Happy New Year! I wrote chapter 1 a year ago, and while I'm happy with its, well, resolution, I thought it might be fun to check back in with our favorite couple and see how they're doing this New Year's.

5...4...3...2...1... Happy New Year! Before the words were even completely out of his mouth, the Doctor found that he couldn't speak because of the lips that had quite suddenly captured his own. He smiled into the kiss and returned it with fervour, for those lips belonged to a woman whom he loved above all others: Mrs. Rose Smith. Or at least she would be soon. Yes, barely one week ago, on Christmas, the Doctor had bent to one knee and asked Rose Tyler to be his wife. She'd accepted, and could still barely contain her joy!

What a difference a year makes! Last year, two different parties and two very lonely hearts had connected with one life changing phone call. The Doctor had never been so happy to have learned patience as at that moment. The blonde in his arms was well worth the wait.

2017. So many possibilities. So many dreams. So much to look forward to. He had one heart, one life, no TARDIS, and no sonic screwdriver - but he had Rose Tyler, and nothing else mattered.

His resolution: enjoy every moment.


Rose snuggled deeply into her fiancee's embrace following their rather heated midnight snog. They'd probably made a bit of a scene, but Rose couldn't find it within her heart to care. She was completely and utterly content.

30. She'd turned 30 this past year, and blimey didn't that sound old! But then again considering that her fiancee technically wasn't even 10 yet, no wonder. Of course she remembered that somewhere out there, was a Time Lord for whom that 30 was so far in the rear view mirror that he's not even driving the same car anymore. Rose shook her head and smiled. Ok, that took that expression a little bit too far.

She still missed that daft Time Lord, and worried for his safety and happiness, but his apparent abandonment no longer stung like it had even a year ago. Because the Doctor hadn't abandoned her. He was right there with her, and by this time next year, he would be her husband.

Her resolution: just have a fantastic life.