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**Warning!** Excessive swearing in chapter 1

He was pretty certain he could hear his world shattering around him as he stood by watching in horror.

Axl, his baby brother whom he had been forced to raise when he was a child himself when Mike disappeared for months at a time was pacing the bar angrily, hurling profanities at him for something that had been outside his control. It wasn't his fault Gaia had turned up at his door when Mitchell was working, it wasn't his fault Bragi and Iðunn had taken control of their vessels and had fucked like there was no tomorrow and it certainly wasn't his fault that Gaia had a big mouth and blabbed about it to Axl after she left.

"Axl," Mike tried again with no real effort. "Just stop and -"

"NO!" The youngest Johnson roared, slamming his fist onto the bar top and glaring back at them all. "This piece of shit has ruined my life! Ruined my relationship!" He turned to point at Anders with no small amount of fury lining his face. "And what's worse is that he did it willingly -"

Anders stared at his brother scandalised. "Woah excuse me?!"

"- And didn't give a flying fuck as to how it would affect me!"

"Axl," he scoffed, "I had no control over this! Why the fuck would you think I'd want to have anything to do with your wet blanket when I have someone like Mitchell as a partner?!"

"Don't insult Gaia like that you fucking prick!"

The insult, on top of the others he had received that day was one too many. Anders drew himself up to his full height, well aware he would remain tiny compared to his siblings but physical height had nothing on the size of his anger.

"I'm not the one who came knocking and looking for a quick shag. It was your stupid bitch who came to my flat, knocked on my door and you have the audacity to accuse me of using her?! If Gaia can't keep her panties on because she's so fucking easy that she'll fuck any guy who even bothers looking at her then I am the last one -"

Mike, Ty and Olaf all groaned in exasperation as Axl let out a roar and lunged forward, his hands wrapping around the lapels of Anders jacket.

Ty shook his head. "Anders you dick."


Anders groaned from where he was sprawled on the floor but otherwise didn't respond whilst Mike rolled his eyes at his brother's stupidity.

"I don't think you have that authority Axl," Olaf murmured as Mike moved towards the rubbish pile.

"Yeah well I wish we didn't know him," the young God spat, feeling unbelievably smug about the fact his brother was too afraid to get up again. Someone had to put him in his place.

"Anders you ok?" Mike asked, nudging his brother who had yet to move.

Still there was no response. Assuming he was faking an injury to gain whatever sympathy he could he turned away in order to calm Axl down when Ullr caught a whiff of something the God of the Hunt was all too familiar with. "What the…"

He crouched down and pushed at Anders shoulder, rolling him onto his side before he began screaming for Michele, his hand slamming down over the gash on the side of his brother's neck in an effort to stem the blood that was spurting out.

"Holy shit!" Ty gasped as they saw the pool of crimson surrounding the blond. "MICHELE!"

Heavy footsteps resounded above them and then on the wooden stairs as the goddess came sprinting down. She raced to their sides and took one glance at the scene before turning on her heel and hurrying back up the stairs.

"Where are you going?!"

"I've gotta get something!"

The sight was too much for Axl, his mouth opening and closing in shock at what he'd done. He was angry yes, but he'd never intended to actually hurt his brother…

"Fuck," he breathed before sprinting out the front door.

"Axl?! What are you doing?! AXL!"

"I've got it!"

Michele was back, crouching down beside Ty and Olaf with one hand clasped firmly around Yggdrasil and the other pushing the cloth that had appeared out of the way.

Mike barely glanced at what his girlfriend was doing; too busy trying to get through to the emergency services with his eyes never leaving Anders quickly paling face. "Just keep him alive till I can get an ambulance."

But Michele was already shaking her head, bemoaning her hatred of blood even as the familiar warm light radiated from her hand onto the flesh beneath it. "Don't need an ambulance."

The small group watched as the skin knitted itself together, ceasing all blood flow as though the gash had never been there in the first place. They remained silent, watching the blond for any movement, any sign of life.

There was none.

"Is he..." Mike began, only to fall silent when Michele shook her head.

"Yggdrasil doesn't work on the dead. He'll live. With any luck he'll be brain damaged but given that all the blood resides in his dick, probably not. You can thank me later."

Well he certainly wasn't feeling very thankful, especially not with all that blood now staining the drop sheets and rubbish. Honestly if someone saw it right now they'd think they'd stumbled upon a murder scene.

Which, considering what had just happened probably wasn't too far off the mark.

He turned to his two remaining and conscious family members. "Ty, Olaf, take him back to his flat would you? I really don't need him lying around here for hours on end. I'm going to get Axl, text me when you've dropped him off or he's woken. I don't really care which one comes first."

Grabbing his jacket off the bar Mike headed outside. The moment he crossed the doorway however his eyes glazed over and he paused, his body swaying slightly in the breeze.

He blinked rapidly, frowning slightly to himself when he tried to recall the reason Axl had run off before he shrugged and headed down towards the rail yard where he could sense his younger brother. Maybe he wanted pizza for dinner.

"Jesus," Ty groaned as they dragged Anders up the stairs, his dead weight threatening to topple them as they tried to get him to his apartment. "How can someone so small be so heavy?"

Olaf grunted in agreement as they made the landing and dug through his pockets before he found his drunk key. Opening the apartment door they hauled Anders inside and straight to his bed, literally dumping the unconscious blond onto the duvet and moved out to the kitchen.

"Do you think we should stay until he wakes?" Ty asked as he washed his hands. Having his brother's blood on his hands literally as well as figuratively was something he wanted to forget as soon as possible. He should've done more to help Anders but hadn't bothered. Hopefully he would understand his hesitancy.

"Do you want to be around when Mitchell arrives back?" the bald god countered. If the look on Ty's face was anything to go by then the answer was no.

"Let's just get some juice and chocolate and leave it on the bed beside him," the brunet decided instead. "That way if he wakes he'll have something to help with the low blood pressure and it'll look like we tried to help him."

Agreeing it was probably their best course of action Ty quickly fetched aforementioned items from the fridge, knowing that with Mitchell feeding from Anders once a week or so they kept those two items well stocked in case of emergency and hurried to the bedroom, depositing them on the bedside table.

"You really need to know when to keep your mouth shut Anders," Ty told his brother quietly. With an exasperated shake of the head he left the room and motioned to Olaf that it was time for them to leave.

As they stepped outside of the apartment the pair froze, their eyes glazing over. With a slight shake of their heads they glanced at each other before shrugging and heading back down the stairs.

"Nice décor here," Olaf commented as Ty opened the door. "You'd have to be earning a fair amount to live here don't you think?"

Inside the apartment time passed slowly for its sole occupant, the silence occasionally broken by soft whimpers when his sleep was disturbed by pain.

Anders woke twice over the course of the day, the first time barely long enough to shift up the bed towards the pillows before collapsing and the second time just long enough to drink half the cup of juice before falling into a light doze once again.

The third time he woke it was dark, the sun having long since set leaving a chill in its wake. Anders shivered as he became more aware of his surroundings and squirmed enough until he was underneath his blankets. He was pale, shaky, his clothing clung to his skin uncomfortably and even the slightest movement made him light headed.

Never had a feeding left him this feeling this weak; Mitchell only ever needed a few mouthfuls before he was sated and happy. So why did it feel like he had nearly been bled dry?

A trembling hand snaked its way out from beneath the duvet and fumbled for the bar of chocolate before dragging it towards his waiting mouth where, after struggling to get it open, he quickly devoured the small piece of heaven. As he lay there, waiting for the sugar to take effect he tried to remember what had happened, what had led to Mitchell taking so much blood only to leave him helpless in bed.

But the more he thought about it the more he realised that he hadn't seen Mitchell since that morning, the last memory of him was the vampire's delectable ass as he sprinted out the door after a round of drawn-out, fabulous sex to ensure he wasn't late for work. So if he hadn't been with Mitchell…

After some scrabbling he managed to get the phone from the bedside table and dialled Mike's bar.


"Mike I need you to tell me what happened?"

"Sorry who's this?"

"Funny Mikkal. I need to know why the fuck I feel like I almost bled to death… almost did in fact if the amount of blood on my shirt is anything to go by." It was only then that he'd noticed just how bloodstained his white shirt was. No wonder he felt so bloody dizzy.

"Look pal I don't know who you are or what you're talking about but I'd suggest the hospital if you've been hurt."

"Ok seriously Mike," Anders said slowly, "this isn't funny. It's me, Anders."

A pause then "I don't know any Anders."

"Anders," the blond tried again, "your younger brother, the second oldest of the Johnson clan. You, me, Ty, Axl and Grandpa. We're Norse go – for fuck sake this isn't funny Mike!"

He was aware he was beginning to sound hysterical, but how could Mike not remember him?

And then it hit him.


"Fuck. FUCK!" He swore, sitting bolt upright in horror. "Tell Axl this isn't funny, this joke is lame and the games over."

"Alright look," Anders could tell his brother was beginning to sound pissed and the barely controlled calm tone gave him an awful feeling. "I have no idea who you are or what you want with my family but FYI I have two brothers, none of whom are named Anders. And this whole nonsense of Norse gods clearly indicates you need to get your head checked. Have a good day sir -"

"No wait Mikkal please -"

"Oh and another thing?" Mike snapped. "Lose this number.

I don't have a brother named Anders. Never have and never will."