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Felicity Smoak considered herself a smart woman. She graduated at the top of her class at MIT, built a computer in second grade, and when it came to men she never got her heart broken. Ever since her father left her and her mother when she was in elementary school she vowed to never let her heart get broken by another man again. Sure she had boyfriends in the past, but she always ended it before it got too serious. Some would call her cold hearted and callous, but she just saw herself as honest and straightforward.

Tonight she was getting ready for her meeting with a potential investor. After graduating college Felicity decided to start her own computer and technology company called Smoak Enterprises. Her company specialized in creating new technology and selling it to bigger companies for mass production. Tonight she was meeting with a representative from Queen Consolidated in hopes of gaining new funding for her new computer antivirus. After checking her modest makeup one more time in the mirror she grabbed her purse and walked out her door and hailed a cab to the restaurant.

Oliver Queen hated going to these meetings for his dad. He had better things he could be doing with his time on a Friday night instead of sitting at this restaurant waiting for a computer nerd. Oliver looked down at his phone and noticed that it was only 7:15 the meeting was supposed to start at 7:30, but he showed up early in hopes of getting the meeting over with earlier so he could meet up with his best friend Tommy.

The restaurant he was at was a semi-casual restaurant. It certainly wasn't the fanciest restaurant he has eaten at, but it was more class then your everyday Big Belly Burger. Oliver looked down at his phone again and saw that only 5 minutes had passed. Sighing he put his phone back in his pocket and looked up to see a vision walk through the door. Her blonde hair was pulled up in a neat bun on top of her head and she wore a stunning dark blue dress that reached mid thigh. Oliver couldn't seem to pull his eyes away from her. She was talking to the man at the front desk with the seating arrangement and Oliver clenched his fists when he saw that the man was looking at a little bit more than just the sheet of tables.

What the fuck! Oliver thought in his head. He didn't even know this girl, no woman she was definitely all woman, his said in head. He didn't even know this woman and he was already getting possessive over her, well at least he hoped to be over her tonight and maybe even under her if there was enough time. He smirked to himself as he watched her take her coat off and scan the room looking for something or someone. Her eyes stopped when she locked eyes with Oliver, and she couldn't resist a smirk of her own when she caught him looking at her.

Felicity saw Oliver Queen staring at her and to be honest she was surprised that he was here at all. Usually her meetings were with Oliver's father or with members of the tech department and Queen Consolidated. Although she had never met the younger Queen in person before you would have to live under a rock not to know who Oliver Queen was. He had the reputation of being a playboy and causing trouble throughout Starling City in his earlier years, but now he mostly worked at for his dad and "dated" a new woman every week. With a small smirk pressed against her lips she worked her way through the tables oblivious to stares she was getting from both men and women towards Oliver Queen.

When Oliver realized that the gorgeous woman making his way towards him he felt his heart stutter in his chest. For some unknown reason he was nervous he had talked to gorgeous women before and wasn't slightly nervous. He wondered if his dad would be mad at him if he decided to ditch the computer geek for sexy goddess walking towards him. Before he could make a decision he heard, "Good evening Mr. Queen."

Oliver looked up to see the woman smiling and holding her hand out to him. He quickly stood up and took her hand giving it a slight shake before planting a swift kiss on the inside of her wrist. He must have her surprised her with this because she jumped slightly when he did it.

Then he said in a husky voice, "Good evening sweetheart" and released her hand. They both stared at one another for what seemed like hours but it was actually just a couple seconds when Oliver spoke again. "You know it would be helpful to know your name, so that tonight I'll know what I'll need to be screaming." He said the last part in a low whisper that made Felicity blush and stutter out a reply.

"Uh… Mr. Queen, I'm Felicity Smoak." Oliver stared blankly at her so she clarified, "I'm here to talk about potential investments between our companies."

Oliver was having trouble picturing the woman in front of him as a computer nerd. Her voice brought him out of the haze he was in and he said, "Oh yeah! Sorry I was expecting someone a little… different. Here let me get the chair for you and please call me Oliver."

Once they both sat down Oliver was still shocked that someone like her was one of the greatest computer technicians in the country. Felicity embarrassment died down and she started talking about the benefits of Queen Consolidated investing with Smoak Enterprises. She talked about how putting a little bit of Oliver's Company into hers could lead to great business success for both parties, but Oliver wasn't paying any attention to what she was saying. Instead he watched the way her eyes would light up every time whenever she was talking about her antivirus that she created.

Halfway through her speech Felicity realized that Oliver wasn't paying any attention to what she was saying.

"Umm Oliver. Oliver. Oliver!" Oliver snapped his head up and came out of his thoughts.

"Huh?" he said when looked up to see a not very happy Felicity.

"Have you even heard a word I've said?" she said when he finally focused on her.

"Of course I have." He said somewhat defensively sitting back further in his chair.

"Alright. Tell me what I said then" Felicity said leaning forward slightly resting her elbows on the table looking at him expectantly.

"Well…" Oliver started, "You said some stuff about computers." Felicity just looked at him clearly not amused. This time Oliver leaned for on his elbows and said with a wink, "Then you talked about putting some me into some of you in order to have a successful night."

Felicity blushed bright red and sputtered at Oliver, "I didn't... I wasn't… I was talking…" Finally she regained her ability to speak and she said, "I was talking about our companies Mr. Queen."

Oliver leaned back and shrugged and said, "You say tomato. I say tomatoe."

Felicity put her head in hands and determined that she was getting nowhere with this dinner, but she was Felicity Smoak and she wasn't just going to give up. She stood up quickly. Oliver was obviously confused because he quickly stood up almost knocking his chair down.

"What's wrong?" he said sounding concerned.

Felicity simply said, "Let's go" and turned to exit the restaurant. Oliver grabbed his coat and quickly followed her. Felicity hailed a cab and told Oliver to get in. Once they were both in the cab Felicity told the driver her address and they set off towards her apartment.

Next to her Oliver was extremely confused as to what was happening. One second he was getting ready to have dinner with a beautiful woman, and now he was sitting in a cab on the way to her apartment. The cab was filled with silence, but not an uncomfortable silence. In only a few short minutes they arrived at her apartment. Felicity reached into her purse to pay, but Oliver was quicker than her and paid the driver. Felicity muttered a "thanks" and grabbed Oliver's hand leading him up to her apartment.

They took the stairs up to her apartment since she was only on the second floor and soon they were in front of her door. Oliver was getting ready to ask what they were doing there, but Felicity beat him to it. She turned away from the door to face him so that her back was to her door.

"Ok. The dinner was obviously not working. You clearly were too distracted to concentrate on my proposal or my company in general so I came up with a plan. You and I are going to have sex."

Oliver looked at her blankly and stuttered out, "Ssexx?"

Felicity looked up at him and grabbed a hold of the lapels of his jacket. "Yes sex. I assume you know what that is considering you are Oliver Queen. If not then they really do lie in all of those gossip magazines!"

Oliver looked down at her and said, "Of course I know what sex is! I'm just confused about why you suddenly decided we are going to have it!"

One of Felicity's hands left his lapel and worked its way up his button up shirt and started slowly undoing the buttons. She sighed softly and said, "Ok I'm going to explain this one more time. The dinner wasn't working, because you were too distracted. So in order to make you less distracted we are going to have sex. Then when we have another meeting to discuss our companies there won't be any distractions."

Oliver's breathing was starting to increase as Felicity slowly, so very slowly, undid his buttons so that the top part of his chest was showing for her to run her hands across. Oliver pressed her closer up against the door. His voice was a deep growl when he said, "Do you really think that is going to work?"

Felicity looked up at him and removed her hand from his lapel to the hair on the back of his head. She pulled his head down to meet hers, but before their lips could touch she said with a smirk, "Of course. Now what do you say Mr. Queen are going to sex me up or do I have to find a new company?"

Oliver closed the remaining distance and crushed his lips to hers.

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