Polishing the Golden Boy

Warnings: AU, OOC, Drug use, language, corporal punishment

Harry took a small inhale and handed the poorly rolled joint over to his friend, Thomas.

Things had gotten easier for him in Little Whinging after he had been broken free from his locked bedroom last summer. The Durselys were too afraid to lock him up again or even speak to him, knowing full well the Order would come make their lives a living Hell. It helps that, when Harry came home for summer break, new neighbors moved in across the street. He quickly made friends with the families eldest, Thomas Braxton. Thomas took no time to introduce him to an unhealthy coping skill and with his nightmares of Sirius, he eagerly joined in.

They continued to pass the joint back and forth in silence, staring at the sparkling constellations above their heads.

Harry found himself feeling dizzy as he stared. Thousands of jumbled thoughts cluttered his mind and, as hard as he tried, Harry couldn't get any of them to make complete sense. The world is filled with all these muggles running around, how does one not run into a barrier that prevents them from entering the magical world? Speaking of the world, what if the world actually IS flat but our perceptions of 3D, 2D and 4D are obscured? How does one even know if something is obscured? And what about oxygen? How do we know that humans aren't actually been poisoned by oxygen and if it weren't for that pesty gas, humans could be immortal? If Voldemort is immortal how come he never fixed that flat nose of his? Why IS his nose flat anyway? Did his parents take the nose game too seriously or did he run into the wrong barrier at the train station? And why the hell don't muggles ever notice when someone runs like a lunatic at that wall and disappear? Are they seriously blind? If a person is blind, how does the world look to them? And why the HELL don't we know how many licks it takes to get to the center of those damn lollipops?! His mental ranting came to an abrupt end when he felt Thomas tugging on his arm. He slowly glanced over at him, feeling disappointed to have his thoughts interrupted. "What?"

"The lights are moving," he pointed toward the LED police strobe lights.

Harry frowned and watched as a short man climbed out of the car and headed for their direction, "'K, keep your mouth shut."

Thomas nodded and quickly threw the lit joint into the woods behind him and hid the bottle of liquor in his backpack.

When the officer came to a stop in front of them he sniffed the air and gave the two a pointed look, "Surely you boys aren't eighteen which means you are out past curfew. What are you doing out here anyway? Not smoking are you?" He eyed them knowingly but waited for a response.

Harry sat up and gave a small shake of his head, "Course not, Officer. We'll just be headin' home then. Didn't realize the time, deepest apologies."

The officer frowned at something behind them for a split second and then suddenly his eyes went wide. He sprinted toward the source of alarm and started stomping down on a small flame that had started behind them. Once the fire was out, he bent down and picked up a joint.

Harry couldn't help but snort, "You threw a lit joint into the dead woods?" Unfortunately the drought in these areas has yet to disappear. His laughter continued, "Ya gonna set the whole damn place on fire!" He shook his head, trying to stop his giggles.

The officer walked back to face them and held the joint up for them to see, "This wouldn't be yours would it?"

Thomas squinted at it and gave a hard shrug, "What's mine is yours and what's yours is mine so, really, who's to say anything really belongs to anyone?"

Having enough, the Officer gave a shake of his head and pulled Thomas to his feet. Removing the handcuffs from his belt, he quickly latched them around the boy's skinny wrists and turned to Harry, "I'm done playing stupid with you two. This is not the first time I have caught you two but I assure you, this will be the last time. Come on, Potter, stand for me - you know the drill."

Harry rolled his eyes, they've only been arrested once before this summer and his aunt and uncle came and bailed him out after he called and threatened them that if they didn't his Godfather would come play whack a mole with their heads. He didn't bother telling them that Sirius died last school year, why would he?

Harry slowly stood on shaky legs. I'll just get them to come bail me out again. He let the officer handcuff him and then followed him to the cop car.

Severus paced back and forth in front of the Headmaster's desk. Livid, he threw the letter back on the desk and let out a furious growl, "Your little Golden Boy isn't so golden now, is he?"

Albus sighed, "Now Severus you know he is struggling with the loss of his-"

Severus cut him off in an angry yell, "NO! You keep making excuses for him, Albus! The letter said he has been arrested TWICE now! Do you even realize what marijuana is you old coot?! Obviously the juvenile has gotten out of hand if Petunia wrote you a letter! Open your eyes and see what is in front of you; you're not bloody blind! Your Chosen One is spiraling out of control and you're allowing him to do so if you do not go and put an end to this ridiculousness!" Severus felt blinded by his fury and he continued to pace back and forth in front of his mentor. He has disgraced Lily! How could he do that to his body and make these poor decisions when she gave her LIFE so he could live?!

Albus' eyes twinkled furiously as he watched Severus pace a hole in his floor. "I think you would be better fit to, as you said, put an end to this ridiculousness. You stated it earlier, Severus, I am old! I couldn't possibly strike fear into this rebellious boy!"

Severus halted, knowing full well what Albus was trying to do. "No, Albus! You coddled him and turned him into this monster! If you allowed me to keep a firm hand with him you wouldn't be having this problem right now! Do you realize what is going to happen if the Ministry hears word of the famous Harry Potter being arrested in the muggle world? If so, please enlighten me, old man."

Albus sighed, allowing Severus to see his deep regret. "What if I allow you to use a firm hand on him from here on out? Will you be willing to polish our Golden Boy?"

Severus rolled his eyes, realizing he was using his own words against him. "What, after almost six years of gallivanting around with no consequences to his actions? You just want me to clean up your mess!"

Albus inclined his head, "I should have allowed you to do so from the very beginning. I knew the boy had no consequences at home and I did nothing to help him establish his morals or even teach him right from wrong. I know you can help him though. If you don't do it for me or even for the boy, please do it for Lily. How do you think she is feeling, looking down on her spiraling son?"

Severus leveled him with a dangerous glare. The old man definitely knows where his sensitive spots are and he is not afraid to poke and prod them! Looking away, he glared at the chair he had emptied long away. "Fine!" He snapped. "If I'm doing this though I want no interference! Am I quite clear, Albus? You have created a big enough mess as it is."

Albus inclined his head in acceptance, "Thank you, Severus. I am sure Lily would be deeply grateful."

Snarling at him, Severus stomped out of the office and headed for the apparation point outside of the castle grounds.

It's been almost a full day and his relatives still haven't come to bail him out!

Harry let out a deep sigh and closed his eyes, I guess my threats aren't working on them anymore. Thomas had been bailed out by his father last night, Lucky him. Harry thought angrily.

Fortunately the holding cell they are keeping him in is close to the guard's desk - Little Whining only has a small jail, after all - and so he has been able to keep conversation with his arresting officer.

He continued to keep his eyes closed even when he heard the front door open. He had given up a few hours ago that his relatives would be coming at all and, instead, he would be staying the three nights in jail until the officer decides what to do with him.

Hearing quiet voices, Harry kept his eyes closed (not wanting to look like he was eavesdropping) and listened close.

"I am here to retrieve Mr. Harry Potter," the silky voice echoed around the cement police station.

Harry frowned deeply. He knew that voice but couldn't place why He would be here of all places! Opening his eyes he peeked between the bars and looked over at the desk. Sure enough, wearing all black muggle attire, stood the mighty bat of the dungeons.

Groaning softly, Harry slouched on the bench. This can't be good! How did they find out I was here?!

Before he could look away, his emerald eyes locked with fiery onyx ones making Harry immediately cringe and drop his eyes to the floor.

The officer stood and walked over to unlock the holding cell, "Do you know who this is, Potter?" After all, he didn't want to leave the underage kid go with a stranger.

Harry gave a small nod of his head and tried to look defiant and brave. "He's my Chemistry professor at the boarding school."

Severus immediately played along, "Indeed. Come along, Mr. Potter, I don't have all day!"

Jumping to his feet, Harry slid past the officer and slowly followed Snape out of the police station. What the hell is going on? He shook his head in confusion and squinted his eyes from the sunlight.

As soon as they were around the corner from the station Severus spun on his heels and gripped Harry's arm in a lethal grasp, "WHAT IN MERLIN'S NAME HAVE YOU DONE?!"

Harry winced at his yell but forced himself to not shrink away. Instead, Harry leveled his eyes with his professor's, "I don't think it's any of your bloody business, Snape!"

A dangerous glint flashed across Severus' eyes, "Watch your mouth, Potter!"

Harry smirked, "Or what?" He knew he was tempting the shark but he also knew that Dumbledore wouldn't let anything bad happen to him.

Keeping his grip on the boy tight, Severus smirked right back. "You'll wish you hadn't asked that, Potter." With that, Severus spun on his heel and apparated to his house on Spinner's End.

A/N: This came to me while I was trying to lay down and go to sleep. I had to write it before it disappeared :)

I hope you enjoyed this and remember it's AU! I'm not planning on making this a huge story or anything, probably just a couple chapters.