I feel the need to point out that the phones Anders calls in this are landlines. Y'know, the ones that hook up to your house for all those youngin's who've never had one in their house before. XD I'm sure everyone here knows what they are but I wanted to point out that it's not cells he's calling because his name would have appeared otherwise :P Oh and he's using a landline himself to call hence why it doesn't break. You'll see what I'm babbling on about shortly.

I don't have a brother named Anders. Never have and never will.

The phone slipped from his fingers onto the duvet below, a chill that had nothing to do with the blood loss making his skin crawl uncomfortably. He swallowed thickly, trying to fight back the tears that were threatening to form. Being disowned had been a threat he'd heard often over the years, one he thought he'd managed to steel himself against long ago when belt buckles and the back of hands were the only source of affection given, but ever since meeting Mitchell, ever since learning to open up to the curly haired brunet it seemed that even his natural defences had been weakened.

Anders glared at the phone, scrubbing a hand across his eyes furiously to rid them of tears before he picked it up again and dialled Ty's number. Mike might think it funny to play a joke as cruel as this on him, but no matter how much he'd pissed off his younger brother Anders knew Ty would always tell him the truth. Anders had always guarded his heart and hidden his true feelings behind a mask whereas Ty wore both on his sleeve. They were opposites, dark and light, but they would always look after each other.

At least, he hoped that was still the case.


"Ty its Anders. What happened at Mikes tonight?"

There was a pause then – "Sorry who?"

No. Nonononono this couldn't be happening…

"This isn't funny Ty, what the fuck happened?!"

"Look I'm sorry but I think you have the wrong -"

He stabbed the end call button before his brother even finished and quickly dialled Dawn, then Olaf.

And each time he got the same response; "Sorry who?"

"FUCK!" he roared, throwing the phone across the room before burying his hands in his hair as it crashed noisily against the wall. Panic like he hadn't felt in years crashed through him, choking him, creating black spots that danced merrily across his vision until he collapsed against the headboard dizzily. He didn't understand how this could have happened; how Axl's tantrum had somehow morphed into his very existence being wiped from the memories of those he cared about.

It was probably a bit much thinking he'd been wiped from the memory of those that cared about him after all.

Wait, he sat up suddenly as though struck by lightning, realisation and hope setting fire to every cell in his body. Not everyone.

"Mitchell." His vampire, the one he had given his fragile heart to with shaking hands and tentative faith, a heart that had been shattered and stomped all over one too many times but that Mitchell had helped repair, piece by delicate piece… his vampire that would never forget him.

He threw the duvet back and pushed himself out of the bed, only to have his forehead collide painfully with the corner of the bedside table when his legs gave out beneath him.

"Oh for fucks sakes!" He grumbled, rubbing the stinging spot and grimaced when his fingers came away with a thin stream of blood smeared over them.

Between using the bed and the stand to push against he hauled himself up, gripping the wooden table with white knuckles when he started swaying dangerously.

"Fuck you Axl," he muttered with a small shake of his head in disgust. If he tried any harder he was pretty certain he'd end up on the floor again so best not risk it.

"Fuck you Axl, fuck you Mike and fuck you Gods! I don't need you or them, not now not ever. Good fucking riddance to this whole screwed up family!"

No all he needed was Mitchell, the wild, mysterious and loving brunet who insisted they move slowly with their relationship, something Mitchell had wanted in order to learn everything he could about him and ensure the relationship was something Anders had wanted. And oh how he'd wanted; not once since meeting the vampire in the aquarium where he had shared a fact about the baby penguins that were running around had he regretted talking to him. And he certainly hadn't regretted the dinner and night of wild passion that followed during what was meant to be a relaxing day out.

In fact, perhaps the timing of this whole banishment couldn't have been better. They had yet to move in together, Mitchell currently living in an apartment near the pub he worked at and after much consideration the previous week he had been planning to ask the brunet to move in with him when Mitchell came over for the weekend. They could start a new life, free of Gods and his screwed up family and their constant blaming of him for every little thing that didn't go their way.

He was ready to take the next step, and the banishment offered the perfect opportunity.

Still slightly unsteady on his feet he stumbled over to his wardrobe and grabbed a coat that would hide the ridiculous amount of blood currently staining his white dress shirt, in too much of a hurry to bother changing it at all. Satisfied it hid most of the damage he left the bedroom and made his way out the front door, pausing briefly to put on his shoes.

It was pure luck that he lived just a five minute walk away from Mitchell's work place, and once he was certain he wouldn't collapse the moment he began walking he made his way there as fast as he could.

Eventually the brick and wooden building came into view and Anders sped up, praying with every fibre of his being to any deity that wasn't Norse that Mitchell would greet him with open arms and kiss away the hurt that still resounded within him.

And it was because he was so focused on getting to his lover that he completely missed the three people lurking in the shadows, following him silently until one of them collided with him heavily and shoved him into the alley right beside the pub.

"What the fuck?!"

Anders looked at the small group in bewilderment, his heart hammering crazily as they moved closer, boxing him in against the wall.

"My my, aren't you a gorgeous little thing," one woman cooed, her jet black hair shimmering and framing her pale face enticingly. "I wonder what your pretty little face would look like if I tied you up and played with you."

The other female in the group scoffed. "Forget pretty," she said, dragging in a deep breath and moaning slightly. "He smells fucking amazing!"

Anders frowned. What were they talking about? He glanced at the lone male in the group who was smirking at him before his eyes flickered to black making everything suddenly clear.



They must've smelled the dried blood on his shirt and decided he'd be an easy target, which, considering his earlier blood loss he would undoubtedly be, especially if he had to try and defend himself against all three of them. Just after he and Mitchell had admitted to the other what their supernatural abilities were the vampire had taken it upon himself to show Anders a few basic self-defence moves in order to keep him safe against others of his kind.

But despite knowing he could safely put Mitchell on his ass if he needed to there was no way in hell he could fight off these three.

Taking a deep breath he summoned Bragi, hoping his residential god and the reason for all this shit in the first place would give him enough power to make them pause before anything happened. He needed to get Mitchell's attention from his place inside the pub somehow before they attacked at the very least.

"You don't want me," he began "I'm more trouble than I'm worth trust me. You'd be better off finding some college kid to snack on who wouldn't put up a fight."

The trio stilled and frowned at him, their heads quirking to the side slightly as though something buzzed in their ears giving him a glimmer of hope. Unfortunately that was snuffed out faster than it had appeared. No sooner had he made them freeze than the male had charged and slammed him against the wall with a hand firmly around his throat.

"I don't know what the fuck you are pretty boy but I never let meals walk away." His fangs flashed, a smirk curling his lip at the unbridled fear in his prey's eyes when the side door to the pub opened.

There was a pause then –


Anders hit the ground heavily; coughing violently as he tried to regain his breath after the vampire had squeezed tight enough to cut off his airway. He could barely make out the sound of feet pounding the pavement or the animalistic snarls through the roaring of blood in his ears, but the warm hands that eventually cupped his face and tilted his head up allowed him to breathe in the all too familiar scent.

"-ou ok? H-y yo- -k? Jus- -eathe, -n and ou -"

Someone must've stuffed his ears full of cotton. He could barely hear the words Mitchell was speaking but the vampire's mouth was close enough that what his hearing failed to catch his eyes was able to read in the streetlight. He did as he was told, taking long, deep breaths until the sounds of the night became clearer and his vision no longer murky.

It seemed Mitchell was able to sense the change for he was given a relieved smile. "Feeling better?"

"Yeah." He winced at the raspiness of his voice, wishing he didn't sound as weak as he felt. He tried clearing his throat as Mitchell stood from his crouch and offered him a hand which he took gratefully, and when he was back on his feet he wrapped his arms around the brunet.

"I'm so glad to see you," he mumbled into the tight-fitting black t-shirt. "After everything that's happened all I've been able to think about was seeing you. Jesus if you hadn't arrived when you did…"

It was then that he noticed the embrace he currently had Mitchell wrapped in hadn't been returned. He froze, the feeling of ice sliding down his spine when a tentative hand patted him awkwardly on the back.

"Um," Mitchell said after a moment. "You're welcome?"

Anders drew away slowly, trying to keep his breathing as steady as possible. "Mitch?"

The brunet scratched the back of his head awkwardly. "Sorry mate but do we know each other?"

Fuck. This couldn't be happening; there was no way this could happen!

Anders looked at Mitchell in sinking horror as the full meaning of Axl's banishment finally became clear. "-HEREBY BANISH YOU FROM YOUR FAMILY AND THOSE THAT KNOW YOU!"

No,he thought desperately. Please no! Anything but this! Anything but Mitchell!

"You ok?" Mitchell's question, Mitchell's innocent and misunderstanding question should have been his undoing.

But it wasn't.

After taking a brief second to close his eyes against the grief and despair that was welling up inside him he shot the vampire what he hoped was a convincing smile.

"Yeah," he replied on an exhale. "Yeah I just – sorry about that by the way I shouldn't have -"

"Its fine," the brunet cut in quickly. "You'd been ganged up on three to one; it's understandable to be grateful."

Grateful was the last thing he was feeling if he were honest but he wasn't about to tell Mitchell that. Especially since he was nothing but a stranger to him now.

"Uh yeah," he agreed instead. "Yeah they were pretty full on. Probably looking for some easy cash or something." Another lie on top of the ones he'd already told his lover. Ex-lover now it seemed. "They probably wouldn't have done much harm."

Mitchell turned to glare down the alley where he'd chased off the three vampires. If only this mortal had known how close to death he'd come… perhaps he'd be less nonchalant about it. "You never know," he told the blond, eyes raking over his smaller form and narrowing slightly when the scent and sight of coppery blood on the stark white shirt grabbed his attention. "People can be crueller than they appear."

"Isn't that the truth," Anders muttered under his breath in agreement. He knew first hand just how cruel seemingly harmless people could be. He'd certainly experienced it often enough in his life. "Listen thanks for the help. I should probably head home, enough excitement for one night and all that."

His heart ached at the concerned look the brunet gave him and took a step back to avoid doing something he might regret.

Mitchell's sense of duty didn't seem to like that.

"Are you sure?" The vampire asked, closing the gap between them. "You've lost a lot of blood-"

"None of which was done here I promise. I'll be fine, I've been through worse and I'm still here."

That fact barely seemed to comfort Mitchell it seemed but Anders didn't care. He walked back a few steps and turned to face the road, glancing over his shoulder with a smirk.

"Oh and in answer to your earlier question, you've offered some good advice once or twice when I've been here. I guess I owe you another beer."

"I guess you will."

He turned and walked away, barely making it to the end of the alley when the side door shut loudly behind him and he was left alone, abandoned, once again.