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Chapter 12: Eggnog

White Genos stared at Black Genos who stared at the wall separating them from their Teacher. From the way the other's eyes were dilated, he could see that Black Genos was using his thermal sensors to watch Saitama through the wall. They hadn't spoken ever since the incident, but being almost the same person, White Genos could tell the other wanted nothing more than to break down the wall and apologize one thousand times or more.

Meanwhile, at the other apartment; Saitama looked at outside to his balcony with irritation.

There was a gigantic mess everywhere, down the street, and all over other buildings. A gargantuan Cattail plant monster attacked, and Saitama punched it. What he didn't know was that it would coat nearly all of the city in several feet of fuzz. Saitama blew out a long sigh and opened the glass door, fanning at this face as he did so. The fluffy mass had started to waft inside his apartment and he quickly took all his laundry and his beloved cactus indoors.

Genos was quick to clean up the fuzz that had gotten in and Saitama had begun placing the items around the apartment where they would be out of the way.

The teen cyborg gave Saitama a long look and returned to dusting the small room. It was not his doing, but he still felt responsible for the other's actions to a degree. Black Genos had pieces of his personality after all, but Black Genos was still his own person. He opened his mouth to say something, anything, but closed it.

Several more days had passed in a similar fashion. Saitama didn't speak to the androids, the androids didn't so much as make a peep, and Genos could think of nothing to do or say.

"Genos." Saitama called.

"Yes Teacher!" the cyborg immediately responded, looking up from the computer's screen.

"Turns out there's a sale today. Let's head out in a few minutes."

"Of course Teacher."

Genos glanced at the apartment next door as he and Saitama exited their own. There was no movement, but he was sure that they were being watched.

The grocery store was buzzing with excited Demon Cyborg fans. Saitama paid them no mind, as usual. There were not too quiet whispers about the infamous Caped Baldy as well.

"Ugh why is he always with Cyborg Prince?"

"What a leech."

Even as Saitama paid them no mind, Genos could never suppress the urge to shut them all up. Black Genos' actions surfaced to the front of his mind, and he clenched his fist. Instead, he gave them the sharpest glare he could manage.

Saitama simply picked up what he needed or what was on sale. As the sky began to change color during the earlier part of approaching evening, Genos finally began working up the courage to speak.

"Teacher, may I ask you a question?"

Saitama raised an eyebrow.

"You just did. Why, something the matter?"

Genos winced at the jab.

"I apologize. But… about Black Genos… And what he did."

Genos averted his eyes when he saw the traces of displeasure upon Saitama's face.

"What about it?"

"I know it is not my place to speak for him, but, he is also a part of me. Or rather-"

"Get to the point." Saitama urged.

"Would you like for him to be de-activated? I realize there is nothing either of us can do to change what happened, but you've seemed bothered ever since the incident."

Saitama was silent for several seconds then stopped walking. Genos halted immediately after and watched as the man put his hands on his hips.

"What is this?"


"You feel responsible for something you didn't do? Looks to me like you're trying to kill yourself so you can stop feeling guilty."

"I…"Genos couldn't think of a way to respond.

"Listen, when we get back, go get the others. We're gonna have a talk."

Black Genos practically sped into the next door apartment when Genos had came in and told him Saitama wanted to speak.

White Genos followed closely behind.

The three disciples sat side by side across from Saitama. He wrapped one arm around his knee and rested his chin as he thought of what to say. The room was completely silent except for breathing and the soft release of air from the three mechanical bodies. He really didn't want to go through with this, but he wasn't sure how much longer he could take the atmosphere that had practically suffocated the entire apartment.

Straightening his back, Saitama crossed his legs and addressed the three in front of him.

"I know things have been tense for the past few days. But, I want to say- I'm sorry."

Black Genos leaned forward and Saitama held up a hand.

"Let me talk." He lowered his hand and sighed. "I've been a really shitty teacher. I don't- I can't teach an android how to be like me, and I can't teach any of you- well anything! It's my fault for what happened."

The three on the other side of the table remained quiet.

"I don't bother trying to go after or say something to people like that because it's not something I want to be bothered with. I'm just a hero for a hobby. It doesn't matter if they want to hate me, because I'll still save them. But… because of that, I let the situation turn into something that hurt you. And I'm sorry."

There was a whoosh and Saitama was knocked off balance as cool arms wrapped around him from his front. Once he'd recovered from falling back onto the floor, he saw Black Genos was embracing him tightly, his chin buried deep into his neck.

"D-dude, what?"

"I disagree. You're the greatest teacher I could ever hope for. And- even if you cannot teach me anything, I'm forever grateful I could study under someone like you."

"Hey!" Saitama's ears burned at the praise. "It's not that big of a deal."

Just as the man had managed to get back into a sitting position, White Genos was at his side, slowly wrapping his white and icy blue arms around him from the side.

"Teacher….I believe the feeling I am experiencing is happiness. You make me happy, and I would like to continue living like this."

"C'moooon guys." Saitama groaned. His face and body were getting hotter.

Finally, a third person was added to the mass of limbs and bodies as Genos wrapped his arms around him from behind, placing his chin against the top of Saitama's head.

"Please excuse me for being so bold Teacher." He said softly.

Saitama wanted to struggle, yet he remained still. They stayed like that for several moments then he spoke.

"The cabbage I got today might go bad soon, let's make a hot pot."