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Work inspired by artwork found on riche-duck's tumblr. The work being My Three Genos

Now in three flavors!

Chapter 1: Neapolitan

It was cold. Winter was well on its way and snow fell to the silent streets of City Z. With little to no people to shovel snow, it was allowed to build up, melt, and make the sidewalks long strips of ice. Yet the single room apartment was warm, even without the assistance of a heater.

In Saitama's living, dining and bedroom, sat Genos.

Well, three of him.

One of them had hair of white, and his arms were silver accompanied by an icy blue glow as opposed to Genos' orange and gold. White eyes stared unblinking at Saitama's own and he turned to the other. This one had black hair and red eyes. His arms were black, similar to 'normal' Genos, yet they glowed red. When they locked eyes, the other Genos smiled and Saitama immediately looked to the Genos he knew and had gotten used to. Blonde, yellow eyes and arms that changed depending on whatever upgrade he had gotten. This time they were steel grey.

Saitama coughed.

"So uh… What should I call you?"

"I am Genos, but you may call me what you like." The two new Genos' said in robotic unison.

Saitama placed both elbows on his coffee table and rested his face in his palms. His apartment was not suitable for more than two people, and even that was pushing it.

It was supposed to be an easy job. Genos had found a lead to the dreaded cyborg that he had been after, and Saitama tagged along just in case the kid got himself armless and legless again.

They had found another facility like the House of Evolution. Except this time the building was situated at the base of a canyon, and nothing but rock and a desert like area surrounded them. Saitama observed the multiple story structure, unimpressed.

"So Genos, you think it's gonna be like last time? You know, where they have a basement?"

"It is likely the case. Allow me to test that theory." Genos responded, raising his arm.

The building was reduced to rubble and dust with a single blast. Saitama waved a hand to prevent the dust from getting in his face and walked forward when everything settled. The surrounding area was undisturbed this time, showing Genos showed a bit more control with his firing. Kicking and tossing rocks aside, there was a trap door.

Saitama was slightly interested as they blasted through drones and robots from the self-defense system.

The basement wasn't a pristine white like the House of Evolution, instead simply using underground caves as they were with added lighting, catwalks, and occasionally a monitor or wires. Saitama was surprised that Genos got captured by an enemy robot. It was faster than Genos, but not faster than Saitama. As he chased the thing, it became more of an annoyance than a challenge when he had to go through a natural maze. When blasting through walls proved ineffective, he had to actually find his way around which took an annoyingly long time.

Turn after turn he was only met with doors, dead ends, or bottomless pitfalls. By the time he reached the main lab, Genos was already powered off and some complicated contraption was practically bursting with electricity. The other speedy robot was nowhere in sight.

It was the only room with normal walls and flooring, and enough gadgets tor several electronic stores. The scientist behind it all had a half and half appearance, one side human, the other robotic.

As Saitama pondered if it was murder to punch someone like that, the entire room started to rumble. He could think later, he needed to get Genos out of that machine.

Then he was forced to stop again.

Would it be safe to just unplug him? Would it be like taking out a USB and the entire thing needed to be wiped clean? Saitama couldn't even try to make sense of all the wires and things poking in Genos' body and something told him just ripping him out would do more damage than good.

The scientist started going on about some kind of mumbo jumbo that Saitama didn't understand nor care about. So he went for the next best thing and grabbed the mad scientist by the collar.

"Oi, what are you doing to him?"

"I-I just explained exactly what I was going!" the man shouted indignantly.

"Well it should have made more sense!"

"How does it not make any sense?!"

"Whatever, just stop whatever it is! Right now!"

The mad man laughed.

"This will be my greatest creation yet! Go ahead and try to kill me, but just know, that nothing will be able to stop it!"

Saitama let the man drop as he turned back and looked for an "off" switch of some kind. There were a lot of buttons on the console in front of Genos, and they all were either unlabeled or labeled with a long word that Saitama was sure wasn't even in a dictionary. Just as he was about to start pressing at random, the rumbling stopped, and so did the electricity.

There was a loud hiss and two platforms Saitama hadn't noticed were lowered down, identical cylindrical tubes atop them. Though what was inside them made Saitama pause.

"Ehehe, now you see. I will use Genos and my two fine androids to dominate this world! Together, we will turn all that is organic into naught but machinery! Starting with you! Bald one!"

Saitama's eyebrow twitched but he kept his eyes on the two clones. There was a hum, and they opened their eyes simultaneously. The cylinders slid open, and they stepped out. Genos twitched as well as he was released.

Both clones inspected their surroundings and themselves. Unlike Genos, the other two were unclothed, but Saitama could see that they were still identical in every sense but color. Saitama was not in favor of fighting the boy again, let alone three of him. Yet if push came to shove, he'd just make him a torso and hope that doctor of his could put him back together again.


Three pairs of eyes locked onto him.


There was a silent pause.

"Oh. You're still normal?"

The original flexed his arms.

"It appears so. I was powered down, I'm sorry for being such a hindrance Teacher."


The doctor was shaking.

"No, no, no! What are you doing?! Attack him!"

The cyborg and pair of androids remained still.

"Uh, it looks like your plan didn't work man. Sorry bout that." Saitama said, shrugging.

The scientist screamed and began pressing buttons on a console pad.

Then an alarm sounded.


At this Genos seemed actually wary.

"Can you run?" Saitama asked, not sure what neodymium meant but he didn't want to find out.

"Yes." The original said.

Saitama wasn't sure exactly what to do with the others, but they weren't attacking so they weren't a problem, yet. Instead of asking for their input, turned and began speeding out of the laboratory.

The sun had set, and Saitama was now sitting with two androids and a cyborg in his living, dining, and bedroom not entirely sure what to do.