The Camping Trip

Danville: Fireside Girls Lodge

The Fireside Girls were in their lodge, hanging out, and planning for some sort of camping trip.

"Well, troop, we're going on our camping trip tomorrow." Isabella said.

"I can't wait, I have a list of everything that I want to do while we are there." Katie said, and the other girls give her a weird look.

"What, I'm being cautious so I won't forget, and besides, it's actually on this sticky note." Katie said as she revealed a sticky note.

"We should pack plenty of food and water, a lantern, a few tents, sleeping bags, and cooking supplies." Gretchen said.

"I can bring a lantern and some tents." Holly said.

"I can bring some cooking supplies." Ginger said.

"Okay, good, but we each need to bring our own sleeping bags and our own sufficient amount of food and water." Isabella said.

"But just in case, we should a GPS of some sort, in case we get lost." Adyson said.

"Yeah, good idea." Isabella said.

Danville: Bus stop (Next day, 11:00 a.m.)

The troop got on a Fireside Girls bus as it drove off to a shack at the entrance to the forest.

Forest: Shack

The girls enter the shack and meet up with a man. "Alrighty then, listen up troop. Mah' name is Ranger Kibbles, and this is where y'all will pick a section of this darn forest to camp out in, and I will guide you there. Each member will get a map of the forest to navigate. Now pick yer path."

"There are so many sections, where do we choose?" Milly asked.

"How about the area labeled 6B." Isabella said, and the girls agreed with her.

The girls came up to Ranger Kibbles and told him their choice, and later, the girls are in the area labeled 6B.

"Well, for now let's get settled somewhere." Isabella said, and soon the girls finish their camp.

"Let's get refreshed at a nearby lake." Katie suggested.

The girls head to a lake and swim around, and about an hour later, they return to camp, except for the fact that it's been trashed, the tents are ruined, all the food and water are gone, and their lantern is burnt out.

"Oh no, what happened to our camp?" Adyson asked.

"The tents are reduced to a wreck, all our food and water gone, and now our lantern isn't even working!" Milly said.

Then, a forest ranger comes by.

"Excuse me, but do you know what happened here?" Isabella asked.

"Well, there was a landslide half an hour ago and it knocked down several trees, but your campsite somehow managed to stay untouched."

"Well, if the landslide didn't wreck our campsite, then what did?" Isabella asked.

"My guess is that because of the landslide, some animals might've fled to lower grounds, in which case, your campsite was a perfect shelter from the landslide." the Ranger said. "Perhaps some of the critters trashed the place, I reckon it might still be nearby, though."

Isabella spots some paw prints on the ground and identifies it as bear paw. "A bear's been here. I think we should get away from this spot."

"Well, at least the sleeping bags aren't damaged, maybe we can still use the sleeping bags to sleep instead." Katie said.

After packing up what was salvageable of their camp, the Fireside Girls walked down a path for a new camp.

To be continued...

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