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I can't remember life before the heroin. All I know is that ever since I'd met you, I had never felt such a rush of europhia. The last thing I'd wanted to do was to get addicted, but you made sure I did, bringing me back for more until it was an unspoken request from the door of your apartment and to your bedroom.

I knew then you'd want me on my knees, and that I wouldn't get anything until I managed to get you off. Desperately, I'd reach with shaky hands, eyes red with withdrawal. I'd sweat, and wrap my lips around your cock, trying not to let the nausea I felt get in the way of taking you in deep.

I'd look up at you then, begging with my eyes for you to see how much I needed only what you could give me. You'd clutch at my roots and pull my hair, knowing that this was hardly the way to make me feel pain; keeping the drugs in the safe was the most effective way to keep me crawling back to you, though I'd tried to escape many times before.

Your rough thrusts hardly registered, for the pain in my bones ruled out everything else, and I swear there were tears in my eyes from waiting for you to come.

"Jake, please," I begged you, though I knew it'd only make you take that much longer before giving me the needle, but I couldn't stop myself. I felt like my body was turning on itself, and the pain was the stuff of nightmares. "It hurts."

Your hand was rough on my jaw, and your eyes were cold. Never would I have thought when I first met you that we'd come to this. I'd been too trusting, too naive. But truthfully, I'd never imagined anything like this would have happened to me. I'd head so many horror stories on the news about what would happen to girls like me on the streets, but I had trusted you to do right by me. Boy, had I been stupid to think you honestly loved me.

"Finish me off, or else you get nothing. You'll be hurting for days, and I'll make sure Jasper doesn't fall for any of your tricks." I grasped onto your cock with a new sense of desperation, helpless and sniveling to your will.

I don't know how you managed to come down my throat with your lap full of tears, but I think that's what got you off the most. How you'd reduced me down to nothing but a vessel of need, that if not met, would be the death of me made my stomach feel like dry heaving. I couldn't stop the shaking, couldn't eliminate the sickening crawling that I'd felt come over my skin.

Finally you pulled your jeans up and I shuffled over to the far end of the room. I listened to each click as you turned the dial from one number to the next with the great anticipation. Sweat seemed to drip from every crevice of my body, and my eyes zoned in on the kit in your hands.

"Here, baby. I'm going to make you feel all better." You pulled me up by my arm gently, and took me onto your lap. You nuzzled your nose into my hair as you tapped my skin and waited for a vein to rise to the surface.

I felt the prick of the needle then, and cried out in relief. My body stilled and I knew nothing until the next morning.

I feel someone's lips on my neck, pressing gentle, smooth kisses. I know it's not you, but I don't feel wrong for arching into whoever's mouth touches my skin.

"Darlin' where've you been? It's been a while since I saw you last."

"Jasper?" My panties are being pulled off and before I can rub the sleep from my eyes, his fingers are stroking at the nub between my legs. I open them without hesitation and cry out when his fingers suddenly plunge deep. "But Jake..."

"Shh, he knows how much I've missed you and baby when I'm through, I'll show you the good shit I just scored."

It's hard to get wet, and so he brings his face down between my legs and doesn't stop until my thighs are trembling around his head and I'm pulling at his golden hair with a desperation that's become essential to my life.

Unbuckling his belt, he drags my body down the mattress until I'm laying with my legs handing over the edge. He grasps my at my flesh with his hands and drive in deep, making me scream within minutes. I don't know if it's day or night or where you've gone, but I don't fight against his invasion.

I can't stop thinking about what he means by good shit, but I trust that he won't deny me once he's taken his fill of my nimble body. Unlike you, Jasper isn't cruel. He gives me just enough to last well after he's gone and if there's anyone I'd rather belong to than you, it's him.

"Please," I beg when he swivels his hips, pressing hard against my clitoris at each pass he makes.

"More?" He asks, with a smug expression. "You need more cock?" I nod at his crude language, feeling myself spasm with a vengeance around him. Every time he thrusts deep, I find myself making small yelps as he takes refugee in my body, mindful of my pleasure as well as his.

"She's a greedy one, isn't she?" You ask, and I turn my head to find you leaning against the white plaster of the doorway. There's a hard look in your eyes, though there's a smile on your lips, I know you're angry. But you don't dare deny Jasper. He's your supplier and one of the most dangerous men in Seattle.

"Fuck, her pussy is glorious." He says, and in that moment he begins to thrust so deeply, I have to hold onto his shoulders to find some semblance of stability. It hurts when he pushes inside so roughly, and I know he's enjoying fucking me for more than just my body, but because he loves showing how much power he holds over you, more than you'll ever hold over me.

I can't look away from your eyes as he buries his face into my hair, and I watch as the anger grows until it's a seed of resentment for me. I know when he leaves, you'll try to take my score away and leave me wanting until I come crawling back to you, on hands and knees.

Just when I think Jasper will come inside me, he pulls out, stroking his cock vigorously with the help of all the wetness I've provided. I make a move to go onto my knees, an unspoken act of utter submission, but he pushes my shoulder back and says, "Turn around."

I know what he's going to do, but I can't help but to hesitate, looking over my shoulder for your permission. You lean, stone-faced, your arms crossed so tightly I can see the veins in your biceps bulge.

Jasper doesn't appreciate that, and so he presses the back of my neck down onto the bed until I have hair in my mouth and I have no choice but to put a hand on either of my cheeks, and spread them.

He doesn't prepare me at all, and when he pushes inside, it burns. He rides me until tears are streaming out of the corners of my eyes, and I have to stop the sob that's right on the edge of my lips when he presses all the way up until I feel like he's split me in two.

But just when I feel like he's betrayed me in some way, he starts to stroke my pussy with sure fingers. "You're gonna come with my cock in your ass, do you understand me?"

"Yes, Jasper." And I do, crashing right over the edge of reality with a scream that I'm sure the tenants next door can hear.

He follows soon after, leaning his full body weight on top of mine. I feel his lips on the back of my neck, and his forearm comes to wrap around my collarbone. The door slams behind us, and I know you've had enough. But I'm so tired, and worn out, I try not to think about how much trouble I'll be in when Jasper leaves and I'm stuck with your wrath.

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