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Changing Past Wrongs

Chapter Eight: Explanations for Moony and Padfoot


Remus, Sirius and David quickly stopped at David's home to allow Sirius to clean up, before going shopping to buy a few new things for Sirius to wear. When they finished, they made their way back to David's house, where Sirius changed and David got them all drinks, and put Padfoot outside. When all three men were sitting comfortably in the living room, Remus started to ask questions.

Remus frowned, and asked, "Why, exactly, did it take so long to come forward with Peter's location?"

David answered simply, "I could not find another way to do so without revealing myself to someone – and as soon as it became apparent that I knew that, I knew it would be claimed I must be a Death Eater myself. My mission was to keep Harry in a happy childhood – I could not risk him being transferred to a fourth home, or back to the Dursley family. I hoped that when I was finally able to find a way, that both of you would understand the circumstances."

Sirius, who was busily drinking his hot chocolate, smiled and said, "I'm just glad to be out of that place. And I'm glad Harry had a happy childhood – though I wish I could have been here for it."

Remus sighed and nodded before saying, "I suppose that does make sense. There was too much at stake, though I wish I had been able to see past all of this and done something – anything – to help."

David smiled tiredly and said simply, "What's done is done – we can always attempt to change it of course, but this time, I think I can live with the way things have gone."

Remus and Sirius both nodded in agreement, though there were several things they would both have changed, they could live with the way things had gone. Sirius couldn't help but ask however, "What – that is, if it's not to painful to speak of – what would have happened had you not gone back with the Order's protection and changed things?"

David smiled sadly and said, "You would have escaped Azkaban in two more years, fueled by having seen a photo of Peter with the Weasley family in Egypt. Remus was the Defense Professor that year – as Albus wanted someone who was familiar with you helping to protect Harry. Eventually, Harry, Remus and two of Harry's friends discovered the truth. The following year there was a Tri-Wizard tournament, which Harry somehow got selected for – I still don't know how that happened. The final task ended with Voldemort's re-birth. Harry's fifth year was horrid, his sixth year not much better. Sirius was freed the week before Harry's seventeenth birthday, and decided to pick him up on his birthday, as a present. When he arrived, Harry had already committed suicide, and he was so filled with grief that he did the same immediately."

David paused and then said, "After that, the owl Harry sent to Dumbledore sealed my mission. We were no longer winning the war, and Albus was unsure how to improve things. The Order voted, and it was decided that someone had to volunteer to go back, and fix things with Harry. My life at the time was in shambles, my wife and twin daughters had just been killed, my family was being torn apart by Harry's death."

David took a deep, shaky breath and continued in a slightly hoarse voice, "I felt I had no choice. I volunteered, and immediately packed up what was needed before I left. Albus gave me all of the money in both the Black and Potter family vaults, and several of his own, to help me with finances for when I arrived. The Dursleys were pathetically easy to convince to give me Harry. I only offered a thousand pounds, and they all but threw him in my arms."

Sirius and Remus both made noises of disgust, and they would have continued to converse, if the front door hadn't opened and the sound of three giggling children and running feet hadn't reached them. Melanie's voice called out, "Boys? We're home!"

Harry's voice was heard calling out before they could respond, "PADFOOT! PADFOOT!"

Sirius and Remus looked confused, but happy that Harry was excited to see Sirius at least. They were more confused however when David called back, "He's out back Harry!"

Harry raced by the living room, followed by Lana and Alex, straight out to the back yard, not bothering to say hello to anyone on his way. David explained, "Our dog. Or rather – Harry's dog. I found it ironic when Harry named him, not yet having heard of the Marauders – or their nicknames."

Sirius and Remus both chuckled and grinned. Melanie walked by, holding two bags of groceries. She smiled at them all and said, "Hello! Have a good time? Sirius! You look much better than you did before!"

David smiled back at Melanie and said, "The kids didn't cause trouble?"

Melanie snorted and said, "I had a Potter and two Weasleys in a market – what do you think?"

David chuckled, as did Sirius and Remus, before all four adults moved to the kitchen. David said to Sirius and Remus, "You know – I'm sure the kids would love to see Padfoot and Padfoot interact with one another."

Sirius' face lit up and he immediately transformed, letting a smiling Remus lead the way out to the back yard. Moments later, David and Melanie were preparing the meal, watching their children through the kitchen window, as they played with two men who desperately needed more cheerful times.


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