ATTENTION! I want to put here a WARNING. As a result of a wager (and prospect of free booze) this chapter's Omake contains M rated things. If you are uncomfortable with this – sorry; just please, don't give up to your curiosity and scroll down to it right now because you won't understand the setting.

Hakuna Mamata or something like that

Sex, drugs, alcohol or even skydiving - the reborn soul always thought it was strange that the things people did for a thrill, in order to make themselves feel alive, were the same things that might kill them. She wasn't one of those nutcases who couldn't live without adrenaline kicks. She liked her boring and easy existence. That's why now she was squirming under the strict scrutiny of a pair of hard, violet eyes. Shiori longingly looked at Minato and Orochimaru who both avoided her gaze.

After the disaster on the roof the Snake Sannin took all kids to Kakashi's room, where Minato and Kushina were already tending one traumatized teenager. Kakashi's breath was whizzing as if the boy just ran a marathon; Shiori, however, was more concerned with the odd burn marks on the celling. Her brain bombarded her with many explanations for those markings but no single one of them was easing her growing apprehension. Minato instructed the three small children to sit down on one of the free beds, while Orochimaru laid an unconscious Obito on the other. And then the blond man started his relentless barrage of questions - at least as relentless as any word that Minato squeezed out of his throat could be, seeing those golden pools simmering with tears. His voice changed from scolding to soothing within a minute and that didn't sit well with the older Uzumaki. Kushina knew that both men were wrapped around her cousin's little finger. One thing that wouldn't do, especially in this situation and so, being the only one immune to Shiori's tears, she took over the interrogation.

"Shrimp, I won't even ask why you are here, because I know you're being your usual nosy self, but where did you got that Black Ops' seal?"

Shiori didn't look at Orochimaru but she knew he was as cool as a cucumber, despite his involvement. The girl doubted he would be in any trouble even if she told the truth but she refused to rat him out. She puffed her cheeks and made the most offended face she could.

"I made it."

"Stop bullshitting me, Shrimp-chan, please."

"There is only so many ways people think. It also includes fuinjutsu users. Apparently, I unknowingly copied an already existing formula and you cannot prove otherwise. You know I'm clever enough that it's possible."

Kushina tried to maintain a stiff smile on her face that threatened to transform into a scowl.

"More like devious." She whispered.

Now, Shiori's offense couldn't be truer.

"Clever." she hissed, kneading her blue dress in her clenched fists.




Kushina leaned forward while Shiori almost got up, placing their noses far too close to each other for anyone else's comfort. Minato pulled Kushina back, while Shisui and Itachi did the same with the younger redhead.

"Ne, ne that's enough, Kushina, Shiori-chan." Begged the blond.

"More importantly," started the Sannin. "What did you do, child, to bring Obito-kun to such state?"

The girl flinched zeroing her gaze at the still unconscious teenager and his distraught teammate. With her typical torrent of words, she shared her suspicions about Madara's plans. When she finished, the adults looked as if on a verge of a synchronized nervous breakdown - in Orochimaru's case combined with open fascination, what made Kakashi even paler.

The boy couldn't believe any of it. It sounded like some stupid, farfetched plot from Jiraiya-sama's book, rather that something that truly happened (especially to him).

"So, this whole Madara is the same guy who fought the First Hokage and died but apparently not quite; and now he wanted me to kill Rin so I'd feel responsible and develop sharingan's next stage…"

"Mangekyou." Shiori interrupted.

"Mangekyou," repeated Kakashi with shaky voice that far more resembled a pathetic whine than his usual professional tone. "And… and because I have Obito's eye, the second one, the one Obito has, would also evolve, and then he could use Obito against Konoha?"

"Apparently Obito-kun's eyes still developed, just the other way around." Minato mused. "If the sharingan you have evolved, the one that monster took also changed. That may be a serious problem."

The young jonin warily touched his dressed eye, at the same time glancing at his teammate's bandage, which hid a gaping hole. Kakashi's muscles tensed even more, making him look more like a mannequin than a boy of flesh and bone. He wanted so much to melt onto the soft bed, forget everything and drift into the world of dreams. Yet his brain was nothing more than a violent whirl of futility, trying to organize the chaos in his life.

"Those black flames, was it the mangekyou?" He asked, making Shiori close her eyes. Her fears proved to be true.

She had sought to discover a way to control the capriciousness of fate, to predict and sort out everything, so the future would be happier, less tragic. Of course, the task was pointless; life was far too random for a human brain to take the billions of factors that come together to form just one day for one person. Although her subconscious knew all this, her conscious brain remained stubborn in its attempts to ensure her survival. The reborn woman managed to change the history alright, but for sure she failed to spare anyone the pain. Was all this one big mistake? Maybe when she awoke in Uzu she should have ran away at the first occasion, and leave history to its own course, instead of meddling in it? In truth, the urge to run, escape and hide was there, along with the fear of being alone. The reincarnated soul had been too scared to turn around and walk away. Her brain hadn't understood the crossed signals nor the passage of time, hadn't known how old her trauma was, or even how old she was. In her youth in the previous world she thought adults had to be more sorted out in the head than kids, but it wasn't true at all - especially when the adult in question was locked in the body of a six-year-old child.

The girl's panic grew stronger as her mental faculties gave way to emotions and memories. She wanted to jump right out of her skin to join the sky. In that moment, she just felt like a kid, shaking, terrified. The constricted feelings grew, as if she was strangled by the air around her. That's when she felt a small hand soothingly drawing circles on her back. In all this commotion, she completely forgot about the two boys sitting on both her sides. Feeling her anguish not only Itachi tried to calm her down; despite his own distress Shisui also attempted to reassure her holding her hand.

Shiori gulped audibly as if to swallow and quash her concern. She wasn't some child needing them to "kiss" it better with kindness; even if they did, every time, endlessly patient. She had to get a grip.

"Heck, before today I never ever heard about Madara, dattebane," Lamented Kushina unaware of the storm in her cousin's heart.

"It's understandable," Orochimaru's brows furrowed as his mouth turned grim. "He's one of the things the Village would rather erase from history. Senju, Uchiha and their supporters always were and going to be enemies. For many of them founding Konoha was mere accident at work. They accept things as they are because it's comfortable, nevertheless the distrust dwells under the surface. The Elders attempting to subdue it, withheld most of the references to Madara's betrayal and his existence. And that presents another mystery." His yellowish gaze focused on the miniature redhead. "How do you know so much about him, child?"

"Yori-oba-sama," Shiori answered without hesitation managed to calm down a little.

"What that old crone has to do with anything?" Kushina wanted to smack herself. From all those ancient ninjas, she started to get dizzy.

"She used him as a boogeyman."

"What?" Picture of the imposing man, Minato saw in old pictures, wearing a white sheet over his head somehow stuck to the blue-eyed jonin's imagination.

"You know, Mini-nii, Grandma was saying things like: eat your broccolis or Madara'll snatch you away; if you don't get up right now Madara'll eat your breakfast or touch this dango one more time and that damn Uchiha'll make himself a new pair of gloves from your guts. Things like that."

Orochimaru groaned inwardly. A few times he met Uzumaki Yori, the woman seemed to be more than a little cracked and completely wicked. He didn't have too much experience with parenting, being orphaned so young and having no children on his own, but even he knew this wasn't things you should tell children. No wonder that Shiori was so abnormal.

Besides that, one more thing baffled the serpent man.

"Why with your clan everything is always about food?"

Shiori and Kushina exchanged glances and just shrugged.

"But what should we do now?" Asked Kakashi, unable to think about anything else.

Minato put comforting hand on his shoulder.

"After I'll report it to the Third, we need to…"

"No!" Shiori jumped to her feet. "You cannot say it to anyone!"

"Shiori-chan, I need to…"

"No, no, no. You don't understand. If you let the Elders know, they'll treat Hatake-san like nothing more than a weapon or maybe even kill him, fearing his new power. They'll blame everything on Uchiha. Please, Mini-nii," she gripped his trousers like a lifeline. "I beg you, don't say a thing to Hokage. When he'll return from the congress, you're going to be announced his successor so it's not necessary; at least not right now."

Those golden pools refused to let go of his blue ones, as Shiori's lips trembled and her shoulders heaved with emotion, unwilling to back down. Her dark lashes brimmed heavy with tears; her hands clenched into shaking fists, in a desperate battle against the fear.

A lone tear traced down her cheek.

"I…" Minato ashamed looked away. He knew Shiori had a point but he couldn't withhold information from his superiors, especially when they were so crucial. He needed to remember the things that were personal often weren't the most important. The man braced himself to refuse Shiori's pleas when the Sannin cut in.

"The child is right. Sharing the information about Kakashi-kun's new ocular powers is unbeneficial. It would only raise uproar in Uchiha and their opposing fractions. Sarutobi sensei is going to be back no long after the message would reach him. We cannot needlessly scatter our forces in the light of such threat, nonetheless we have to be swift. Prepare the defenses in case of anything. I'm going to get Jiraiya from the border and check the area where Obito-kun pointed Madara's lair."

The second the last word fell from Orochimaru's lips the man made a small awkward bow and retreated; his pace stretched out wider than looked comfortable. Shiori had the impression that the serpent man seemed to be sort of grumpy but she had no time to think about it because Minato took her in his arms. From so close she was able to see dark circles under his eyes. The last days couldn't have been easy for him.

"It seems that once again you'll have your way, Shiori-chan." His mouth stretches into something that could never pass as a happy smile as he let out a huffy sigh. "This leaves us with one pore problem." He anchored his attention on two young Uchiha boys. "What should we do with you two?"


After Shisui and Itachi promised not to tell a soul about Kakashi's new eye, everything slowed down. At least in theory.

Fact that Kakashi and Obito needed a constant care, combined with Kushina's brilliant idea of moving them into a friendlier environment, away from prying eyes; and recent stay of Obito's grandmother in hospital since she had become more sick; resulted in takeover of Shiori's room. Not only was she forced to share bedroom with Kushina and Minato, but also guess who happened to be obliged to take care of the two teenagers when everyone else was busy preparing for a possible attack?


And she didn't like it, at all.

Minato's protégés weren't too demanding, no the less they emanated so much depression and overwhelming gloom that Shiori could feel their foul mood soaking into her like an ink stain into paper. So, it shouldn't surprise anyone that at every opportunity she escaped outside. Now she trailed behind Itachi, constantly wondering what unimaginable stupidity had inspired her to agree to go to the top that fucking mountain.

Hokage Rock towered over the Village, being visible from its every angle. Presumably, the faces of present and former Hokages were carved in the stone to watch over the Leaf people. The reborn woman felt rather intimidated by them. Seriously, who could want to be nonstop observed by some old, mostly already dead, geezers? Pondering over it overtook her attention so much, she failed to notice how unholy high was the top.

Unlike the little Uzumaki, Itachi didn't have any trouble climbing the stairs. The boy offered even to carry her but Shiori refused muttering something about her pride, his height and far too quick return to her recent slavery.

Itachi stopped for a moment and looked back at his struggling friend. Unfortunately, the girl struggled with more than just her aching muscles. Itachi stood by her side in times of heartbreak, easing their pain, just like she always saw him for the simple child that he was. If bearing witness to her losses and grief was all he could offer, then he was going to do it, forgetting about his own discomfort. Those days weren't as hard for him as they were for senpai or even Shisui. Itachi didn't know why, but the older boy was overstressed even if he tried to ridicule it.

The young Uchiha wanted to ask Shiori senpai about it but she already had enough on her plate. She was hiding so many secrets while he felt bad withholding just one from his family. He knew it was necessary because even if Itachi's father wouldn't be a big problem, his other clansmen were bloodthirsty. The boy reached the top and assessed the Village below. So many lives were at stake here. He still couldn't understand meaning of life and death. Why some people were more special than the others? Why he felt his parents' and friends' lives were more precious than any of this unnamed people below? Why some people could decide who should live and who may die? All those questions without answers had caused him to feel so small and insignificant, that he'd been fascinated, awestruck, and humbled, all at once. Such was the majesty of the mystery that had overwhelmed him that he wanted to be a little closer to the border between life and death. Maybe then he would be able to understand.

"Is there no meaning in life?" He whispered and took one more step. All at once his legs didn't have anything under them as the scenery blurred like a poorly shot photo. The colors swirled and blended while his head tilted toward the forest floor. Time seemed to slow down when he was falling; it was like a dream from which a heartbreaking scream woke him up.

The reborn woman always knew that child's vocal cords and lungs should be registered as a weapon of mass destruction. Many times shrieks of her little cousin's left her almost deaf. After being reborn, she also had them in her arsenal and sometimes even used. However never before, no matter in which life, she had been screaming like she was doing it right now. When she managed to scramble to the top of that aberration of landscape, she seriously thought she left her lungs somewhere in the middle but seeing Itachi falling down, somehow teleported them back into their place. She didn't know how she crawled to the edge of the cliff or why she couldn't hear her own scream even if her throat was already sore because of it, nonetheless Shiori knew that if the Uchiha survive it, she was going to kill that little motherfucker.

Her scream woke up not only the falling boy but also a flock of crows sitting on the ridge. They scattered in the air, frightened by the sound of metal kunai crashing into stone when Itachi tried to slow down his fall.

Shiori didn't wait to see if he succeeded. She gathered all her strength and madly dashed down the stone steps. Once she ran to the riverside where Itachi should have landed, her guts clenched like an abused bagpipe. He stood there motionless, looking as if hypnotized at a single raven at his feet. The bird flew away only when staying in place threatened to be trampled by one hysterical redhead.

Itachi heard Shiori from afar and yet he wasn't prepared when the rushing body hit him with a full force. She threw her arms around his neck with a strangled sob, burying his face into the crook of her neck. They stood there like that for a while, the girl wracked with the force of unvoiced tears while Itachi was being held. The boy's heart aching for his crying best friend, but at the same time it funnily flipped in his chest, the same way it did the last time when senpai pecked him on the forehead. He slowly wrapped his arms around her back and squeezed a fraction tighter. When Shiori's breath slowed down, she pulled away from him slightly, to carefully touch his cheek and study him with piercing scrutiny, wanting to make sure he truly was alright.

Then it all ended as abruptly as it had begun.

Golden pools dried, changing into ice desert.

"The fuck were you thinking?" She hissed through clenched teeth, clutching collar of his shirt and shaking him like some ragdoll while her anger grew stronger. "You wanted to kill yourself, you idiot, or just give me a heart attack?! How screwed up you have to be to jump from a fucking cliff, fucking ninety feet from a fucking ground?! FRICKIN FLAMING COCKWAD!"

She let go of him and bolt away before Itachi's world stopped shaking. When his synapses started to get in touch again with rest of his body, Shiori was already on the other side of the clearing.


"You come close – I'm getting a restraining order!"

Itachi wanted to run after her but his legs refused to obey his orders. It felt as if his world was spinning, and he just wanted to sit down. But maybe it was better? Shiori was mad like a rhino with a hernia, talking to her now was pointless.

His brain was in such uproar he didn't notice a conclusion to which his brain came to when the boy was falling.

No one wanted to die.


Maybe it was unusual for him but Orochimaru couldn't care less. He wanted to do nothing more than smack his head on the table.

When Jiraiya and he arrived at the location, where Madara's hideout presumably was, they found it within an hour thanks to their summons. The cavern wormed its way half a mile under the ground. Its general shape was ovoid; the walls below the narrow tunnel they used to enter effortlessly curved to the floor while the walls above arched another fifty feet up to giant stalactites. It was dank. The only sound apart from their breathing had been the dripping water. But more importantly – the cave was empty. No trace of the ancient Uchiha, his monsters or gargantuan sculpture that Obito mentioned.

The Snake Sannin was disappointed and relieved at the same time. Finding Madara or even one of the things the Uchiha boy talked about, promised amazing possibilities - from dozens of new techniques to knowledge of the unique substance from which Obito's prosthesis had been made. Orochimaru was giddy just thinking about it. And yet fighting the most terrifying ninja in history wasn't the nicest perspective, no matter if the guy was nearly ninety, he still was one of the shinobi gods.

Fortunately, or not, now he was left just with some old scrolls about the legendary Uchiha, that despite making a tall heap of paper on his kitchen table, were far too few for his liking. At least Jiraiya had already passed out from drinking on his couch, thank gods for small miracles.

Apparently, the black-haired man thought it too quickly, because the door to his kitchen just swung open. Expecting to see his idiotic teammate Orochimaru had to adjust and bring his gaze lower to meet a new intruder.

Shiori marched straight to a cabin where her not so secret stash of sweets was hidden, took out a bag of chips and with a loud pouf sat on a chair. Angrily she tore the bag open and with fervor started to devour the poor potato snack.

"Boys are stupid."

A short glance flickered to her for a moment, only to once again linger over the open scroll.

"Most representatives of human race are - how you called it, ah yes - stupid. No matter which gender they represent."

"Yeah?" One more handful of chips landed in her mouth. "But boys are stupid in their own special way, only they are capable of. Bunch of fuckstick fart-knockers."

Shiori's ire abated when she noticed the obvious lack of usual reprimand. Orochimaru not only failed to comment her foul language, he wasn't even looking in her direction. Was he angry? No, it was worse. Anger burned out fast, bitterness lasted much longer.

The redhead slipped from her sit and trotted to her mentor, hugging his leg.

"Orochimaru-sama, what's wrong?"

"I have no idea what are you rambling about, child." He said, not taking his attention from the scroll even for a second.

"You're unhappy, why?"

Silence was her only answer and it irritated the already agitated girl. She scowled.

"Why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, whyyyyy?" A glowering look made her stop. "I won't stop until you spill it."

"You believe Minato-kun is going to get the hat."

His admission surprised her, mainly since it was so childish. Seriously, did this people live to exaggerate or create petty problems? Somewhere there Madara was on the loose, and she had no fuckin idea what he planned to do next. That was a problem!

"With all due respect, Orochimaru-sama, I hope Mini-nii is going to get the hat. You would be great Hokage but the job would make you go bonkers within a week. You love the science stuff, not dealing with those morons. And there is also Danzo. Guys like him don't like to share power." The reborn woman wanted to go on but she ran short on air. She loudly breathed in and stormed out of the room, completely ignoring her mentor's dumbstruck expression.

In the living room, her scowl only grew seeing unconscious bulk of the toad summoner. At least until she noticed a thing he was clutching to his chest. It was exactly what she needed.


Obito was empty. He struggled to feel any anemic emotion but none of them had any substance; they were flat and drained, like a used tea bag. He constantly held his head bent, averting his nonexistent eyes to the floor, not wanting to look distressed. He aimed to be invisible, to blend and be forgotten. Obito could count on the fingers of one hand words Kakashi and he shared after being moved to Shiori's room. But it was good. Any social interaction would be nothing more than annoying, and he didn't want to lose another friend over his foul mood.

The boy heard a sound of cracking door and short, approaching steps. It had to be Shi-chan. She was the only pint-size person permitted to see them. His assumptions proved to be correct when the mattress slightly bent under her weigh. The only problem was the scent.

"Shi-chan, is it you?"


"Is everything ok?" After his question Obito could literally feel her gaze anchored on his person.

Kakashi also started to pay attention. He was further from her than Obito but he also could smell sake of her. Contrary to the Uchiha, he could also see the girl, struggling to keep her balance and sit straight.

For the reborn woman, it was like some sort of outer body experience. She was accustomed to drinking, only not in this body. Her legs didn't work as she told them. Neither did her hands; or her fingers for the matter. Somewhere, deep inside she knew her brain was sending signals telling her what to do. Whether or not her body was listening was a different story. She could feel it moving and doing what it wanted. Could she stop it?


When she found the rest of sake in Jiraiya bottle she took and drank it without thinking. It wasn't much and being accustomed to far stronger liquor than sake, normally she wouldn't even notice it. But once again she had forgotten that nothing in her life was normal. She tried to walk down the street, but her legs were telling her otherwise. They were swaying – left and right - no matter how many steps she took. Then all went dark only so she suddenly could be back home. She had no idea how she get there, but somehow she was there and taking this opportunity she wanted to say Obito what she truly thought about it all. She had had enough of his sullen mood. It had to end, even if it meant being Timon to his miserable Simba.

"Obi-nii, stop be gloomy."


"Orochimaru-sama said he can implant for you a new set of eyes whenever he will come across some would-be corps."

Obito hardly could understand her slurred words, but it didn't make them any less gruesome. But overall it was good news – only not for him (and the future corpse).

"Thanks, Shi-chan, but I don't want new eyes."



The tiny body sat astride on his midsection and started to pull his cheeks.

"Don't tell me it's some stupid self-inflicted punishment coz all this is your fault." With each word, she stretched his skin wider not caring about his injuries. "It is not your fault! Do you understand?"


Apparently, she didn't believe him since she pulled harder.

"Do you?"


"Good." She let him go and continued as if nothing ever happened. "Rin-san is going to be soooo pissed at you, you know? I don't know if there is heaven, hell or anything else after death but I don't believe in nothing. I'm a scientist, and cynic. There's always something, even if this something is totally ridiculous, at least so long as you try to find it. When Nohara-san kicked the bucket, all her life worth of memories disappeared. People, places, loved ones and enemies, all gone in swuuush. Every memory of me, you or Hatake-san. I don't know what her final thoughts were. Fear, anger – or happiness for seeing you. For the dead, all ends. But they aren't lost because we remember them. It's the same with my previous life. About few people I think of fondly, others less so. Among the dead some people are remembered by many, some by only a few."

Obito opened his mouth, wanting to say something but two fingers hit him square in the forehead.

"Shush, now I'm talking. You will never forget Rin-san. Some memories are pre, pre, precious like that and you need to hang on to them. But some buffoon once said that forever is composed of nows, and that's right. If you root yourselves too deeply in the past, you'll miss what's right in front of you. So Haluna Malata."

The blind boy could almost see that rose-haired demonic pipsqueak straddling him with a smug expression. She had to be really drunk if she forgot to at least try pretending she was a kid. Obito's brain cogs couldn't turn fast enough to take in her torrents of words but one phrase surfaced above the rest.

"What's Haluna Tatata?"

"Hamuna Marata." She tried to say it clearly but with little success. Alcohol was clouding her thoughts with every passing minute. "Halu, Hanuuu, Hakuna Matata. That's it – Hakuna Matata. It's from a song and means no worries."

"From a song?" He had a devious idea. "Will you sing for me, Shi-chan?"

"Whaaa? Are you daft?"

"Otherwise I'll tell sensei that you're drank." Kakashi caught on; any kind of emotion in Obito, different that misery, was worth nourishing.

"You wooon't." Shiori wobbled. Her world was spinning. She lay down on Obito's chest, which vibrated from his next words.

"Of course, he will. Kakashi's a bastard, remember?"

The six-year-old growled but quietly sang.

"Haluna katata. What a wondeful phrase -Hakuna Tatata, ain't no passing claze, it means no worries for the rest of your days. It's our problem-free philosophopy. Hauna Mamata, Hauna Matata, Hakuna Matata, Hakuna Matata, Hakuuuuna. It means no wolies for the rest of your days. It's our problem-free philosophy - Hakuna MamaAAAA..."

At the end, her mumbling transformed into a yawn. A few more munching sounds and the girl was out cold.

The boys started chuckling. It was silent and first but quickly changed into an open laugh. Maybe they were going to be okay? It could take some time but the possibility was there. Obito caught Shiori so she wouldn't slide off him, because he couldn't stop laughing. How the brat called it? Ah yes: Hakuna Mamata or something like that. Wait, what the…

"Hey, Kakashi, take her from me. She is leaking."

"It's called droll, dope."

Yes, they were going to be okay.


{One more warning : M-things ahead. There is * where it begins and end being spicy if you don't want to read it}

(Namikaze household, few hours later)

Kushina ducked into the fridge. Maybe it was a middle of the night but she was hungry like a pack of wolfs.

Minato shared a part of the information about possible danger with few of his friends, the same making their lives a freaking hell. Kushina couldn't remember the last time she was so tired. After she get back from a meeting with Barrier Corp she was so drowsy, she only took already sleeping Shiori from the boy's room and went straight to bed. Now, lack of dinner caught to her with a vengeance. The woman pulled out a cup of instant ramen and wanted to turn on the kettle but a pair of strong arms swiftly stopped her. They wrapped around her from behind sending a wave of pleasure up to her spine.


"Hm?" The blond hummed curiously, snuggling closer to her.

"We can't. What about kids. We can…" Kushina fell silent, mainly because the blond-man bit her in the neck.

"They're asleep and I put silencing seal around the room. No one will hear." He said, sliding his hand inside her nightgown, along her slender belly.


Suddenly Minato turned her to him, catching her lips. One of his hands traveled to her backside while the other tangled in her red tresses so he could easier control the kiss.

"Minato," she muttered again, managed to withdraw from him to take the air.

*It was only a moment, because in the next, in some magical way the blond pressed her against the fridge and slipped his leg between her knees bringing them even closer; trapping her between his body and the cold metal. He took her chin and reunited their mouths, biting her lower lip.

Her murmurs and quiet sighs made the man's heart set on fire. He was kissing her as if he couldn't stop even if he wanted. All what mattered was making it up to her for their lost time. Finally, he bent his head towards her breasts and undoing a few buttons revealed their shape from the green cloth. He kissed one, gently stroking it with his tongue, then took it into his lips and began to suck.

Kushina instinctively curved into a bow as her breath get much faster. Just as he, the woman wove her fingers in his hair to keep it in place. Minato attacked the other breast; first gently but with every second his caresses took on strength and intensity. At one point, he even bit her and growled, feeling like the young, vulnerable body of his wife shivered.

Still sucking and biting, he slipped hand between her legs. Nimble fingers ran to the inside of her thighs, caressing the smooth muscles, before they began tenderly ran back and forth on her most sensitive spot.

Kushina's body trembled. She rocked her hips forward to better feel his touch. The invitation to further caress didn't escape Minato's attention. He slipped his finger into her body, searching for the bundle of nerves responsible for her delight. Another slender, slim finger joined the first. The longer he subjected her to his ministrations, it was clearer than nothing else but a pair of shallow breaths, murmurs of pleasure, and the sound of stroked wet body; could be heard in the small room. The echoes of pleasure coming out of the woman's mouth weren't to be considered in terms of sounds, but in shades of sensuality, eroticism, pleasure and desires, neediness and despair. They all melted into one when Minato slumped down.

Kushina hadn't even noticed when her leg appeared on a shoulder of the man kneeling before her; and she certainly couldn't remember whether she put it there or did he help her. The woman's body shook from head to the ends of her toes, touching the core of her soul as soon as the skilled tongue of her lover began to operate on her inner thigh. Her hips automatically rocked forward and her head leaned back. When her beloved bit her, Kushina shut her eyelids; the lips spread wide open in deep and breathless moan. Somewhere in this sigh was Minato's name. Her left hand tangled in his bright hair so tight that if he tried to move away he would lose a substantial portion of them.

*With every bite Minato's mouth traveled higher. Nothing else mattered. His own need and aching muscles weren't more important than sweat running down his forehead or those golden pools. Only Kushina's… wait… golden WHAT?

Time seemed to stop for Minato when he stopped his ministrations and looked at familiar pair of sleepy eyes located on the same level as his own. Shiori stood there, no more than two steps away from him, in her sunny pajama and with Orochi-cchii snuggled to her side. They were suspended in the moment, not understanding yet what was going on.

Shiori blinked and rubbed her face, trying to restart her brain. She woke up with a slight hangover and throat drier than a desert. Her body trotted to the kitchen while her brain was still half asleep. Her dreamlike state ended with Kushina's unbelieving voice.


The girl blinked one more time before she understood what exactly she was seeing. Her mouth formed a perfect o to which closing she needed to use her hand. The sound of clapping teeth broke rest of the spell. Minato jumped to his feet nearly sending Kushina to the ground. He grabbed her in the last second just to be used as a shield, when the woman tried to fasten buttons of her nightshirt.

Both adults were redder than a beet while Shiori went white. How in the name of double espresso she missed it?! She knew from where children came from, so it was obvious that to Naruto be born, first one other vital thing had to take place!

Wait, a moment…

Had she just interrupted the conception of the chosen one?! Oh, my goodness, because of her meddling they shared bedroom with a kid. They couldn't have sex; with no sex - no Naruto. And what if other seed first fertilized Kushina? Someone completely different might be born! Of course, Fate seemed to go back to its original track with maddening stubbornness, but knowing her luck the reborn woman killed the main protagonist before he was even born.

"Both of you. Don't. Dare. To. Fucking. Move."

It wasn't clear if the newlyweds listened to the little devil because of the dangerous tone in her voice or if they simply were too shocked to do anything else. A moment later Shiori reappeared in the entrance carrying a tower of pillows and a blanket.

"From now on I'll sleep with Obi-nii. Now, you may proceed." And with a nod of approval she was gone.

Ok, let me know what you think. Personally I don't get Itachi's little dilemma with life and death but I'm not an idealist nor genius. It was in the original story and I want to stuck to its facts as close as possible. I hope it was good.

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