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disclaimer: stands for the entire fic. i. do. not. own.

warnings: yaoi/shounen-ai. that's right, boiz luvin boiz. don't like it? leave. won't bother me.
possible yuri as well, and yes, i am going to be relatively nice to tea in this fic.
possibly. maybe. well, i won't be TOO hard on her.

pairings: the usual. yami x yugi, bakura x ryou, mai x anzu, marik x malik, seto x jou.

this is my first time writing some couples; m/a, b/r, m/m, and s/j, though i've had some dabblings with
the last pair.

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chapter 1: another lovely monday morning

The sun shined down from it's perch in a grey clouded, dull winter sky, its weak rays never reaching the earth
far below to brush a wisp of warmth over the sleeping, dead surface. The faded stone building of Domino Highschool
blended in perfectly with the dreary world of slushy, 1/2 melted snow.

Yami leaned against his shiny, sleek blue sports car, his leather jacket warding off the chill winter wind.
He crossed his arms over his chest, looking from the teens around him to the other students making their way into
the building for yet another day of tedious torture at the chalk board. His crimson eyes peered over the rim of
his black sunglasses, which he wore when driving to dull the glare of the sun on the snow, (yes, people actually
do this......sounds weird? wait until u drive with sun and snow) and boredly surveyed the crowd of the lower classmen
who weren't privledged enough to have a car to drive to school in.

Loosing interest, he went to turn back to his crowd, when someone caught his eye. There was a short, petite built boy
with spiky hair much like his own, making his solitary way into the building. His eyes narrowed, trying to study the
boy's features from a distance, but a swift slap to his arm had him glaring at the offender. "What?" he snapped.

Marik snorted. "What -or who- in the hell is so interesting?"

Yami looked into Marik's pale purple eyes, which contrasted nicely with his dark tan and glinted with mischief.
"What's it to you?" he returned.

"Inquiring minds want to know." Bakura spat a huge wad of chewed, salaiva covered gum onto the sidewalk that led from
the parking lot to the school in hopes that some stupid fool would step in it.

"That's disgusting." Mai krinkled her nose, violet eyes shooting sparks at Bakura.

Bakura grinned nastily. "So are you." He shot back.

She lifted a corner of her lipstick covered lip and sneered. "I bathe regularly, unlike some people." She looked
pointedly at him.

"You two banter like an old married couple." The two glared in disgust at each other, then shot looks of deepest
loathing at Seto.

"You'd better watch your mouth, Kaiba, or you just might find yourself talking out of your ass." Bakura spat spitefully.

Mai rolled her eyes. "Yami, what are you still looking at that little shrimp for? It's nothing new that he looks like you,
hell, even Bakura and Marik have their look a likes. He's nothing but bully bait. That's all. He's worthless, so quit
wasting your time. Now, I'm goint to get ready for class." With a toss of her wind rumpled hair, Mai left for the girl's
bathroom to re-do her make up and fix her hair and outfit.

Bakura snorted. "Females."

Marik smirked. "You would know; you look just like one." Bakura glared, then leapt at Marik and the two began a scuffle,
nearly rolling on the ground.

Seto pushed them apart, making way for himself. "If you primates will excuse me, I'd rather waste my time in class instead of
the zoo."

Yami ignored all this. Yes, he had seen his little look a like briefly in the halls before, but what he knew of him was just
the usual rumors and had only seen him physically at a distance. This was the closest he got, and what he saw intrigued him.
He wanted a closer look at the boy. For some unknown, totally weird reason, he felt drawn to him. It was a strong pull that
piqued his curiosity and refused to leave him.

He watched as the little one pulled open one of the heavy, massive metal and glass doors only to be pushed to the ground by
Ushio, just one of the many lumbering, bullying trolls of the school. An odd feeling fluttered through his chest, stealing
his breath, as the small one picked himself up, head lowered, and went in through a different door.

Five seconds later, the first bell rang, and the three remaining rebels sauntered casually towards the building and their
respective classes.


Yugi trudged through the dirty slush, the remains of once white, pure driven snow. The long walk from home to school
wouldn't be so bad if he had a friend to talk to. Anyone at all. But who wold want to be friends with the short, quiet kid
who never talked to anyone, for he was too shy ? The only attention he ever received from others was from the local bullies,
who took advantage of those smaller and weaker than themselves. The only time other kids ever bothered to noticed him was to
laugh, jibe, and jeer at him. Otherwise, they all ignored him. Those were the better days. Thus, Yugi had learned to be
wary of others his own age, for they only saw him fit to be used for their own cruel amusement. As such, he kept quiet and to

As he walked up the sidewalk to the school, he felt like he was being watched. He looked around and gulped. That usually
only meant one thing. He sighed with relief when no menacing stare was thrown his way. As he was lowering his head, a head
with spiky hair much like his own caught his attention. He kept his head lowered as he walked, trying to conspiciously see
the figure in the distance. He knew this boy well, and had seen him many times in the halls in passing, but he doubted the
boy would ever notice him. No, no one like Yami Motou would ever notice him.

Yami was everything that Yugi was not. He was his complete opposite. Yami was relatively tall, with beautiful crimson eyes,
and a confident stride that never lost it's pace. Yami always was so sure of himself. The girls, and some of the boys,
wanted Yami. He was vastly popular, one of the most prominent students in the school. And also one of the most dangerous.
Though his build wasn't big, it was slim and muscular, Yami had proven himself very deadly and ruthless. No one messed with
him. Even Ushio stayed well away from Yami and his crew.

Like many others, Yugi had a crush on Yami. He felt strangely attracted to the older boy. He had for some time now, since
the start of the year, when he'd been walking down the hall along the wall and had seen Ushio terrorizing some little freshman,
just another of his many victims, when Yami had walked by and, with just a casual comment, stopped the assault. Yugi never
knew what Yami had said, but his words had made Ushio leave the boy alone. Yugi had fallen for him from that moment on, and
his large violet eyes always sought Yami out in the hallways. He felt Yami was the closest thing to a friend he had, even
though the other boy had no clue that he even existed.

Then why did it feel as if Yami's crimson gaze was raking over him at this very moment? Shuddering, Yugi shook himself,
for Yami would never bother to notice him; he was too insignificant. He lowered his head all the way and pulled open one
of the heavy doors when a huge, calloused hand, which more resembled a paw to his tiny frame,
shoved him harshly to the ground. He let out a small, startled cry as icy cold, muddy slush wetted his uniform and the rock
salt and partly melted ice bit into his soft cheek, scraping it and his palms. There was a harsh laugh, some tittering, then
he was left to pick himself up. He chose another door, just to be on the safe side, and limped to his locker, then class, all
the while wondering about the eyes he felt upon him. Eventually, he shrugged it off as Ushio marking him out for #1 victim
of the day, the same position he held everyday.


yeah, i know, mai was a bit of a bitch. but she and the others will come around, but, first, they gotta meet their true
loves! and, no, mai and the others don't personally dislike yugi; they don't even know his name! it's the classic
seperation of cliques so common in american public schools *snorts* like anyone gets a 1/2 decent education in those
institutions. they should seriously start up a burger flipping 101 course. but love shall conquer all! ^_^

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