Oi…I haven't updated in…AGES…and I deeply apologize! Gomen nasaii, minna-san! &bows humbly& I'm SO sorry. It's just, well, life's been a bitch….but I'm attempting to update this.

This is part of a new chapter that I'm working on- I'm trying to find my muse, my connection, with this story. I've lost it- I just don't feel the flow anymore, and anything I write I've been bitterly disappointed in.

So far, this is all I've got, well, plus 2 Seto/ Jou lemons, and I gotta figure out what's going on w/ Kura and Ryou and with Yugi and Yami…I gotta go back and re-write this scene, make some stuff happen earlier, etc….yeah, if ya can't tell, I'm completely lost w/ this thing right now… &sighs&

Well, enjoy this lil tid bit!


Manic Monday

Yugi idly tapped his pencil against his notebook, which only had a few lines scribbled. The teacher droned on, but for once in his life the little hikari tuned her out. His mind was too full of other things to pay attention to boring old World History anyway. Who cared about Hannibal crossing the Alps when his heart was still racing- and his head still swimming- with thoughts of the weekend.

He. Had. Sex. With. Yami. Yugi had enjoyed himself, and he didn't regret it. He really, truly loved Yami. And Yami loved him back. They would get married someday, Yugi just knew. He felt it strongly in his heart. That was why he'd given his virginity to Yami. Yami was his one and his only. Yugi sighed happily, a dreamy expression clouding his violet orbs.

Grandpa had NOT been happy about Yugi staying all weekend at Yami's. Yugi had called to check in, and assured his grandfather that Yami's mother was there, supervising them the whole time. Yugi felt bad for lying to his grandfather like that, but he also hated being treated like a little kid. Before Yami, that was all Yugi knew. He had never gone out much, being unpopular, and he had hardly any friends, so Grandpa was used to him being home a lot. All Yugi had ever done was study and help Grandpa around the house, following the same rules he'd had his entire, short life. Then Yami came into his life. Now, people said hi to him in the halls, he went out a lot, he had a boy friend. He had a life. He had Yami.

And, as of this weekend, not just a boy friend, but a serious, steady boy friend. Yugi shivered as he felt a rushing tingle along his spine. His heart skipped a beat. Things had moved into the big time now. They were Serious. This wasn't just flirting and dating with some hot guy. This was emotional commitment. Love. Yugi bit his lower lip to keep from giggling with giddiness.

To hide his blush, he glanced down at his notes. Usually, he was a very good note taker, which was why he always got A's. But today, he had much more important things to think about. Like him and Yami. There were very few notes from the board in his notebook. Scribblings of Yami + Yugi Love, and Yami's name with hearts around it decorated the pages. Yugi blushed and almost giggled again.

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