Jump City, home of excitement and suspense. If Los Angeles was the city of Angels; and New York was the Big Apple, Jump City shared an identity that was less boastful in its confidence. Citizens seen it every day on their way to work. The young faces that acted as protection from the worlds deadliest villains seeking to rule the world with an iron fist and catch some sun. The big giant T in the sky, on its own island stood over the city like a mini-Chrysler Building. Though odd in its design, Titans Tower gave the people of Jump City the feeling of safety; like your fire station.

Living together for three years, the Teen Titans still struggled with the all mighty task of dealing with each other on a constant, never ending basis. Getting accustomed to one another's habits to not only successfully coexist with them, but to work together is impossible. Somehow they pull it off. Day after day. Taking turns saving each other from certain death; risking their necks for others personal demons; never letting the other make the wrong choice; being that emotional anchor when needed. Two took to the skies, one equipped with proton blasters, the other is a green shapeshifter, and lastly the fully human vigilante. Lacking any spectacular other worldly abilities that couldn't be duplicated on this planet. A house of weirdos. Jump City didn't see them as that. It seen them as the Teen Titans.

Outside is the ruins of the outdoor training facility Cyborg promised to fix. Taken to an early grave by Terra. Beast Boy can't bare to look at the sight. Starfire's room is still boarded up with ply wood after her Starbolts shot from her green eyes to the purple walls. Robin meant to talk to her about that. Raven's room is still dark as ever. Beast Boy tries to emulate her by finding his own bookworm, reading as much as she. It was an attempt to get closer, it would have worked if Raven didn't call Stephen King "To Cheerful." After that, he didn't dare take a peak into what she was absorbing. If he could, he'd gladly send it back to hell where the work probably belongs.

Robin looked at himself confidentially in the mirror. Fixing his bow tie, and adjusting his mask that sealed his upper face from the public. Beast Boy lay sideways in the doorframe. "Dude, if you want to take Starfire on a date, you better take that mask off. It doesn't match the ensemble." He was right. Although nobody would buy a story that an intergalactic female would hitch her wagon to a lowly earthling for whatever reason. "I should take fashion advice from you, Beast Boy? You've been wearing the same clothes for three years." Robin teased, still holding that smile that was more dumb than confident. "Besides, you know I have to conceal myself." All done. A black tux that he inexplicably took from Gotham from his big departure from the east. Wasn't easy finding a tailor in Jump City. So this dusty old piece had to do. "So you taking her for breakfast at the Waffle Iron?" Beast Boy laughed, pointing to the early time on the clock. Robin turned back, laughing a little at himself. "No, just a test run." When Beast Boy left him alone, Robin threw on his normal attire. Green tight leggings that always made him feel like one of Santa's elves. The red vest didn't help combat that notion. Black steel toed boots with yellow laces. For kicks.

Robin's feet stepped on top of one of the rolled of newspaper pages laying waste on the floor. He always meant to clean this up. Seeing the bold black print on the front page, dated December 29th, 2006, titled: Nightmare Strikes Again! Robin's been hearing of this new guy stomping around his old grounds in Blüdhaven, the home of his first solo act. Didn't go well. His mentor said he'd keep watch of this guy and nothing has changed in his erratic behavior. Something always blows up or gets torn down with Nightmare involved. It's a miracle nobodies been killed on his watch.

Kicking the print aside, Robin made way to the breakfast table where somebody got their hands on the utensils. He hoped it wasn't Raven again. That really would mean the end of the world.

The smell of burnt garbage filled the air. Oh, no. Holding his stomach, Robin approached the pan hosting a green gooey...thing. Robin was in the midst turning green himself, when Starfire gave him a hardy slap on the back that nearly sent his face in the hot metal container. "Good morning, boyfriend Robin, it is nice of you to join us!" She said, very excited. Robin held in his back, wondering if he had to pop a bone back into place. "Come sit, breakfast is almost ready!" No it wasn't, Robin thought to himself, taking his seat with all the other reluctant Titans' members. "Tell me about it." Raven said in her usual deadpan voice, obviously reading her companions mind. Robin looked at her, flabbergasted at first, she gave him a little smile in return, before dawning her hood over her head where it will stay...

What possessed Starfire to take up cooking duties again, the world will never know. The dishes hit the table like atom bombs, their stomachs prepared for the aftermath of digestion. "Uh, Cyborg, you got a way for us to get out of this?" Raven whispered. Whatever it is Starfire cooked, it was moving. Robin felt obligated to try the chow, only when inhaling its scent, again, his face turned greener than Beast Boy's. Well, he knew this was a risk when he made his advancements on her. With one swoop of his spoon, it gathered the shaky substance. He didn't look at it, Robin just shoved it in his mouth as fast as he could. Feeling like he came back from the dead, Robin held the chunk down.

Cyborg thought. "Hey, Beast Boy, want to see my new hot rod?" He winked to his friends in the most obvious way, hoping Starfire wasn't aware earthly of farces. "No, Cyborg -" Beast Boy said in the same tone of voice as Cyborg's. Being stopped in mid sentence by a right elbow from Raven. "Ow! I mean, sure." He saved himself, flashing a wide grin. "Let's take the food down to the garage." Raven played along, picking up the bowls with her telekinetic ability. The group made haste to escape their fate.

Starfire rose from her seat with a posture that matched a politician making a rebuttal. "If you do not like my food, then I suggest you be honest about your feelings." She said, while the Titans were in the middle of leaving. Raven laid down the bowls on the table. "Sorry, Starfire," Beast Boy rubbed his shoulder in slight shame. "We should have considered your feelings." Raven said added. Robin didn't say anything. Mired by guilt, he consumed all of the mysterious food. "I don't know what you guys are talking about. This stuffs great Starfire!" He tried to save himself from embarrassment. He swore he heard a bone crunch in his mouth. Laughing nervously, Robin almost barfed from what he had consumed. "Robin..." Starfire gave him a I want honesty glare.

He sighed, setting his bowl on the counter. "It isn't good." He admitted. "It isn't worse than Raven's cooking." Beast Boy tried to ease the tension. Raven gave him that red glowing eyes of death he wish he never got. Starfire looked up to her friends, at least her friends fessed up when the charade was up. With a big grin she swiped the bowls off the table, crashing into pieces. "Let's order pizza with the toppings." She proposed. Relief came across the gangs faces.

"So, this is the new hot rod?" Raven took a gander at Cyborg's new heartthrob. Resembled more of 1985 Lamborghini Jalpa, if it had four doors. "Laced with the finest gadgets from your latest James Bond flick." Cyborg proclaimed, going full infomercial on the Titans. "Duel steering, 700 horsepower, a new record may I add. Built in computer that can sense danger coming from a 500 yard radius; blasters equipped on the sides and a seat ejector that can be used only by my thumb print. And it is all ours!" He said in that you've won a brand new car voice.

"How long you've been working on this, Cyborg?" Robin asks. He looked inside to see the leather chairs and the new GameX console plugged in the back seat. Was he watching Pimp My Ride again? "Six months. After the first T Car got junked, I wanted to go back to the drawing board as soon as possible." With a flip of a switch, loud music started to play. The garage shook with the high volume speakers destroying the Titans ear drums. Cyborg realized he sat on the remote and nonchalantly pushed the off button. "Sorry about that. Don't worry, the ringing only last for a minute." He said to the people who's heads felt like they were on a swivel.