Albus Dumbledore was having fun using social media, on his new wiz phone 2000.

"Ooh Harry just updated his status to single on wizard book!" Dumbledore squealed excitedly. "I guess Cho Chang was nothing special!" Dumbledore smirked to himself.

Moments later:

"OK I've done it, ..I just sent Harry James Potter. a friend request." Dumbledore said nervously as he wiped sweat from his brow.

The next day:

"Damn Harry has still not accepted my friend request, that dumb dickey!" Dumbledore proclaimed in outrage.

However it wasn't all bad news for Dumbledore. Ronald Weasely, Ginerva Weasely, and Filius Flitwick had all accepted Dumbledores earlier friend requests. Dumbledore danced around his office for a while, until he got back to work.

Getting back to work didn't mean that Dumbledore was going to do his job as Headmaster of Hogwarts school. No back to work meant sending nude pics of himself to his male friends on wizard book, and sending more friend requests.

Dumbledore had sent friend requests to about 40 people ( most of which were men) whom he knew, and admired. ( mostly for looks though.)

Dumbledore decided to hang things up, because his wizard phone had 2% battery. Dumbledore looked amazed, when he realized that he spent the whole day on his phone. "Who cares about that meeting with Cornelius, I'll just reschedule it...maybe if he accepts my friend request." Dumbledore Chimed as he went to bed.