Okay so I thought of a sequel for 'I Love You' but this is a spolier alert for future chapters.

Mondler have their three kids Sophie, Karen and Daniel then two more kids named Luke(Monica's pregnant with him in the prequel) and Clara. The lobsters had four kids named Emma, Jason, Anthony and Jaci(JACKIE; my mom and science teacher's nickname for their real name of Jacqueline). And J/P have two kids named Joey Jr. Jr. and Reginè...you'll just have to see what happens with these two.

"I'm gonna miss you two" Monica hugs the twins Daniel and Karen. Then gave Daniel a wet kiss on the cheek.

"Aww Mom!" Daniel wipes the red lipstick off his cheek.

"Kiddies we got all your stuff in the moving van is here and I called a taxi to take you two to NYU" Chandler puts his arm around his long time wife.

"Dad how did you and Mom make Sophie?" Karen asked. She looked like a teenage Monica after she lost the weight.

Chandler sighed. He didn't want to tell them that he deflowered Monica on thansgiving 1988.

Then they sit in silence for a few minutes until he saw the cab pull up and shouted up the stairs "Luke! Clara! Your siblings are leaving for college. Say goodbye to them!"

Luke and Clara come down the satire with their MP3 players in their hands and are both chewing gum.

"What?" Clara asked. The day she came into the world, everybody said she looked just like her grandmother Nora. With her dad Chandlers deep blue eyes and her mother Monica's facial features; she looked like a real Bing while her older sisters on the other hand looked a like a real Geller but with the grayish blue eyes of a Bing.

"Bye bye" Luke hugged D&K since he knew they were leaving to go to university. Luke looked like his father and brother: a real Bing also. His parents weren't that concerned about him really but his father was worried that he was turning into his grandfather Charles becuase Luke liked to dress up in his sisters clothes.

"I'm gonna miss you two so much" Monica hugged the twins so tightly.

D&K then went into the cab with their luggage.

Tears formed in Monica's eyes as the twins were leaving to go to NYU. Sophie was at the same culinary school that she went to.

"I miss them so much all ready" Monica sighed.

"I know Babe" Chandler held her close kissing her neck.

At NYU, the cab let out the Bing twins.

"Good luck!" the cab driver shouted out, Daniel noticed she had straight long red hair and very green eyes.

"Dan! We are gonna be late. Let's go" Karen pulled him into the university.

When they got in there, Karen said "Eww that classroom looks gross"

"Hmm you are turning into Grandma Geller" Daniel stated. Karen inherited Judy's criticalness.

That evening Karen flopped down on her bed. Her friend Jaina was sharing a room with her.

She started unpacking her stuff and put it in neatly. Then went back on the bed and closed her eyes, "Long day?" Jania asked.

"Yeah" Karen replied and added "My math profissor is so boring and Daniel's in my class"

"Your brother Daniel is hot" Jaina closed down her book and purred.

"You like him. Go to his dorm and sweet talk him then" Karen told her.

A few minutes later a handsome black haired italian man came in.

Karen immediately recognized the man's face and asked "Joey what're you doing here?"

"I just broke up with Phoebe because I had a crush on you" Joey explained.

"Joey! You didn't have to break up with Aunt Pheebs" Karen looked at him.

"No I wanted to" Joey insisted then he pushed his lips onto her's.

"Mhmm" Karen melted in the kiss then asked "Covers?" and locked the door.

Then they get under the covers and take off each others clothing.

"You wanna do this?" Joey asked at the fact that he is taking away his two best friends' daughters flower.

"Yes" Karen nods.


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