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Heero's Wife

Chapter 2:  Opening and Closing

By:  AutumnHime

Ami sat in the cockpit of the shuttle, enjoying the view of dancing stars and waltzing…matildas, her mind provided, and Ami forced herself to choke back her snort of amusement.  Unfortunately, the expressionless pilot noticed her aborted gesture to cover her mouth.

"…Something wrong?"  Heero asked, brushing his chocolatey hair out of deep blue eyes that stared into hers with suspicion. 

Ami blinked.  This was really ridiculous.  She hadn't known the man for more than an hour, and all he had to do was brush some hair out of his eyes and she began to feel sparks running through her blood.  She felt her face heat as he continued to stare at her.

"Nothing's wrong.  I…was thinking about how beautiful the stars looked, almost as if they are dancing to music so ancient humanity long ago lost the ability to hear it.  Unfortunately, that's not how it sounded in my head, and being a little tired my mind supp…" she cut herself off. 

What was wrong with her?!  She had just spouted something that sounded suspiciously like poetry.  She didn't even like poetry.  She had been rambling.  She never rambled.  She dealt in facts and patterns. And…oh heavens, the pilot…Heero Yuy, or, she smiled to herself, given his looks and name, more like Yuy Heero.  No no no no NO!  She was rambling again and this guy was really looking at her like…

He spoke again, his voice relatively deep and mellow for a teen that could not be more than fifteen years old.  "I know how you feel.  Quatre,"

Ami interrupted. "The dude in the chauffeur outfit."

Heero nodded.  "Quatre always says that there is something more out there than we know  He can read people's emotions so well it's like he's scary.  He says that the Heart of the Universe connects us all, and that it humanity just needs to realize it, to achieve peace, in order to understand.  I guess I agree with him.  My life has never been exactly peaceful, but a friend once told me the only thing you can't doubt in life are your emotions…" He smiled, and a sharp pain went through Ami as she realized that Heero probably didn't smile too often because it looked painful.  Yet he had shared it with her and she couldn't help but smile back. 

"I didn't think you'd understand," Ami said, anything to get the pilot she had obviously misjudged as being hot but unfriendly to open up more. 

Her words caused Heero to blink.  And blink again.  And once more, for good measure.  His mind quickly counted up the words that he had just spoken.  He had said way more in five minutes then he generally did in a month.  People were not supposed to cause him to open up.  Even if the person he was talking to was an attractive, obviously intelligent teenage female, even if that little thrill had gone through him again when she voiced the feelings he had always had when he got a chance to simply look at the stars.  He was supposed to have more control.  There was a war coming, and no way in hell could he allow himself to be soft.  He turned back to face the viewscreen.

Hurt glimmered in Ami's eyes for a flicker of a nano-second before it was masked by concern.  "Did I say something wrong?" She asked. 

"Hnnnn…" was the only response she got.

Hurt flared again in the oceans that were her eyes.  She closed them briefly, masking the pinprick of pain, until she was sure that it wouldn't show anymore.

"Alright, then, how about a different subject.  What's your favorite movie?" 

Heero shrugged. 





What did I do?  Ami wondered, rewinding the mental tape she had of the conversation that they had had only seven and a half minutes ago.  But try as she might, she couldn't find a single thing that might offended the pilot to whom she felt so connected.

"Fine then.  If you do not wish to speak to me any more Mr. Yuy, I will bid you a good-night," her voice was even, which she was proud of.  She wouldn't let anybody see her breakdown.  She had gotten off of a planet about to become bloody with war.  Somebody had taken her seriously.  So why did she still have a horrible feeling in the pit of her stomach?  Her thoughts carried her out of the control room and to the tiny bunker area.  She chose a bunk and strapped herself in, letting all her thoughts drift away.  The last sight she saw on the screen that were her eyelids before her mind shut down for the night was a stocky boy with messy chocolate hair and blue eyes so deep the ocean couldn't match them. 


A droning buzz informed the man still sitting at the controls of the shuttle that someone was trying to contact him.  He flicked a switch and a man appeared in a square of the moniter he was studying.

Heero studied the figure on the screen and had a reasonable guess as to why the slight blonde might call him.  The blue eyes darting pretty much everywhere and the foot kicking at the dust of the camp site confirmed his guess.

"Quatre."  The pilot nodded in the direction of the screen as he typed something into the controls and leaned back in his chair. 

"Hiya, Heero…"  The blonde glanced up and flashed a brilliant, if hesitant, smile. "Ummm…I just wanted to apologize for saying that you had no emotions.  While it may seem true to the average person, I was wrong to say it because I know better."

Heero broke down and reluctantly pulled the corners of his mouth up into a smile.  This is going to hurt tomorrow, he thought, given that two smiles in one day were unheard of for him.  Heck, two smiles in a week was generally pushing it. 

"It's okay, Quatre.  I know.  And I was a little impatient to get off the planet, so I'm sorry for being short-tempered." 

Quatre beamed, his aqua eyes brightening like a puppy who had been forgiven for doing something wrong.  Heero couldn't help but laugh at the look.  He laughed harder when Quatre looked shocked at his laughter.  Smiles were a normal, if rare occurance from the quiet Japanese teen, but laughter was almost never heard of.

Duo wandered into the comm-site area at this time, and looked at the screen to see who was laughing.  His jaw dropped.  Heero?  Laughing? 

"Oh, and Heero," Quatre got the other teen's attention, "there's been a change in plans…oomph!"  Quatre almost got knocked down as another familiar figure bowled into the screen. 

Braid swinging agitatedly back and forth, Duo swept his eyes up and down his friend, trying to evaluate the other's health status.  "Heero, buddy, are you okay?  You aren't hurt or anything?  No bruises on your head?"

Heero narrowed his eyes at the braided idiot…The American might have a genius level IQ, but he was still an idiot. 

"I'm fine."  Heero replied shortly. 

Duo looked scared.  Heero hadn't yelled at him or called him an idiot or told him to get off the screen so Quatre could finish his update.  Something was wrong.  Something had to be.  "You were LAUGHING." The American proclaimed.  "YOU NEVER LAUGH!"

Heero replied with a trademark "hnn."  He then elaborated.  "I didn't know it was against the law to laugh.  Let me write this down:  laughter is illegal."  The messy haired pilot looked up again.  "I wonder why they haven't thrown you in jail yet?"

Duo's jaw dropped further and Quatre, in an attempt to get his news finished as quickly as possible, began to rapid-fire off the announcement.

"Mission's changed, Heero.  Dr. J says that it's going to take Wufei longer than expected to complete his mission, so he won't be able to take charge of Dr. Mizuno for at least a month.  Also, the rest of us have other pressing missions to do…"  Quatre hesitated for a second before continuing.  "Soyou'regoingtohavetostaywiththedoctoruntilfurthernotice."

Heero's face blanked back to its normal emotionless state.  "What?"

Quatre took a deep breath. "You are going to have to stay with Dr.Mizuno until further notice.  Your missions have been divided between the rest of us...BYE!"

The square in which Quatre had been disappeared as the Arabian cut the power to the transmission.  Heero merely stared until something clicked in his head.  "Mission…accepted."


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