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Summary: Klaus and Caroline work at Disneyland and are having sex on the down-low. AU/AH
Contains: Dirty talk, public sex, sex at work.

Klaroline + Cinderella AU with Caroline as Cinderella and Klaus as not-so-Prince Charming. Smut, please! ;)

Look, everyone has a breaking point, okay?

Just because Caroline's was rather unfortunately timed and involved Klaus Mikaelson's head under her skirt in one of the employee-only tunnels under Fantasyland did not make hers any worse than anyone else's.

Or, at least, that was the story she told Bonnie when they were on their break as she realized that she may have made a tiny miscalculation in the relative level of sluttiness said breaking point involved.

Klaus played the Prince Charming to her Cinderella, and had spent the last year doting on her in-character (as a prince should to his princess), though there had been more sincerity in his eyes than had been professionally appropriate.

And she may or may not have spent the last nine months being decidedly unprofessional with him.

"Oh my god, Care…"

"What?" Caroline asked defensively. "It's not like you're a celibate little angel, Miss 'I Totally Banged That Guy From Aladdin: The Musical Spectacular'."

Bonnie huffed, ignoring Caroline's (totally valid!) point. "Look, I'm not judging you or anything–"

Caroline scoffed (Bonnie was totally judging), and her friend sighed, crossing her gloved arms defensively over her chest against her Tiana gown and leaning back against the cushions of the break room couch.

"What? I'm not. All I'm saying is that it might be a better idea to take it somewhere other than the employee tunnels next time, okay?"

"There won't be a next time. It was a one-time thing."

Okay, so she totally intended to keep doing it for as long as possible, but maybe Bonnie wasn't ready to hear that just yet.

It was just a little white lie.

Bonnie raised an eyebrow, lips pursed. "Yeah. Okay, Caroline. Sure."

"What? It was!"

Bonnie just shrugged. "I'm just trying to keep you from making a terrible life choice, okay?"

"It's not happening again," Caroline lied before glancing at the clock on the wall. "I'm sure it's time to get back."

Bonnie scoffed, but nodded that she agreed and followed her friend down the tunnel from the break room.

"Hello, sweetheart."

Caroline winced at Bonnie's knowing look before straightening her face and turning to face Klaus. "Hey."

"Caroline, we have to go," Bonnie said, jerking her head towards the room where Katherine, Caroline's character handler, was waiting.

"Just give me a minute," Caroline said, and Bonnie gave her a suspicious look before walking away. "Klaus, I have literally like thirty seconds."

He shrugged, taking a few steps towards her and invading her personal space, his nose barely an inch from being pressed against hers, his hands lightly resting on her hips. She shivered, biting her lip and trying to find the will to pull away, to resist the heat creeping up underneath her skin, to ignore the arousal from the memory of the way he touched her that was pooling between her thighs.

"Later?" he asked, his breath hot on her lips, his skin mere millimeters from hers when he spoke.

"Klaus, we can't keep doing this here. I had to tell Bonnie we had a one-night stand to keep her from suspecting."

"Oh, but love, I so enjoy peeling that pretty dress away from your body before I take you."


"Caroline," he whispered cajolingly, the promise in his voice making her shiver.

"Okay, okay. Lunch break?"

"Of course, love. I'm off early, but I'll stay just for you."

She grinned and pulled away.

"Caroline! Come on. You still have to do your make-up," Katherine called, and Caroline winced, pulling out of Klaus's arms.

"Later," she assured him before running down the hall, her silver heels clicking on the floor.


Caroline bit her lip to supress a moan as Klaus pushed her up against the wall of a side tunnel, sucking on her pulse point. Hardly anyone used the space, since it led to a ride that was currently closed, but they could still occasionally hear the footsteps of people walking by on their way somewhere else.

"Shh, love. Wouldn't want anyone to hear you," he breathed in her ear, his fingers tugging on the ornamental corset strings in the back of her bodice.

She gripped his shoulders, her gloved fingers digging into the fabric of his henley (he'd changed into his street clothes before he met her), and he pressed her more firmly between the wall and his body. She gasped as he bit her neck lightly, his tongue soothing the mark, and she moaned into his mouth when he claimed her lips again before he pulled back.

His lips were slightly swollen from her kisses, his eyes bright and mischievous. "Turn around, love."

She gave him a suspicious look but obliged, and he nimbly undid the strings of her bodice before tugging the zipper down, running a finger lightly down her spine. She shivered as he hooked a finger around the lace of her thong, tugging slightly to cause friction against her already soaking heat.

She moaned, her forehead falling against the wall as her knees buckled, and they both froze as they heard footsteps stop just outside the mouth of the tunnel. "Hello?" the voice asked.

They both remained completely still for a moment before Klaus's lips returned to her neck, softly nipping and licking at her skin as he continued to tug her thong against her sensitive skin.

"Klaus!" she gasped. "What are you doing?"

"Be quiet, love," he whispered against her neck, and she bit her lip hard to stifle her moans, relaxing just a bit when the footsteps receded. "We wouldn't want to get caught."

She felt the bulge of his hard cock through the fabric of their costumes as he tugged her bodice to fall down in front of her, exposing her breasts, her nipples puckering in the cool air around them. He pinched her nipple with one hand, tweaking it lightly as he continued to suck her skin, and she cried out. "Or perhaps you like knowing we could be caught at any moment. Is that it, love?" he asked, his lips mumbling the words against her skin.

She nodded, trying not to make more noise, and he slid his other hand around her waist and under the lace of her thong in response. She couldn't help but moan his name as his finger began to rub her clit rhythmically, and she felt him smile against her skin.

"Do you like the idea of someone walking around the corner to see you pressed against the wall with your bodice around your waist? Would you like them to watch me cup your pretty breasts in my hands, to watch me make your body shake when I press my fingers against your clit?"

"Klaus…" she gasped, her pussy clenching just at the way the suggestions were rolling off of his tongue.

She moaned at the loss of his hands from her skin when he pulled back before shivering as he pulled her skirt around her waist. "Hold that for me, sweetheart."

She bit her lip as she took the fabric from him, holding it around her waist to expose her legs, her thong the only thing covering her from his gaze. He hooked his thumbs around the lace and pulled it down slowly, his fingertip trailing the fabric as it moved.

Her core was throbbing with need now, and she felt so desperately empty. She rubbed her thighs together, trying to create friction, and she heard him chuckle softly behind her. "Eager, are we?"

"Yes," she gasped, not caring how desperate she sounded. "Please, Klaus."

"What was that?"

"Please. I need you in me."

She heard the clink of his belt buckle and the rustling of fabric before he pressed against her entrance, and she spread her legs slightly, moaning as he filled her.

"What would they say if they found us like this?" he asked softly, nipping her earlobe, his hands squeezing her hips as he began to move. "The perfect princess with her knickers only just low enough to let me fuck her from behind. I wonder what they'd think, seeing you moan for me while you hold your skirt up, begging for my cock inside of you?"

She gasped with every single thrust, her knees buckling as he fucked her. She clenched around his cock, letting out a strangled gasp when he hit her g-spot, clenching the fabric of her skirt with tense fingers as she fought not to moan loudly, knowing the sound would echo through the tunnels.

He kept on hand on her hip to steady her as he reached around with the other, rubbing her clit as he fucked her, his teeth scraping along her earlobe and neck.

"Klaus...more, please," she gasped.

"More?" he asked, and she could have heard the smirk in his voice even if she hadn't felt his lips curl against her skin. "Tell me what you want more of."

"Fuck me harder," she gasped out. "Fuck, Klaus…."

She felt her lower belly tighten, her orgasm building quickly, and she heard him groan as he moved faster, his forehead dropping against her shoulder as he swore under his breath.

"God, Caroline...I love the way you clench around me, the way you say my name...Fuck…"

She moaned loudly as he pinched her clit, almost unaware of the sound as she shattered around him, her pussy clenching around his cock as she sobbed out his name, her knees buckling.

She felt him come a few seconds later, his breathing ragged as he leaned against her, and they stayed like that for a moment before he gently tugged her thong back into place and she dropped her skirt.

He kissed her neck gently while he did up his jeans before zipping her up and retying her corset strings.

"You are exquisite," he mumbled in her ear, nuzzling the sensitive skin.

She felt his come dripping down her thighs and told him so, biting her lip and turning to face him. "I can't go out to the kids like this. I smell like sex."

He grinned and bent to kiss her. "Just wash your hands and put on the princess-y perfume. They won't know the difference," he said between kisses. "And it'll make you remember who the charming prince is while you're out there pretending to like Stefan."

She grinned. "Who says I'm pretending?" she asked teasingly, knowing that he'd take the bait.

"He wishes," Klaus said, squeezing her hips. "You are mine. Should you require more convincing, I'm happy to make you scream my name tonight until your voice goes hoarse."

"Sounds like a plan. Bonnie and I are going to the movies, but I'll be at your place before midnight. I promise," she said, pulling her phone out of the hidden dress pocket and wincing. "I have to go. I love you."

"And I, you, sweetheart."

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