Okay, it has been nearly two whole months since I sent out that notice, but now I feel ready for an answer.

To all of you who personally shared your thoughts and expressed your support, I had decided to keep on writing after all.

I understand now that there are those who truly do care for the overall quality and progression of this story here. Now that I understand just how important and appreciated my work is, I do not want to let anyone else down with doubt and concern for the future.

This is also why I need to be brutally honest with myself here though. Perhaps that earlier notice of a potential cancellation was plain selfish on my end, a moment of me venting my personal frustrations outward at anywhere I could find, a mere child who has no idea what to do nor how to move forward with themselves.

However, at the end of the day, we are all human beings with daily lives, and I am no different in that regard. Just as how Ash himself and many people in real life often lash out with regret, so too I am not invincible to the faults and weaknesses of people going through their daily life. After all, my name certainly is not Marty Stu or Gary Stu.

It just goes to show how there are times when I do need to back off for a moment and re-think my approaches to all the problems that storm over my way.

There is another topic that I wish to clarify.

One of the main reasons it took me so long to write up these past few chapters, and especially the upcoming chapter, is because of the brand new power system I have created.

Starting all the way back in November 2016, I have been putting together a brand new power system to use for my story. During the entire time between then and now, I have been extensively researching ancient mythologies and practices of what is considered "magic". Furthermore, I have shared the final draft of this power system and its details with a fellow friend of mine for extra feedback, and we agree that the scale of my new power system is Tolkien-level big.

Now, with more than an entire year's worth of research behind it, I am ready to introduce it with its reveal in the upcoming chapter that I am writing up.

As a quick preview of my new power system, think of it as the highly fleshed out Nen system (from Hunter X Hunter) crossed together with Avatar: The Last Airbender. Add in a teeny wheeny hint of the stands from Jojo's Bizarre Adventures. All with my core topic of personal research as its fundamental base, and thus the creation of a brand new power/magic system, a completely original system to Inspirer.

And with that being said, this is also what I personally hope to share with other authors and readers alike. I have no interest in writing the latest fads or fashion trends, a mere spectacle that will immediately be forgotten and buried beneath the dusty archives here.

No. I want to leave behind something that will be remembered. Something that will stick with us years after it is closed away. A grand-scaled epic that will touch as many hearts and souls as possible, one that any reader here can personally learn from and benefit throughout daily life. My treasure for the future years ahead of this moment.

That is also why I created this new power system in the first place. I hope to share it with authors and readers as I believe it could be immensely helpful with creativity, and it would be another treasure to leave behind. Furthermore, I hope to hear everyone else's feedback when I do reveal and explain it, because it will be important for me to know whether or not my writing is easy or hard to understand.

To those who showed their support and expressed their thoughts on the subject of cancellation, please understand that I really do appreciate each and every single one of your thoughts being shared.

Really now, it tells me that what I do is more than worth the time and investment, that you take time out to share your thoughts (either support or critically) means a lot to me. It tells me that such work is appreciated, and that is what keeps me going through daily life.

Always remember that.

For that reason, I leave this message for all of you here.


Many leaves fall from the Ash Tree

And with it many stories vanish in the breeze.

But to those who never gave up on my one little seed

And for those who always expressed their purest wishes of gratitude for me to heed.

This is for all of us who grew up here.

For those who never gave up on Ash Ketchum growing up for his dreams

And for those who still believe in a future of our brightest seams...


Book 2 – Ancient Origins of Unova.

Coming soon.