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Changing Past Wrongs

Chapter One: Hello Mr. Dursley


A young man, roughly the age of twenty-five walked down Privet Drive towards the house with the number Four assigned to it with determination. His black hair was slightly slicked back into a ponytail; he had impressive looking muscles, and a nice tan that went perfectly with his sparkling light-green eyes. He was on a mission that was not to be taken lightly.

His mission from the Order of the Phoenix had been clear: Go back in time to shortly after Harry Potter had been placed with his relatives, take him from there and hide in the Muggle World with him. Raise him as his own son, telling him the truth on or shortly after his eleventh birthday, when the owl from Hogwarts would find them.

He'd been left with nothing after Voldemort had murdered his family shortly after Harry Potter committed suicide. His wife and twin infant daughters had been tortured to death, and it was clear that they needed Harry Potter to win the war. He couldn't blame Harry himself for it, it was only Voldemort's fault. And it was the Dursley family that drove young Harry to committing suicide.

He was never going to let that happen now. Harry was going to have a happy childhood, not locked up in the cupboard his entire life. And he was going to make sure that little Harry never, ever got hurt by Voldemort, or anyone else for that matter. Hopefully he would save his own family in the process.

He took a deep breath when he reached the door, and then raised a hand to knock on it. He'd dressed in plain Muggle clothing, jeans and a white t- shirt, with a black leather coat on over it. He had everything he and Harry would ever need shrunk into his pockets. A complete wardrobe for himself, several thousands of Muggle money, enough furniture to fill up three homes, toys for children roughly Harry's age now (just barely two years old) and a week's supply of fresh groceries.

A rather large, fat and intimidating man answered the door, instantly recognized as Vernon Dursley. The man sneered out, "Yes? What do you want?"

A timid smile and the man replied, "Hello Mr. Dursley. My name is Mark Bentley. I'm here to talk to you about your young charge, Harry Potter, on behalf of the Ministry of Magic."

Vernon's face turned purple and through narrowed, twitching eyes, Vernon demanded, " What about him?"

Mark forced himself to remain calm and said simply, "I'm here to apologize on behalf of the Minister himself for placing you with him. It would appear that in reviewing the Estate of the Potter Family, we missed a relative on James's side of the family better suited to raise a Wizard of the likes of Harry."

He could almost see the man jumping with joy as he continued, "We were a little rushed that night, concerned with his safety, and missed completely that Sirius Black, James's fifth cousin on his mother's side, has custody of Harry. So if you'll simply retrieve Harry and perhaps a change of diapers and outfits for him, I'll give you a thousand pounds in exchange for your care for him the past few months."

Vernon thought for a second and then said, "Hand over the money and I'll get you the boy."

Mark pulled out his wallet, counted out the Muggle Money carefully and then handed it over to Vernon. Mark smiled kindly and then said, "If I could take Harry now please?"

Vernon nodded and said, "Wait here."

A minute later he returned with Harry, and a diaper bag. Handing them both over to Mark he said, "Inside are two changes of clothes, a container of juice, a small bag of Cherrio's, and the things you'll need to change his diaper, along with four diapers in his size. We've just started toilet training with Harry, as my wife is tired of handling two babies in diapers. She's nearly completed training him."

Mark nodded and then said, "Thank you Mr. Dursley. I apologize for bothering you today. Should anyone else drop by just let them know that The Order has young Harry safely delivered to his new home, and they have no need to look for him. Then tell them that Albus Dumbledore is a fool for having left him with Muggles. Good-day, Sir."

With that, Mark clutched Harry and the diaper bag close before turning and walking as swiftly as he could to the end of the Anti-Apparation Wards. Harry was currently sleeping; And Mark hoped that should he let his hair down he would look enough like Harry's godfather at first to calm the child. With a few shakes of his wand, Harry's scar was gone, and he would be untraceable by any owl until the age of eleven.

Smiling, Mark apparated quickly to down town London. He quickly walked through the various Muggles and made his way to a cab. After telling the driver to take them to Brentwood, Mark sat back and decided for certain that he'd have to give up the name 'Mark Bentley', just as he'd already given up the name, and appearance of 'Charlie Weasley'.