are also cautious and at times mysterious, but always loyal. They are the eyes of the Wolf King. The Hawk Royal's trademark colors are curly brown locks and emerald eyes. Their leader is Lufhan Enoch with his wife from the wolf clan; a common elf named Joyleaf. They have a baby named Sanosuke.

The common elves of Grandia are more general in appearance. Though they may belong to a certain clan, all elves not of royal blood have straight, blonde hair and violet eyes. Most elves have small healing skills and natural skills with bows and arrows, swords, daggers- you name it- though their skills do not compare to that of their royal brethren. Elves in general share a love of nature and are very intimate, sensual creatures. Wolf Clan elves tend to have very lean, but muscular bodies and legs. Ray Clan elves are taller, and willowy. Hawk Clan elves are the smallest elves and have strong, sinewy arms.

The Dwarves of Grandia are expert craftsmen. They forge the weapons, armor, and tools for everyone in Grandia. They live in the Cliffs or Moor in great, carved caverns. Their love is for fighting and food. Squat, tough creatures, they prefer heavy weapons such as axes. They have no significant magic.

The fairy folk are the beginning of magic. Here since the time of creation, these small creatures contain the history of Grandia. They control the seasons and are the ancient rulers of nature. Though they are rarely seen, they love to play tricks on the other inhabitants of Grandia. Having been there since the beginning of time, they get awfully bored. They live in the Tree of Life. A massive oak tree twisted with age and magic hidden in the Forest of Truth. The Tree of Life has been seen only once.

Finally, the humans of Grandia. They vary in size, shape, color, and skill. They are considered simple, weak-minded creatures, but they are loyal. They posses no magic but have varying skills with weapons. Some better then others. Some even surpassing common elves. They are creative creatures who love to paint, weave, bake, and do other various crafts. Even weaponry. They live in various villages throughout Grandia. They are led by King Arthur and the elegant Lady Guinevere, with their four sons, Henry, Louis, Richard, and John.

Grandia itself is a lush world. Beautiful, green plant life covers most of the land. Its oceans are as clear and blue as the sky. Exotic flowers are everywhere. Purples and yellows and reds. Summer half the time, winter the other. Then pure white covers the ground. Everyone dresses in bright fabrics and furs and the evergreen trees are decorated with ornaments and magical lights. A wonderful planet, full of life and beauty. The Mountain of Zeal rises in the South after the Wastelands. The Cliffs of Moor are to the East, while the Sea of Deliverance spreads directly North. The Misty Mountains reach West, and the Forsedt of Truth grows in the center of Grandia. The Forbidden Swamp is to the South East and is a dark, forboding place. It is occupied only by animals and outcasts.

Each year, Prometheus hold six different festivals to trade, feast, and compete. Everyone attends, from the youngest human to the Royals themselves. It was one week before the sixth festival of the year. Everyone was preparing. No one was cautious. No one was careful. Countless humans, elves, and dwarves had known nothing else but peace. Those who should have known better were distracted till the whispers started.

An ancient evil...
A betrayal...

"Are you certain this is true, Lady Megumi?" Prometheus asked, anger apparent in his voice. All the other occupants of the large throne room looked up at his harsh words.

"I'm afraid 'tis my lord," the young lady answered softly, her mouth set in a serious line. "Lufhan sent his elite archers with the news. It must be true."

"I can't believe it. 10,000 years and then this." He closed his eyes; handsome forehead knotted with frustration, running his hair through his red locks and then looked pointedly at Megumi. "How could this happen!" he growled.

"Calm yourself, love. It is not your fault, but it is not my sister's either." A melodious voice answered, laughingly.

Prometheus' eyes softened as they fell on his lovely wife, ripe with child, and then turned back to his visitor, "Forgive me, Megumi, you are certainly not to blame. I just wish I didn't have to make the decision I must. Gather the Great Council. We shall prepare for war.

It was true. Ten thousand years of peace shattered. A shadow had fallen across the land.

And this is where our story begins...

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