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"Ow." Buffy pulled her hand away from Giles, shaking it.

"Buffy, I you don't let me wrap it it's going to get infected." Her Watcher scolded, grabbing her wrist and beginning to bandage it once more. "That chip did a good job of frying it."

"And welcome to the world of 'duh'." She said, rolling her eyes as he finished up. "Thanks."

"I'd hate to say you were overreacting, but…"

"Please tell me you're not taking Riley's side in this. How would you like to have that thing in your head?" She questioned, looking peeved.

"I said I'd hate to say it, Buffy, so I won't." Giles said, giving her a small smile. "You stood up for what you believed in and I can't reprimand you for that. I can, on the other hand, state how unnecessary it was for you to tell Riley you were sorry for yelling at him. He bloody well deserved it. On the other hand, seeing his face after you slapped him was quite priceless."

Buffy smirked at him. "Thanks, Giles."

He nodded, standing from his seat on one of the kitchen's stools. "I suppose I should try and get some sleep, it's been a rather long day…"

Buffy nodded sullenly, watching him go. Sighing, she stood, following in the direction he had gone and heading upstairs. She was quiet as she passed Willow's room, knowing that her, Kennedy, and Aryn had already gone to bed. Slipping into the bathroom, she searched through the cupboard in search of a washcloth. Upon finding one, she ran it under some warm water, wrung it out, then headed back into the hallway. She crept to her room, opened the door, and shut it as silently as she could to avoid waking the sleeping vampire on her bed.

Despite no longer having the chip implanted in his skull, he still looked awful. His skin had a sickly gray color to it and there were dark rings around his eyes. The lack of blood in his system made him look sickeningly thin, and she made a mental note to go pick up some more blood in the morning. She sighed, walking over to the bed and taking a seat on the edge of it. Gently, she began to wipe the dried blood from his face with the washcloth, careful not to jar his head around.

"Stupid Initiative…" She grumbled under her breath, throwing the cloth to the ground. She sighed heavily, looking around her room absently. She looked down at her injured hand, flexing it and wincing at the pain that shot through it. It had been almost two and a half hours and it still killed. How could they even think about putting that thing in anything's head?

The thought of that going off in Spike's head made her stomach lurch.

So did the sickening moaning noise Spike made a moment later.


"Let him go!" Buffy commanded, fighting to get free of the chains holding her to the wall of the cave, the same cave she had rescued Spike from earlier that week, the same chains that had bound him here. She gritted her teeth as she pulled again. The chains didn't budge. "Spike!"

The vampire didn't respond as the two men slammed him face first into the ground. Blood gushed from his nose. One of the scientists placed their foot on his back, keeping him there as the other knelt down. Buffy could see where they had cut into his skull to remove the chip.

"Stop it!" She cried, trying desperately to break free when she saw him pull a small package from his white lab coat, not unlike the one Riley had had earlier containing the replacement for Spike's chip.

"Just following orders." The scientist said to her before kneeling down, removing the chip from the package.

That's when she heard it.

A low grown, coming from further down one of the cave's tunnels. The two men looked up, confused, and the next thing they knew…. they were dead.

Buffy watched in horror as the Turok-ahn emerged from the shadows, taking no time in tearing the two mortals to pieces. He looked up at her, licking his lips as he let the first fall limply to the ground. He seemed to be smiling.

"No…" she whimpered, watching as he turned his attention back to Spike. "No!"

"Buffy? Buffy!"

The Slayer jumped up with a start, her breath rigid. Her eyes jerked about frantically for a moment before focusing on the face in front of her own.


"You alright, luv?" He questioned, sounding concerned. He was crouched over where she had been sleeping on the floor, his face mere inches from hers now that she had sat up, his hands on her shoulders from where he had been trying to wake her. "Buffy?" He snapped his fingers in front of her face, trying to draw her attention. "Buffy."


"Uh, yeah. It's me pet." He said, giving her an odd look. "You had me worried there for a minute. Thought you were havin' a bloody seizure with the fuss you were makin'. Hell, coulda been…" He was silenced as she lunged forward, wrapping her arms around his neck and knocking him backwards. "Uhm…. Glad to see you too, luv."

"Dammit, Spike." She mumbled, tightening her hold on him.

"Uhm, ow." He said, pulling her hand away from his head.

"Oh, sorry." She said, making a face as she pulled away from him. She gave him a small smile, but he still looked confused. "Do you… do you remember what happened?"

"Uh, I remember…" He made a slight face, leaning back on his hands. Buffy sat on the floor in front of him. "I remember me an' you were goin' patrolin'… took Molly and Chloe with us… then…then those bloody vampires, that's what I remember. One stupid wanker took a good chuck outta my skull with that bloody pole I suppose, 'ey?" He said, running his hand over the cut on the back of his head.

Buffy's eyes were wide. "You don't remember…"

He gave her an odd look.

She laughed slightly, looking down. "Probably better, I guess…"

"Care to fill me in, luv? I've got the feeling I missed something big."

"Actually, it was only about this big." Buffy said, showing him the tiny space between her index finger and thumb.

"Not helping much." He said, making a face.

She sighed, dropping her hands. "Your chip went all wonky, nearly fried your brain to a pulp, rerouted your bloodstream to your nose."

"That would explain the headache, I suppose…" He muttered.

"No. The four inch incision in the back of your skull explains the headache." She said.

"Four inch… what?"

She sighed. "I didn't know what to do, so I called Riley. Him and some of his Initiative goons came and they… they took out your chip…"

"They… took it out?"

"Almost put a new one in." She added. His eyes went wide and she smiled. "Don't worry. They didn't." She held up her bandaged hand and smiled. "Wouldn't let 'em."


"So where's this girl at, 'xactly?"

"Giles said she came in on a train delivering fruit." Buffy said, balancing on the edge of the train track. "Cops said she booked it when she was spotted, but no one saw her leave the train yard."

"So our girl's hidin' out in one of these trains, 'ey?" Spike asked, looking around at the numerous train cars.

"That's the idea." Buffy said, hopping down from the track. "And that's where you come in."

"Me and my vampire senses."


He smirked as they walked in the center of a track running between two long storage buildings.

"So, you smell anything?"

"You mean other than the rotting carcasses of hundreds of pigs and cows? Nope."

"Hey, I wasn't the one who put a slaughter house next to the tracks."

"You know, if the girl made it this far, why didn't she just hop on another train and get to Sunnydale? Why stop twenty miles outside the city?" He asked, shoving his hands in his pockets.

"I dunno." Buffy mumbled. "Maybe she's scared…"

"…or dead." He said, raising his eyebrows.

"Or dead." She agreed glumly. "But she migh…" The Slayer froze.

"S'matter?" Spike asked, stopping as well.

"You hear that?"

"Hear what?"

She turned, her eyes going wide. "That!"

Spike turned quickly. "Bloody hell…"

A loud whistle rang through the air and they both turned, running down the tracks as the light from the oncoming train drew closer.

"I thought you said these were dead tracks!" Buffy accused, screaming over the clanking sound.

"Well excuse me Miss I'm Always Right." He shot back, glancing over his shoulder. Damn was that thing fast. He looked ahead. They had about five-hundred feet between them and the end of the buildings.

They wouldn't make it.

"Spike!" Buffy grabbed the vampire's arm and pulled him roughly into a small crevasse in the side of the building. She pushed herself flat against the wall, pulling him into the small space with her mere seconds before the train rushed past. She closed her eyes, trying to block out the deafening noise. Small bits of brick fell from the dilapidated building, raining down on them.

After what seemed like an eternity, the sound died out and she pried her eyes open. Darkness. She was now crouched on the ground in the small space, Spike's arms were wrapped around her head, muffling the sound and keeping the falling brick from hitting her. He pulled away slowly as the train passed, their ears still ringing.

"That was close…" Buffy mumbled.

"Yeah…" Spike agreed, swallowing heavily, his eyes on her. "Close…"

"You're bleeding." She pointed out, brushing her thumb over a gash in his forehead.

He looked up at her hand, then back at her.

She swallowed, her eyes refusing to look away from his. Her hand dropped. "We should go…"

"Uh… yeah." He agreed, tearing his eyes from hers. They stood, only to find themselves uncomfortably close in the minimal amount of space. Buffy smiled sheepishly, then turned her head and went to squeeze out. She frowned.



"Bloody Hell."

"It stopped!" She declared in utter disbelief. The train had completely blocked the opening.

"Shhh, hang on a sec, luv." Spike said, pressing a finger against her lips. "Listen."

Buffy quieted, straining her ears to hear what he heard. Voices. A couple men, arguing about how they were going to be late for their next stop and need to unload the cars quickly. Eight of them. She sighed. At least they wouldn't be stuck here too long. She looked back up at Spike. "Well?"

"Looks like we're stuck here for a bit." The vampire said, sighing as he leaned his head back against the brick. "You might as well get comfortable."

"Spike, there's like, three feet of space in here. There's no way I'm ever going to be comfortable." She exclaimed.

He shrugged, closing his eyes.

"What are you doing?" She questioned, eyeing him curiously.

"Takin' a nap."

"You've got to be kidding me." She said. "You're gonna sleep standing up?"

"Either that or I sit down and take up all your floor space and you stand on me. This seems like the better option."

She remained quite for a moment, staring at him. He opened one eye and glared at her.

"Alright! It's bloody uncomfortable! You win, happy?"

She smirked.


Buffy flinched, the sound of the train screeching against the tracks jarring her awake. She felt Spike shift beneath her. He had managed to sit cross-legged in the small space, and she had found herself sitting in his lap shortly thereafter.

"They're leavin'…" He said softly.

"Mmm, yeah…" She agreed, looking down at the small watch on her wrist. "Two hours later."

He chuckled, watching as the train began to lumber away slowly.

Buffy sighed, leaning her head back on his shoulder as she waited for it to pass. It wasn't nearly as loud this time around, seeing as it wasn't moving as fast and wasn't using its brakes. She felt Spike's arm snake back around her waist, holding her a bit closer than he had been before. She swallowed.

"What's a'matter, luv?" Spike asked gently, turning to look at her.

"Nothing." She lied. Damn. She made a mental note to find out how he did that. She shook her head, looking down. "I'm fine."

"You sure?" He asked, still watching her.

She nodded, keeping her head on his should as she watched the train speed past, finally disappearing and allowing them access to the tracks.

"Spike?" She asked, not moving. She continued to stare at the building now visible across the tracks.


She turned and looked at him. Brushing the hair away from his forehead, she pressed a small kiss besides the cut he had acquired. "You make a good pillow." She said with a smirk as she pulled away, crawling from his lap and standing out on the tracks. She looked around for a moment, then back down at him. She grinned, offering him her hand.

"Let's go find us a Potential."


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