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Gîl síla erin lû e-govaded vín. [A star shines upon the hour of our meeting.]


Aragorn slowly approached Elrond's study and knocked.

No answer.

He stood straight, waiting a few moments to see if the door would swing open.

It never did.

Minutes passed. After watching the door for awkward minutes he returned to his room.

They had fought bitterly. Aragorn had just returned from a mission with the Dúnedain. For the first few days, the man had been content to roam through Imaldris with his two respective brothers. Elrond had let them go, despite the weariness and pain in his heart. During these times the Last Homely House was silent, filled with neither his bickering twins nor his ever-radiant daughter nor the young and bubbling Estel of youth. The twins, though still bickering, had been touched by the evil around them, as had Arwen, who had left to reside with her grandmother, Galadriel. Even his wife had left him, sailing for the Undying Lands. When Estel had arrived, he felt his Hope seep back into the plants and trees of his fair Rivendell. But soon the mortal child was grown, and though his eyes still glimmered with Hope, that shine had left Rivendell with him.

Now it had returned in the young man, and Elrond's old heart had leapt for joy with the coming of his adoptive son. And so for many days he had allowed Aragorn to roam freely and silenced his yearning heart. But upon the fifth day of his son's visit, Elrond could take no more.

"No, you may not venture to Mirkwood." Elrond's eyes were alight, which made all his sons recoil, their muscles tense.

"Lord Elrond, I meant no dishonor," Aragorn tried to explain, but Elrond would have none of it. Lord Elrond? Am I not regarded as his father anymore?

"It is enough." He silenced the man.

The twins glanced at each other fearfully from across the round table. They had known of Aragorn's request, and had suggested that he wait to state it. Their brother had not listened, but had instead asked them to accompany him to visit Legolas, the Prince of Mirkwood and his closest friend. After some discussion they agreed, but continued to advise Aragorn to wait until his trip would be more favorable. The ranger had ignored their pleas.

Now he sat across from his adoptive father, his face betraying his confusion. Elrond stared angrily down at his plate.

"Forgive me, but I do not understand your disapproval. I've have made this trip many times, and I have asked the twins to accompany me..."

Elrond's eyes widened. His head turned to Elladan on his right, then to Elrohir on his left. They both cringed.

"You knew of this?" Elrond's voice was dangerously low. "You knew and did not tell me? Worse, you wold join him!" His voice had risen to a shout, one that echoed through the halls of the Last Homely House and alerted all within of the lord's wrath.

"Ada, forgive us, we only meant to—" Elladan began.

"—to assist him when the time to leave should come," Elrohir finished. "We did not encourage him."

Elrond's eyes swept from Elladan to Elrohir, then came to rest on Estel. "You are to remain within doors until directed otherwise. This is an order, Aragorn." Rarely did the Lord of Imaldris refer to his son using his birth name. He stood and turned to leave.

The ranger's mouth fell open. "By what authority? I am grown now, Ada! I am leader of the rangers of the North. You cannot confine me to this building!"

Elrond whipped around. "As Lord of Imaldris, I condemn you to remain under my roof! Failure to comply is punishable by whatever I decide. You dare ask me by what authority? Discover this for yourself. You are dismissed."


"You are DISMISSED!"

Elrond's back was again to the table. Glancing between his two brothers, Aragorn gathered his things and went to the exit. He looked at his father with fear as he passed. Elrond regarded him with fury. Soon the ranger was gone, and the room fell to a heavy silence.

The twins stood, gathering their plates and turning in the opposite direction of their father. They then exited, going to the kitchen.

Elrond listened to his sons' escape, but did not turn. Hearing them leave, he closed his eyes and sighed deeply. Turning back, he stared at the two half-finished plates, the closest his own, the farthest Estel's. Bending wearily, he took his own dishes in his hands, then crossed the table to reach for his son's. Bearing both, he slowly followed the steps of his two sons, down to the kitchen.

In Mirkwood, a similar yet opposite situation was unfolding.