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Welcome to Heero's Wife, a story that I think is completely original…Imagine THAT!!! MWAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! General infro about this one…it begins about a year before the outbreak of the war….Does anybody like that G Gundam show?  Personally I think it could be better…a lot better.  I'm rambling, excuse me.  I promised someone earlier that I would eventually write an Ami/Heero story, and I'm currently debating if that should be this.  I'll begin it that way, and if it isn't posted as an Ami/Heero story, and you would like to see the Ami/Heero version, I'll be happy to send you a copy.  Or Vice Versa…if you want to see the Usagi/Heero  version, if I write one, I'll be happy to oblige.

On with the story!

Heero's Wife Chapter 1:  They Meet!

By:  AutumnHime

         Except for the low murmur of voices in the background, the church was quiet.  Empty.  A single girl:  slim, petite, and fragile-looking, rested her knees against the cushioned bar created exclusively for this purpose.  She seemed to be praying.  Her eyes were closed, long blue eyelashes brushing against her porcelain cheeks.  The picture was so serene, most people would have thought her asleep.

         Most people would have thought wrong.  The delicate looking blue-haired girl had the abilities of a skilled warrior and the mind of an Einstein.  She had not come to the church to pray, she had come to the church to find sanctuary and to meet her contact, the person that could hopefully get her off of the planet before the fighting on earth broke out.  As she knew it would.

         Her mind slowly flicked back through the events of the past few weeks.  Her work on some matrices that she had hoped would be able to create a more peaceful world.  The pattern that she noticed slowly evolving on the matrices.  The inevitable-seeming erosion of certain data as the entire logic set was thrown into chaos…chaos with a pattern.  She had freaked out.  She had grabbed her work and tried to show it to the boss of her lab, but he would not listen to "an upstart data cruncher geek".  She had contacted various other organizations, but they had all laughed at her.  All except one--the one that would hopefully keep its word and get her off planet.  Hopefully…

         She felt the knee rest give a bit as someone else sank onto its padded top.  A warm body slid in next to her.

         "Ms. Mizuno?" Light and laughing, the voice slid right past without Ami recognizing her own name.  "Ms. Mizuno?!"

         Her eyelids snapped apart, revealing stormy blue-gray eyes.  "Huh?!" She shook her head, removing the last of the memories from her immediate consciousness.  "Ummmm….that's me.  Who are you?"  She asked, glancing out the corner of her eye.

         The only visual she could get revealed long, light brown hair roped into a braid and that the man beside her wore a priest's outfit.

         "Name's Duo Maxwell.  I'm here to get you off planet, as requested, babe.  Now, make some sign that you're done with praying and we'll go."  Duo's voice had a tinge of brashness, a good indication that the man was an American.  But the man she ahd talked to sounded like he was Chinese.  How widespread was this organization?

         Ami, who could think of no other thing to do, bowed her head to the altar, kissed her hands and stood. 

         Duo stood as well. "Come, m'lady, shall we depart?"  He offered her his arm, and the walked out of the hallowed space.

         After much blinking and sneezing in reaction to stepping from the dim, cool interior of the church to the bright outdoors, the newly me duo got their first good looks at each other.

         "How does one end up with purple eyes?"  Ami asked the first thing that came to her head.

         "How does one end up with blue hair?" Duo responded, grinning as he tugged a strand of it.

         "Good point.  So, now that we are out of the church, where do we go form here?"

         "To your chariot, m'lady," Duo bowed, and swept his hand towards a limousine idling at the curb.

         "We're taking a limo?!" The suspicion in her voice was hard to miss.

         "That we are, Ms. Mizuno."  Duo replied, hand on the small of her back as he ushered her towards it.  He opened the door and handed her in before stepping inside himself.

         "To the spaceport, if you would please, Quatre."  Duo drew on dark shades and rested his head against the padding of the leather seats, as the luxury vehicle pulled out into the middle of traffic.

         "That the scientist, Duo?"  The chauffeur asked in a definitely non-servile tone.  From what Ami could see, the chauffeur had blond hair and very light blue eyes.  Must be another part of the organization, she mused.

         "That she is.  Did you grab her stuff?"  Duo responded.

         "Yes.  Her laptop is in the briefcase in front of you.  Trowa hade a blast getting in and out.  Miss, what did you do to your security?"  The light blue eyes looked directly into Ami's reflected ones in the rearview mirror.

         "Why, Quatre?"  Duo queried curiously.

         "Because Trowa had a hard time getting into it.  And if Trowa has a hard time…" Quatre trailed off.

         "Damn."  Duo stared at Ami, admiration in his eyes.

         "I just changed a few things, sir, that's all."  The blue-haired scientist replied.

         "Hmmm…."  Quatre sounded very non-commital.

         "The conversation died off soon afterward as the rolling motion of the car and the warmth of the sun pouring into the car lulled Ami to sleep.

         She next awoke as the car slid to a gentle halt and the engine turned off.

         "We're here."  Quatre announced.  He stepped out of the car and opened Ami's door for her.

         "Thank you, James."  Ami declared lightly.

         "Mademoiselle."  Quatre's eyes slid to Duo.  "I'm going to make sure everything's ready to go."

         A man walked out of the shadows to meet them.  "Hnn."

         Ami glanced at him, then glanced again as an electric thrill chased down her spine.  This guy was dangerous.

         "Hiiro, so glad that you learned to be polite in front of others."  Quatre remarked glibly.  "Ami Mizuno, meet Hiiro Yui, the person who will be taking you off of the planet."

         "How do you do, Mr. Yui?"  Ami greeted the teenager with a polite nod.

         Hiiro ignored her.  "Be sure she's ready to go in five minutes."  He turned around and melted back into the shadows.

         "Duo, grab her stuff and get the good doctor on the shuttle.  I'll be back in a few." Quatre shouted, racing off in the direction that the other guy with the hard Prussian blue eyes had gone.

         "Aye, aye, mon capitan."  Duo saluted, and grabbing two bags from the limousine, gestured Ami forwards. "Let us be off, m'dear."


         "Hiiro, did you have to be rude?" Quatre asked.

         "Hnn…" Hiiro ignored the blonde as he finished making preparations to the shuttle.

         "Hiiro, she made her security system almost imipregnable to TROWA with 'a few simple changes'."

         That caught the Japanese boy's interest.  "Really?"  Then the wall came back up, and he shrugged.  "So she's good with electronics.  So what?"

         "ARGHHHHH!!!" Quatre cried.  "You make me so frustrated!  Do you not have a single emotion in your body?!"

         Hiiro did not reply…nor did he tell Quatre about the funny little thrill that had run up his spine upon seeing the fifteen year-old doctor.

         Five minutes later, the shuttle took off, leaving two men behind on the surface of the earth.  They too would leave soon to prepare for what was coming…


Sooo…corny? Strange? What?

         I know y'all are probably made at me for not posting my chapters for my other stories faster and I apologize.  I've been really caught up in some other things—namely studying and preparing college applications.  I'm doing my best, and I swear that I will have chapters for the second arc of FTTNTL (for those of you who read that story) up soon. 

Oh, for a clue (as if you haven't figured this out already)  I've changed the past of Gundam Wing.  The boys do know each other before the war and I noticed that it actually sounds as if they should be in their early twenties, but they and Ami are for the most part fifteen.

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