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Could you write something where Caroline tries to have a nice family dinner for Christmas or Thanksgiving or something but obviously it doesn't happen. Including Klaroline, Kalijah, Rebekah, Kol (all in their proper bodies and alive as it should be) and whoever else you want.

Caroline heard the loud series of crashes, counted to ten slowly in her head, and walked into the dining room, bracing herself for a smashed casserole dish or two and maybe a broken bottle of wine. The reality, however, was much worse.

Rebekah was on the hardwood floor, head bent at an odd angle, shards of glass in her skin, wine staining her blonde hair. Kol was standing over her, holding the other half of the bottle, grinning widely and hissing something in a foreign language, most likely their native one, that Caroline had heard Klaus and Rebekah converse in quickly when they didn't want Caroline to overhear (usually about birthday presents or surprises, as Elijah informed her quietly one night when she was stressing about it).

Katherine was pressed against the wall behind Elijah, who seemed to be shielding her from the chaos. Bonnie and Kol were on their "off again" stage, so Caroline knew she hadn't been coming, which left Enzo as her only fellow Mystic Falls-ian, and he had retreated into the other room (rather wisely, in Caroline's opinion).

And then there was Klaus.

Klaus, who was sitting there doing absolutely nothing to stop the pandemonium surrounding him, simply sipping from his glass of most likely blood-laced brandy and watching.

"I just wanted one dinner," she hissed, her voice quiet and dangerous.

She knew that they all heard her, judging by the momentary stiffening of each vampiric body in the room, and she ruthlessly pressed down some pride in the way Kol looked slightly chastened after five words from her mouth and Elijah gave her an apologetic stare.

"One. Fucking. Dinner," she continued, walking further into the room to survey the damage completely, unsurprised to find that every platter that had previously held food was shattered. "I personally picked out every single ingredient in this menu. I oversaw it being cooked. I taste tested them. I worked so hard to make sure that this was perfect, and you ruined it."


"Shut up," she snapped, unsurprised when Klaus looked like he was about to press on anyway, and she spoke over him before he could. "I have been planning this for months. You all knew it was happening. I individually asked each one of you whether you'd be able to put your adulting pants on to eat together like an actual family. Maybe you don't remember, but all of you said you could. This is unacceptable behavior, and I am disappointed in you all. No, don't even start, Kol. If you're going to act like a five year old I will treat you like one."

"Caroline, sweetheart–"

"Stop, Klaus," she said, her voice slightly shrill, and he winced.

She was trying so hard to fight the tears threatening to well in her eyes, to push down the sobs that were about to burst from her chest, but she knew that it was a losing battle. "I just wanted to have one night together where you all weren't trying to kill each other. One. Fucking. Night. Is that really too much to ask? Do I have to lock you all in a room together and play Disney Channel Original Movies until you can get along? All of you are 1000-something. You are like, forty times my age. Get it together."

Her chest was heaving as she finished her speech, and she couldn't help but curse whatever genetics made her cry when she was angry as she turned to make her dramatic exit and stomped up the marble staircase, mindful not to grip the banister hard enough to crack it.

The hybrids would have enough clean-up to do as it was, and making more wouldn't be fair.

She flopped down on the bed she shared with Klaus, grabbing her pillow and burying her face in it. She knew that she probably shouldn't be this upset about it. The Original siblings all in one room was a recipe for disaster, and she'd gone in knowing that, but was it really too much to ask for one night? Did they really not care enough to spare one night out of the gazillions of nights they'd had to make her happy?

Was it really that hard?

She heard Klaus's familiar footsteps against the carpet and curled further into the blankets, turning slightly to look at him when the door opened. "Hey," she mumbled.

He didn't talk, simply stripping out of his shirt and jeans and sliding in beside her, tugging her to rest against him and stroking her hair. His motto when she was upset, she'd learned over the years, tended to lean more towards, 'if you don't know what to say, be quiet and cuddle'.

"I'm being stupid, aren't I?"

"It was important to you," he said gruffly, clearly trying to dodge the question (and failing). "Of course you're upset."

"I just don't understand what's so hard about it. They said they'd behave-and don't think I'm not mad at you too, because I totally am-and then they didn't."

"Rebekah did. In fact, the reason she's currently lying on the floor was because Kol didn't care much for her reminders. In fact, as usual, Kol managed to ruin the plan and somehow, conveniently for him, implicate all of us while doing so."

"Fucking Kol," Caroline mumbled, and she felt Klaus smile against her hair.


"He's probably just upset about Bonnie."

"Oh, so now you're on his side?" Klaus teased, and she huffed, inhaling his scent as she burrowed further against his chest.

"No. I'm totally going to sneak onto his computer and activate parental controls so that he can't access the internet, and then compel every single Mac repair shop in New Orleans to make sure they won't fix it for him."

"Very diabolical. I'm proud."

She rolled her eyes at his dry tone, knowing he couldn't see but still feeling the need to express her annoyance. "Seriously, though. Even if it was just Kol being an ass, I'm not very happy with you guys. You totally let him murder Rebekah. Not stellar sibling behavior."

"She's immortal, love, she'll be fine."

"Still rude."

"I'll buy her shoes."

"She can buy herself shoes."

"I'll give her little boyfriend immunity from any injury or death from my hand for the next ten years."

"As if you'd ever touch him anyway. He's my best friend."

"Well, I'm running out of bribes, sweetheart. If you have a better idea…"

"I'm sure you'll think of something," she said tiredly. "What time is it?"


"Do you want to watch a movie?"

"If you'd like, but no–"

"Klaus, I will pick this movie. You will sit through it no matter how much you hate it. I will then forgive you, and we'll probably have make-up sex if I'm not too tired."

"Agreed," he said quickly, reaching back to pick up the remote to their flatscreen off their side table and flicking it on.

They were only halfway through The Sound of Music when Caroline heard Rebekah screech in fury, followed closely by Kol's scream of pain and a disgusting squelch that indicated a loss of some organ, followed by a neck snap.

"Can you turn it up?" Klaus mumbled, and Caroline grinned.

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