Merle and Andrea, addicted to facebook games. I don't know why they are, there is a little plot twist. Hope you enjoy something or a different ship.

Chapter Text

Andrea stomped her foot on the floor and called out her daughters name and she didn't turn around. She kept playing with her pony's and making them bounce around the coffee table, she was happy enough playing with toys, tomorrow she would be going to her new school. Andrea was looking forward to it but McKenna was worried that she might not fit in or not know enough signs to make friends.

She sighed, they told her that it wasn't going to last forever she could get her hearing back. Could, would, should, all words that had been passed around over and over amongst the doctors and surgeons and the person who had told her her daughter could no longer hear like she used too. It could get better, she should get some hearing back and she would be able to live perfectly happy with the limited hearing and just muck on with it. Andrea was more concerned that what would she do if she lost even more hearing and McKenna was left with scilence, Andrea didn't want that for her, so they packed up and moved.

She could hear her face to face only if Andrea shouted at her but now she was struggling to communicate with her daughter. Everything had gone wrong a few months ago when Sophia got really sick and her ears drums burst and her temperature spiked then all of a sudden Sophia lost over seventy percent of her hearing.

Andrea looked at the signs around round apartment they were staying in, it was dirt cheap and you could tell. She stood there for a moment going through the alphabet with her fingers. Then she hit a app on her phone and typed in the word she needed. Dinner... it was so simple yet both of them were struggling to even complete new tasks. They moved towns also, moved states. They moved because of schools, Sophia now was going to go to a mixed school with hearing and non hearing children because they would teach her sign language and they would also help Sophia succeed long term.

Her ex who only saw McKenna once a month if she was lucky, he had told her he didn't want a kid that was defective, so she had no reason to stay anywhere and decided to take the option that presented itself to her. Move, quit her job for a while and help McKenna. She had savings, she had the money from the sale of the joint home she used to own and now she had to make things better for McKenna. Better for her.

She'd been in contact with the principle of the new school and tomorrow they would be meeting with the counselor to help McKenna's transition. Andrea just was hoping that she wouldn't just shut down like she normally did and would let everyone know her needs. Getting out the door would be the key thing for tomorrow.

Andrea managed to get her daughter through dinner talking to each other a the table. Andrea was almost yelling at her daughter, hearing aids would be ready in a week and hopefully they would make a huge difference for her. She helped her shower, and washed her hair. She helped her into her boxers and tee shirt, no frilly pajama's for McKenna she would just toss them on the floor.

She walked back into the kitchen and opened up her laptop and set herself up a new facebook account. She did have one but even though her ex didn't want to see McKenna anymore he still harassed her online. So she made a new account and she only had five friends on it. Five friends who hated her ex's guts who would never ever give it over to him. But most of all she missed a couple of her online friends that she met through playing games. She went through all the motions of sorting out a new facebook and then she searched her games.

Leaving the other profile meant that she lost all her usual games. The only game she wanted to see was farmtown and the only online friend she was looking for right now was the one she'd been friends with for some time now who'd talked her through her divorce and offered friendly banter and jokes back and forwards between them. Some online flirting because she missed him. She been missing him because she only been checking in once or twice a day leaving him notes because they kept missing each other because she was busy with McKenna and she hadn't even told him how her life had been flipped upside down in the past month. She did drop him a note to say she was shifting to Georgia, the general area she was moving. She had a brief reply a few days ago and she wanted to touch base with him again. She didn't know why, he was just a good friend to have.

He seemed to play a lot of games as she did and all his characters had the same name. Digby, she loaded farmtown. They were not facebook friends but she would often see him popping into her farm, they hired each other every time they saw their characters on the screen and now she wanted to see if she could find him again. She had to find him again, she didn't even tell him she was deactivating her old facebook account, all her games would just be deleted and he wouldn't know why.

She looked around at the bare small farm she now had. She was sad about it, it was strange, she knew she was addicted to online games. It was her thing that she did night after night talking with strangers from around the world. She walked her character about and then headed off to the town of the game to see if she could find her friend Digby. He was at the bar talking to other characters when she finally found him.

"Hi Digby, its me," Andrea typed in to the computer to get his attention, his character turned around looking at hers.


"Handy Andy... new profile." She typed in, she smiled because he was trusting her, but then who else would come up to him telling him that it was her or not.

"Meet me at my farm."


She followed him back to his farm, she laughed as she landed on top on him, he walked away and turned around looking at her character on the screen. He started talking.

Where were you,

I had to delete my other account - sorry Handy Andy.

Can I buy you a beer? Digby

Lol, let me plow your fields, I lost everything and my old farm is gone. Handy Andy

You playing fishtown too? Digby

No, I just, Handy Andy

Just what? Digby

Wanted to talk. Handy Andy

Yeah, did you leave your husband? You didn't shift with him did you? Digby

No! God no! I'm totally sworn off men... forever, thankyou . Handy Andy

Gee thanks... I was going to ask you to come up and look at my flowers, we could take a stroll, but I need someone to plow my fields if you want too. Digby

Yeah, this sucks, I don't know if I can be bothered starting my farm up again. Handy Andy

I missed you, it sounds stupid but I was wondering where you were, glad you are back. Digby

I'm not going anywhere, I'll just come hang out for a bit. What have you been doing, Handy Andy

Working. Nothing exciting at all happens anymore. I barely go out anywhere. Digby

I'm still unpacking, my daughters asleep finally. Handy Andy

Nice, best time of the evening, how old is she again? Digby, they talked for another hour online before they said goodnight and they would catch up again tomorrow.