Gomen for such a short chapter. That was the best place I could think of for a cliffy.

Kagome quickly ran to Inuyasha. Luckily he didn't lock the door.
"Inuyasha!" Are you okay?!?!" She looked at the silver-haired hanyou who was backed up into the shower.
"The water is BOILING!"
Kagome quickly reached into the shower avoiding glances at Inuyasha and quickly turned the hot water down to where she could handle it.
"Stick your hand under there." she said, "And tell me if it's too hot for you."
He did. "It's-fine." he said, starting to blush as reality set in.
"Hai, good." she said leaving the room.
She quickly closed the door and they sighed almost at the same exact time, both out of embarassment and relief.
"I'm glad that's overwith." said the hanyou, continuing to bathe.
"I'm glad he's okay...." she sighed after walking into the kitchen.
She noticed the pot of ramen was boiling so she poored them into two bowls-one small, for her, and a rather large one for Inuyash, who seemed he could never get enough of it.
She then sat the glasses of tea down and propped herself against the counter, drifting off.
"Inuyasha......." she sighed after a few moments.
Inuyasha snickered and walked up to her. "Gomen. I didn't mean to scare you."
*Sigh* "Hai, I know."
He drew closer to her. "....Kagome?"
"Hai?" she stayed in her position, noticing his closeness, and expecting what seemed to be the obvious.
"Is that ramen I smell? It smells delicious!"
Kagome fell face first onto the floor, and Inuyasha sweat dropped.
"Nani? What did I do?"