Kyoshi: Hello all!! ::waves:: I'm Kyoshi!! I'm the insane one, and you have to deal with me for the minute. I sent Saffire to go get more Fresca!! So you won't see her for a while. Anyway this story kinda has meaning to me. I've put many of my experiences and feelings into this, as a way to get them down on paper and such. The only differences are, well, many things. I never got with my Yami. I don't even have a Yami, I have Saffire. She's sorta my other half I guess. Anyway- In this story there will be angst, though not in this chapter, I have to work my way to it. There will also be lotsa fluff!! I LOVE fluffy fics, so I have to put in fluff. Though there isn't any right now. I'm all for YxY, BxR, SxJ, and if I get to know them better I might just put Malik and Marik in ^^ They're my new favorite charecrters.

Yami: I though I was your favorite!

Kyoshi: You are one of my favorites! Not my only!

Saffire: I'm back!! I managed to get two cases. This should last us a few days. Wait, this won't last long ^^;;

Kyoshi: We'll just get more later.

Bakura: What exactly IS the point of this story?

Kyoshi: I already wrote what it was about. I guess the point is that I am horribly messed up in the head and I am insane, people hate me, I prefer androgynous men (and girls ^^;;) to manly men, I'm lonely, people seem to have this idea that I have some infectious disease, I have a big obsession with Yaoi and J-Rock (both of which people don't know about or don't like), and there are probably a few other things if I took the time to write them down. So I sorta ended up turning Yugi into myself.

Yugi: What'd you do that for?!

Kyoshi: Makes a good plot I guess.

Seto: I noticed that neither I nor the Puppy have a part in this chapter.

Jou: Don't call me Puppy!! My name is Jounouchi!! Get it through your thick skull!!

Seto: ::pats Jou on the head:: Good boy. ::turns and walks away from Jou::

Jou: I just about give up with that idiot.

Kyoshi: Anyway ^^;; Also later on I'll probably put in a few things about Wicca to make the story a bit different. Saffire practices it more than me, since she is my mystical side. She'll be writing those parts. I hope that doesn't offend anyone to be doing it.

Saffire: Don't even bother with trying to apologize for offending people. With the way this story is going many many things will offend many many people. Take for example the part where Yugi is a cu-::gets hand clamped over her mouth::

Kyoshi: Saffire!! You're not supposed to reveal that!! Or anything else for that matter. ::takes her hand away from Saffire's mouth::

Saffire:: Ok, just to let the people know again that this story WILL contain YAOI! I Love Yaoi very much, and it offends us if you call us sick freaks for writing our beliefs. So if you flame us you'll have to deal with Yami Malik, aka Marik. And anyone who knows how he gets will never think of flaming people again!

Ryou: Kyo-ko, Saffie-chan, disclaimer?

Kyoshi: Oh yes! I almost forgot about that! Now who should do the disclaimer today? Hmm… How about you Bakura! ^____^ Without your shirt too.

Bakura: WHAT?! No way in HELL am I gonna do that!

Saffire:: Pretty pretty please Baku-chan??

Bakura: Don't call me that!!

Saffire: Ryou! Make your Yami cooperate!

Ryou: ::sigh:: fine. ::goes to Bakura and whispers something in his ear::

Bakura: You promise? ::at Ryou's nod he sighs:: fine. ::strips off his shirt:: Neither Kyoshi nor Saffire own Yu-gi-oh or anything much for that matter. The plot is their's and I don't know why you'd want to steal the story of their pathetic lives. The only thing they really own is Yukichi, though it NEVER works, and their two demon kitties Shadow-kun and Kei-chan. There. Happy? ::notices Ryou slightly drooling::

Kyoshi: I think that's it. Ready to get on with the story? ::all nod, some reluctantly though:: Ok then! On with the story!


Yugi Motou was a pretty average kid, if you disregard his dealings with dueling and the sennen items. Though with all he has had to go through in his life he seemed normal. But not even Yami, his spirit from the sennen puzzle, knew just how vulnerable Yugi was.

Since he was a young boy, Yugi has been very short for his age and he looked like a target for those who got their pleasure from harassing smaller kids. These type of people exploited his weakness and he wasn't able to defend himself well. The continuous teasing, mocking, bullying, and beating can wear down a person, and someone can only take so much till they break down and believe their oppressor's taunting. Poor Yugi had to deal with this for over 16 years. His protector Yami didn't even know how all of this affected his Hikari, his Aibou. But how would he soothe Yugi's mind once he found out? We may find out, or we might not, it all depends…


It was another decent looking morning at the game shop. The weather predicted no storms and also warm temperatures. Yugi Motou was just waking up as the annoying rays of the sun came through the partially opened blinds and lit up the room. Yugi sat up in his bed and yawned, his eyes still closed, as he was not fully awake yet.

"Ohayou Yugi, slept well?" came a voice from across the room. Startled, Yugi let out a small yipe and half fell out of his bed.

Yugi looked up from his position, tangled in sheets, and saw Yami sitting on his dresser with a small humorful smirk. "Yami! Don't startle me!" Slipping down from his seat Yami went over to his Hikari. "Gomen Aibou, I didn't mean to scare you." He helped Yugi back onto his bed and sat down next to him.

/That hurt Yami./ To prove his point Yugi rubbed his sore neck.

//Gomen nasai Yugi-chan, doushitan desu ka?//

/Hai, daijoubu Yami./

"Nan ji desu ka?" Asked the yawning boy.

Yami checked the bedside clock. "8:32. Did you forget that we have to go shopping this morning for your grandfather?"

Another sleepy yawn. "I guess I did. When do you want to leave?"

"20 minutes would be fine, I'll make you some food while you get ready." Yami ruffled Yugi's already messed up spiky hair and got up, walking towards the exit with a last look over his shoulder as he closed the door behind him.

With Yami gone Yugi let out one last large yawn before he rose to his bed and headed towards his closet to change. 'I want to sleep more, why did Yami have to wake me up so early?' Yugi sighed as he picked out an outfit for the day. A pair of snug black jeans and a long sleeved dark blue shirt would do. After slipping out of his PJs and throwing them haphazardly onto his bed, he changed into his chosen outfit. Deciding that he should go and see what Yami was making, he left his room and wandered down to the kitchen to see his Yami standing at the stove wearing an apron and cooking pancakes.

/Hello Yami/He said through their link. At this the other one turned around and faced his Hikari. //Are you awake now?// Yami finished making their meal and served it on two plates as Yugi answered. /I guess so. Where is grampa?/ They both sat down at the table after Yami had taken off his apron. //I think he's in the shop now. He knows I got you up and gave me the list of items that need to be bought.// Yugi smiled the happy carefree smile that Yami knew well as he finished eating. "Thanks Yami!"

With breakfast out of the way they headed towards the plaza they had to get their shopping done at. They spent over three hours walking through various shops and buying the items on the list. When they were done they stopped outside one of the stores and organized all of their bags and headed back to the shop.

After they put everything away at the game shop both of them went to sit on the porch swing to relax for a minute or two. "Since we have finished your grandfather's list, would you like to go get some ice cream? My treat Aibou." Yugi grinned happily. "That would be great!"

At the ice cream shop down the street, both of the similar looking boys entered and made their way to get in line. Yugi looked up to his counterpart with a grin. /I really appreciate this Yami, thank you./ Yugi was patted on the head by his Yami, though it made him feel like a kid. //I know how much you enjoy ice cream Aibou. What would you like?// There were still two people in front of them. /I know! I want a Frozen Hot Chocolate!/ The taller one of the two rose an eyebrow. //Doesn't that defeat the purpose of it being a Frozen. Hot Chocolate?// Yugi laughed lightly. /It may sound odd but it really is good! You should try it!/ Yami sighed a bit, but agreed.

Finally it was their turn, both of them stepped up to the counter and Yami placed their order of two medium Frozen Hot Chocolates. After waiting a few minutes their order was given to them and Yami paid. They both went and sat down at a booth off to the side of the shop. //You seem to be enjoying that immensely Aibou, is it really that good?// Looking up from his treat he replied. /You have one, try it! They're really good!/ Yami took a hesitant sip of his Frozen Hot Chocolate and gave a half smile. "I guess you were right, this does taste quite good." They sat in a comfortable type of silence while they finished their ice cream treats, only glancing at the other once in a while.

When they were both done they threw out their trash and then exited the shop of frozen treats. Both of them walked towards the game shop thinking about different things. At about halfway to their destination Yami asked his Aibou something.

"Yugi, is there anything else you would like to do now, since it is still early in the afternoon."

"Lets go to Spencer's and see if I can find that one necklace I've been looking for. Oh! Can we invite Ryou and Bakura to go too?" Yugi looked up at his darker half with pleading eyes.

"Why do we have to invite that stupid tomb robber?"

"Oh Yami, you know that Ryou would never go anywhere without his Yami, and Bakura barely lets him out of his sight."

Yami sighed, but reluctantly agreed.

They both went and found a payphone so they could call Ryou and see if they wanted to go. After dialing the number and waiting for it to be picked up the phone was answered.

"Moshi moshi?"

"Moshi moshi. Ryou-kun desu ka? Yugi desu ga… daijoubu desu ka?"

"Hai, daijoubu desu. Though earlier Bakura broke the VCR trying to figure out how it worked. I'll need to get a new one and make him promise to stay away from anything electronic. I can't believe he can break things so easily, even if he doesn't mean to." In the background Yugi heard a voice that sounded like Bakura yelling, 'I didn't break it! The stupid blasted device stopped working on it's own!"

"Oh. I actually managed to get Yami to learn how to work the stove and things like that without damaging them that much. Well, anyway Yami and I were wondering if the both of you would like to go to the plaza where Spencers is. Oh, and I think they have an electronics store near Spencers."

"Ok, it'd be nice to get out of the house. Let me go ask Bakura." And he put down the phone for a minute. Yugi could hear them both talking quietly. Suddenly he heard a shout on the other line. Yugi thought it sounded like, 'What?! I won't go anywhere with that damn Pharaoh!' After that he quieted down as Ryou said something to him, though he couldn't hear what it was. A minute later Ryou came to the phone again.

Cheerfully Ryou said, "He agrees to going. Where should we meet?"

"How about in front of that one book store. I believe it's in between the electronics store and Spencer's."

"Alright, we'll be there in about 15 minutes. Ja ne."

"Ja ne. bai bai." And they both hung up. Yugi turned towards his waiting Yami. "Well?" inquired the darker of the two. Yugi stretched a bit before answering him. "We're gonna go meet them at the plaza in front of that one book store in about 15 minutes. Bakura broke the VCR so Ryou needs to get a new one." That made him giggle a bit when he thought about it.

Both the Yami and the Hikari started towards the plaza to meet their friends. Ok, so maybe the Pharaoh and the Tomb Robber aren't friends, but that's beside the point.


Kyoshi: HAHA!!! I CAN write!!! I've never done a YGO fic before. The only other fic I've ever done is kinda stupid and lacking in any normalcy. If THAT made any sense at all. So tell me what you think, and maybe a few small suggestions. Things like meeting someone somewhere, ideas for things to do. And maybe I can incorporate them into my story.

Saffire: I hope you like it, we both worked really hard. I say this calls for a toast! What do you say? ::hands everyone a can of Fresca and pops the tab:: I toast to the hope of getting some reviews!

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Yugi: To my mental stability in this fic? I can tell from the opening part that I'll need my sanity. ::taps can to Yami's and they drink::

Seto:: I toast to getting a Puppy! ::taps can with Saffire and Kyoshi::

Jou:: Why I oughta!

Yugi: Calm down Jou! Killing Kaiba will help no one.

Jou: It sure as hell will make me feel better!

Kyoshi: You won't be saying that when you're head over heels for him. ^___^

Jou: What makes you think that I'd ever even like that creep?!

Saffire: hehe ^^ ::snaps fingers::

Jou: ::runs over to Seto and hugs him:: I love you!!

Seto: *__* Dreams do come true after all!

Kyoshi: You think that was a little much?

Saffire: Nope. They were destined to be together. I just made it happen quicker.

Yami: You forgot something.

Saffire and Kyoshi: Huh?

Yami: Since you're so used to Japanese you forgot to put the translations of what was said earlier.

Kyoshi: Oh! You're right! I'll do that as we listen to this song! ::turns on radio::

Radio: ::digital sounds and heavy guitar::

'dare ga fusagareta kono hitomi no oku ni fureru no darou

yureru kagerou no naka de mitsumeteita tsuki ga warau'

Saffire: Yeah! Lu:na!!! My fav!! Man, do I ever miss that live video at HEY!x3. ::mumbling:: Damn evile Yukichi deleting half of my videos out of the blue. Grrrr…….

Ohayou: means good morning. Ohayou Gozaimasu is more polite and you say it to superiors.

Gomen: sorry. Gomen nasai is even more so.

Doushitan desu ka?: You ask this when someone is hurt. Kinda like 'Are you all right?'

Daijoubu: It's all right

Nan ji desu ka: What time is it? I've known this question since first year ^^

Moshi moshi: you say this as a greeting on the phone. I still remember all the stupid phone convos we had to do with a partner and fake phones. In front of the class even!

(name) kun or san desu ka?: Is this so and so.

(name) desu ga…: this is introducing yourself on the phone, the pause at the end of ga is the 'soften the blow' so you don't sound so abrupt.

Kyoshi: so that's me and Saffie-chan's little crash course in Japanese. I like using it and we've both taken it for three years. ^___^ fun fun!!

Bakura: I think you've had a little too much Fresca…

Saffire: Speaking of which, you never got to toast to something.

Bakura: I don't need to.

Saffire: ::sigh:: fine then.

Ryou: Don't you think you should end this? I mean, people may start to not want to read your mindless rantings and just leave and never some back. Hopefully They'll like your story and want more of it.

Kyoshi: Ok, I'll leave in one minute. I just want to remind everyone to R&R, every review will lift our spirits. One more always makes a difference.

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Malik: What?

Kyoshi: And since you are bishounen of the day, you're the next to do disclaimer! So all I have to say now is, Bai Bai, Ja ne!!

::the ending sounds of guitars while the last verse is sung::

'chigireta bara o mune ni daite

shinku no umi ni ochiteyuku

kasanariau karada no ue de

shinu made odoritsuzukeru'