"Hermione, I just had the greatest idea ever."

Hermione Granger was a very smart girl and as a smart girl she knew she had to persuade harry to stop this scheme of his before someone got hurt.

"Harry James Potter, I don't know what you're planning and I don't want any part of it."

With that sufficient answer, she turned and continued to read the book that she was holding. What she never noticed was that her cold refusal only made harry more DETERMINED to see his goal through.

"Hey Ron, buddy, pal, best friend, I got to tell you of the greatest idea I have ever gotten within the halls of Hogwarts."

Ron Weasley was tired. He had just finished his quidditch practice session and all he wanted to do was sleep for a week straight, he was so tired he could feel it in his BONES. Finally managing to turn around and look at his best mates face, he said.

"Come back later mate, I'm dead tired."

With that Ronald Weasley fell asleep.

"Come in."

Albus Dumbledore was old. He knew that he was old which was why he was training the student in front of him to be his successor.

"How has your day been my boy, would you like to try this newly made candy from hunnydukes?"

Albus pointed to his bowl of candies that didn't hold his favourite candies, but new ones named BUTTERSCOTCH & CINNIMEN MINI PIES.

"No sir, I came here to ask for your opinion on an idea that I've been having for awhile."

Before Albus could hear Harry's opinion, an emergency message from the order popped on one of his gadgets in the office. Standing up, Albus explained to Harry.

"Sorry Harry, but I must see what the problem is. Fawkes!"

And with that Albus disappeared in flames.

Harry really didn't want to go through his idea without the support of his friends, but he decided that if it would give him a chance against Voldemort that he would do it. Walking backwards and forwards three times in front of the door to the room of requirement, harry said.

"I need a room that will give me the power to defeat Voldemort."

When the door appeared Harry wasted no time in entering. The first thing Harry saw upon entering the golden hallway was a figure, it spoke.

"Hey, nice to meet ya kiddo, you do know that getting to Voldemorts level is gonna' take a skele-TON of work."

Voldemort was not happy per say, he was content with his speech to the residents of Hogwarts and his call out of the potter boy. If only the boy would hurry up!

"He's not here, my lord."

Voldemort stilled, scanning the area of his camp in the forbidden forest, searching for any signs of the boy. Damn him, he was sure the boy would give himself up. Too bad, looks like there will be a purge tonight. Standing up and activating the spell to throw sound into the great hall of Hogwarts, but before he could speak there was a voice.

"You missed me."

Spinning around he saw the owner of the voice, harry potter himself had chosen to foolishly sacrifice himself to save those pathetic mudbloods still in the castle.

"So Harry Potter, The-boy-who-lived, do you have any words to say before I send you to your mother?"

The boy just stood there, looking at him, smiling a giga-watt smile with shaded eyes. Then he spoke.

"Yep, I got a message for ya; if you don't get yourself and your scum out of Hogwarts, then you guys ARE GONNA HAVE A BAD TIME."

The great hall of Hogwarts was the quietest that it has ever been. Why, you ask, is because of Voldemorts last spell from his time on earth. The sound thrower.

"That almost made me laugh. Very well boy, you may take the first shot." Said Voldemort.

"Tried to warn you, well here's my move."


There was silence before harry spoke the words that would be immortalized in the wizarding world for ages to come.

"Get Dunked On,"