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Kagome wheeled Inuyasha out into the parking lot, where a taxi was waiting for them.
"Come on Inuyasha, timeta go." she smiled. He was wearing the clothes she had bought for him from Gadzooks.
He looked so kawaii.
She held the chair study as he slowly got out of it, still somewhat being in pain.
"Umph." he said, sitting in the car.
"You ok?"
"Hai, I'm fine."
"Ok..." she said, closing the door.
She quickly got inside and the headed for the house where Inuyasha would be able to bathe before they went to the well.
"Inuyasha, aren't you happy? You get to go back to your own time, so we can search for the shards."
He faked a smile and he nodded, looking into her deep chocolate eyes. He didn't know if she liked him or not, but what he did know was that he loved her,
no matter what the outcome of the Shikon no Tama was, he'd still love her.

A few minutes later...

They pulled up into the driveway, and Kagome carefully helped Inuyasha out, him wincing in pain ever so often.
They made it inside and up the stairs, where she walked him into the bathroom, showing him how to work the shower.
"This one, " she said pointing at the red nossel, " hot, the other, the blue one is cold."
"Ok...." she said, leaving the room.
She then went down stairs to make bowls of ramen for lunch. She knew it was his favorite, so why not?
And it was sure better than hospital food.
She just had set the boiling water on the stove when she heard something that made her jump.

To be continued.